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Hmailserver Configuration Step By Step Pdf Download BETTER

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These 3 steps make hMailServer great. First you set up the hMailServer in the same configuration as the testing server (domain name, email addresses, password, port, SSL, and many others). Then you setup the local Dovecot IMAP (interme-dia-server) server to allow you to send / receive mail from what is known as your domain. Finally you setup Postfix and SQlite3 (Sqlite works with external email addresses and it is a recommended way of communicating need-to-know messages with clients of your application) to allow you to send / receive mail from any external address that you might need.

Secondly you need to register your domain to your nameserver. This step is important because you will need to update your nameserver later on to send all mail back to your local server. This is what is known as reverse DNS lookup.

Step 8) Alias HostnameFor an alias, the hostname used to identify the account's mailbox. Full addresses can be ignored, but if you want to send email to a destination like a full address, you may use a trailing space as an alias separator. I have set-up an alias for [email protected] andredirected it to [email protected]. Note: [email protected] is required byRFC2821. An address isrequired for each domain's SMTP host accepting mail. [email protected] is"required" byRFC 2142 this is a defacto standard. (Add separateaccounts or an alias for each of these addresses)

We have a fully configured mailserver using hMailServer. Next step you can download the finished example of the full hMailAdmin configuration online and learn how you could configure your own mailserver. You will need to copy the files from . d2c66b5586

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