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Third Pull Members' Writings

The Closest Friends of Man

To me it is incredible, funny and quite amusing; yet it is also a pitiable state, that the beasts that man can most certainly make friends with are dogs and cats! Why, dogs are the very sign of unclean, covetous, lustful and greedy beasts; this is evident not only among domesticated dogs but even those that are wild.


That domesticated dogs makes man’s best friends, is very evident, for no other domestic animal loves to accompany a man on his journeys but a dog. No other beast can be so fond of its master but a dog! No other beast plays so happily with its master but a dog!


Yes, talk of cattle, none of them plays with its master! None of them becomes so happy as to run around its master. A dog does all that, and its spirits can infiltrate man’s spirit so much that actually some kind of union takes place, and the two become quite friends! No other animal can strike that level of friendship with man!


This is an obvious fact. That is why in the western world, they are called pets. A pet is a small creature kept in a home as a lovely or friendly companion and treated affectionately. That is generally what a dog is to man!


Quite incredible to me! What? Man has no better friend among the animals! His best friend, his pet, his companion is a dog! The greedy dog; the unclean dog; the covetous dog; the gluttonous dog, that is man’s best friend from the animal kingdom!


Not a dove! No, a dove eyes a man with suspicion. In other words, she does not trust a man. Why? A man’s character is next to a dog, and of course, doves have nothing to do with dogs!


Not a lamb, a lamb never makes a pet for man; never can be charmed by man’s spirits; never values man’s friendship. Why? Man’s character is closer to a dog, and of course, lambs have nothing in common with a dog!


Now, remember that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, His only begotten Son, because others are created, is likened to a lamb; He is called “the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.” Therefore, obviously his nature is as a lamb: gentle, meek, lowly, sacrificial, not high minded, not selfish, but kind and lovely as a little lamb.


But how does man look at sheep? Foolish, stupid, ignorant … and all the ugly words you can imagine. Then turn back to the Bible … Who first hated sheep? Cain! And who first loved sheep? Abel! Cain and his intellectual, high minded offering of wheat and barley was rejected; but Abel, with an offering of sheep was accepted!


Also remember that Hebrews, whose worship was acceptable to Elohim, were originally shepherds, and they were an abomination to the Egyptians in so much that an Egyptian would not eat with a Hebrew on the same table!


The world despises sheep and despises shepherds. Jesus is the Lamb of God, and he is the good Shepherd. That's why 99.9% of the world hates Christ and his testimony. Leave alone religions called Christians, they have nothing to do with Christ. They despise and mock him worse than the non-christian world. Christ the Lamb of God is revealed in his Word. The revealed Word is identified by his characteristics. Any who love Christ loves the revelation of Word in truth and as quickened by the Holy Spirit.


Thus as man’s closest friend is a dog, so is he! If I wanted to know your character well, I simply look at your friends! Birds of a feather flock together! That a man is quite agreeable to a dog is obvious. I don’t need to split any hairs to prove that. Thus as his closest friends are, so he is! Selfish, greedy, covetous, full of hatred, bitterness and malice, filthy, unclean, foul-mouthed: worse than dogs! No good-mannered creature can befriend a man! Never! Why? A man is just a dog to begin with! Malicious, greedy, lustful, full of murder and hate! No wonder they hate Jesus Christ the Lamb of God!


There is no friendship whatsoever between a dog and a sheep! Therefore, you don’t expect any friendship whatsoever between Jesus and the world. The world is made up of dogs; the world is full of dogs; the world is led by dogs; the head of this world is a dog; their king is a dog; the god of this evil world is a dog; his followers are equally dogs!


Oh, how the world and its population hates sheep. By sheep I mean the character and nature revealed in Jesus Christ, for He is the Lamb (young one of the sheep) of God! And being a Lamb and the only begotten of God, means God’s nature is Lamb-like.


Dogs, like serpents, show a tendency of acquiring wisdom, but sheep have no tendency towards knowledge. How the children of this world value and praise knowledge, yet it is dead! It is very character of dogs!


What of cats? They are an image of evil spirits. Evil spirits when they appear to take on the shape of cats, as unclean spirits take on the shape of dogs. No evil spirit can appear as a dove! Never! That is contrary to what they are. They can not put on that image. Why, they hate it. They appear mostly as cats.


There you are! Man’s second domestic friend is a cat, and most treat them as pets, yet they are images of evil spirits. It comes to show how evil man must be! Let me see your best friends and by that I would know who you are! That man is infiltrated so easily by cat spirits, shows how so much possessed with evil spirits he is!


Yes, your best friend is your likeness! No way of denying that! If your best friend is a dog, then you are no more than a dog! If your pet is a cat, then you are no more than a cat!


On the other hand, God likens His Spirit to a dove, and that means His character is dove-like. That is why men despise the Holy Spirit! They are scared of the acts of the Holy Spirit because they are possessed by cat and dog spirits! Dogs represent unclean spirits while cats represent evil spirits. Unclean spirits are filthy, vile, covetous, greedy, fornicating, defiling, etc. Evil spirits are full of pride, boastfulness, highmindedness, selfishness – haughty, puffed up, self-exalted, self-esteem, meanness, etc.


Thus is the nature of man: a brute beast!


When Jesus was on the cross, according to Psalm 22, He cried for God to save Him from the power of the dog! Yes, the god of this evil world is that dog! Thus the world is full of dog spirits! Dirty, unclean, lustful, greedy, vile!

If you are a friend of the present world, then you are a friend of dogs, real dogs, true dogs, dogs indeed: lustful, covetous, hateful and idolatrous.

Revelation 22:15 KJV

For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

Not animals called dogs but human dogs, can be quite civilized yet dogs they remain! Can be quite religious, yet dogs they remain! Can be quite scientific, yet dogs they remain! Can be quite anointed, yet dogs they remain! Quite smart and educated, yet dogs they remain! Polite and cordial yet dogs still! Can be man of rank yet dogs still!

Yes, anything that befriends the present world is a dog! For the king of the present world is a dog!

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