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Third Pull Prophetic Utterances Today

All Scripture Must Be fulfilled

  1. Now I want us to realize every scripture must needs be fulfilled. Every scripture must needs be fulfilled! We are not saying that passively or rhetorically, but that is the practical reality of God’s Word. Every scripture must needs be fulfilled! There is no enough unbelief that will ever stop any scripture or any promise from God from being fulfilled. There are no enough devils, infidels, religious spirits, politicians and anything enough that can stop the scripture and prophecies, which were spoken as the Holy Ghost moved upon holy men, from being fulfilled. There is nothing! Every scripture must need be fulfilled, and every prophecy that El has put down in written or spoken word must be fulfilled.

  2. I want you to get it. There is nothing to hinder the scriptures from being fulfilled. That is one thing I want us to call our attention to. There is nothing anywhere that is going to hinder God’s scriptures from being fulfilled exactly on the dot! See? Think of that, and I want to go slowly over it. Every scripture that is recorded in the Bible and every prophecy that El has ever spoken, must need be fulfilled.

  3. And we are not going just to talk about it, look at it, joke around and go away as though these things are not coming to take place. It must need come to pass! Whatever God has said in His Word, and told us that it will happen; then there is no need of gambling around it. See! God is going to fulfil it. It must be fulfilled! Whether you like it or not, the prophecy must come to pass, and the word must be fulfilled! And God’s intention must be achieved.

  4. Another thing I want you to hold on is that God’s Elect must fulfil the scripture of their Day. See! There is no one time that God’s Elect have ever failed to fulfil the scriptures of their Day. The churches may fail, the systems may fail, people may fail, preachers may fail, denominations may fail, organizations may fail and surely everything will fail; but remember God’s elect in every age have never failed to fulfil the scriptures of their day. There is no record in the Bible for such a happening.

Something Has Happened


  1. And in the hour we are living in, something has happened! I am not saying this partially, but I say it (and I want you to get it) in the real realization of it. I want you to watch it carefully. Something has happened! See? (We will approach it slowly). And then something else is coming to pass. Something has passed over people’s head, and it is very pathetic. Nevertheless, we thank El the elect is in it. Now, realize these things: you have to be in it personally. However, I want to tell that something has happened, and then something else is going to happen, then something else takes over and then it is all over. But something has happened and it has slipped over many people. See!

Fear Not Mary

This African girl in Solomon's Song says: “The other daughters kept their own vineyards but my vineyard I have not kept, because I was serving them. I was a maiden and the sun looked in my face and I became black though initially, I was brown.”  (Are you following the riddle?) The girl became greatly marred until she is loathed by her white companions who wonder whether God can come to a girl with such a face! She is too black to be the bride of Jesus! 

But knowest thou not, Oh ye brothers and sisters, that Mary with one named Joseph, her husband, went with his bride to Egypt? Joseph in the morning -Jacob’s son, and Joseph in the evening, Mary’s husband; came to Africa. The Joseph in the evening was a mere shadow, but the real Joseph is going to come, and this Joseph Himself will be as Isaac, the promised son. Are you following that? The son of Jacob, Joseph was a true picture of Jesus, and he went through problems, typing how Jesus, the end timeseed, would be. But the Joseph who was with Mary, through whom the seed would come, was just a shadow bridegroom. He came to Africa and remained with his bride in Egypt till the man who sought to kill the man-child was dead. For this woman with child fled from the serpent of Rome and went to hide herself in a little place in an African country, where she was to be fed for a time, times and half a time, till they kill the serpent who sought to kill the man-child.

And know ye not, brothers and sisters, that this Joseph received (had) a dream of an angel appearing to him, even Gabriel, who made known the interpretation of the birth of the man-child that should be born? Yes, and now it is the angel of the 7th seal, who should bring the seventh seal into manifest? Know ye not that this is the same angel who came to Abraham with two others? The two angels went to Sodom, but one stayed with Sarah, and now with Mary again in the ending of time? Which when Lot was in Sodom two of the three came to him.

Now, let me enlighten your eyes a bit; does Jesus come alone when he comes for the rapture? It does not come alone. He comes with His two witnesses who have the power to smite the earth with plaques. The angel of water turns water into blood, while that of fire smites with fire. But the middle one comes back to be with the bride, for He is the angel of the Covenant, the covenant in the blood of Jesus. That is the angel of Rev 10, the rainbow angel is the messenger of the seventh seal. But the ministry of the two witnesses is in Rev 11.

The two angels are two eagles: who went to Sodom to take Lot, his wife and his daughters. Sodom and Gomorrah is now the city called Sodom and Egypt at the end time, where our Lord was also crucified. The wife of Lot looked back – that is Catholicism. The two daughters of Lot represent first reformation churches and second reformation churches respectively (the two protestant groups). So Lot and his daughters proceeded and finally went into a cave. The two daughters got children by their father, which children gave rise to Pentecostals. One was called oneness – Ammon, whereas the other was called Trinity – Moab. The two began to strife against each other in the caves. They are as the foolish virgins because they conceived by their father, who fell from Abraham and went to Sodom.

And know ye not, brothers and sisters, that this Joseph received a dream of an angel appearing to him, that is Gabriel, who will make known the promise of the mystery of the man-child that should be born through the little Mary? And know ye not, brothers and sisters, that this Joseph was only a figure of that who was to come – Jesus, the promised seed, being a son of one a Jacob, who wrestled with an angel and his name was changed to Israel – a prince who has power with God? And he had prevailed over death, hell and the grave, that is Esau? And his beloved son, who was rejected by the rest of his father’s sons, was sold to an African country. But God sent him before them that he should save their life by storing bread. So, has it repeated. And his brethren shall go and fetch bread from that other African country where they shall be fed for a time, times and half a time, from the face of the serpent. His brethren – Benjaminites, shall be born on the wings of two eagles and they shall be flown to that Spiritual African country, where the sun is hot and looks in their faces, where also the woman in the sun was at one time.

This Benjaminites shall be born to that place prepared and the ravens-angels shall bring them food from that African country where Joseph has stored it again. For immediately the man-child is born, he is taken up to the throne of Elohim. God has hidden His bride in the African country so that the serpent should not be aware or identify or interfere with that child who is to be born. And the white eagle, born from Jacob, who was in Asia - in an Asian country and flew to Africa, and another English horse-rider rode across towards that African country. Who was that eagle? It was Joseph - the mighty prophet of God, but spiritually known as Joshua.

This Little African girl is that true and most virtuous girl that is the beloved of her Lord, for she resembles Him. This is because the sun that shined on her face represent the great pillar of fire, the revelation upon this African girl by which she now travails with child.


Are you understanding the riddle? She was once with the whites and the browns up there but then she left to Africa from that land, and the sun made her black.

For when she left for Africa from where she was to bear her firstborn, the sun, yeah, the great brightness of the Revelation of the word, shone upon her face as she confesses in her songs. Once she was beautiful but when the sun shone on her, it changed her face and she was marred, and she was despised by white girls and they always mock her. She is very poor in a very poor country. But No! She is not ashamed of her visage. She is happy and rejoicing greatly in Yah who smote her. For she can also speak that the rest of the bodies of the sons of Elohim shall also be borne out of her – the word made manifest – the third pull.

And as she shall shout in her travail, then shall these new glorified bodies of the rest of the sons, who during their earthly pilgrimage, took on fanciful bodies and outwardly were in beauty as the serpents, yet the first begotten of the Most High had no beauty to behold. Some of them were called angels in England. So, it pleased Yah that this girl – the chosen girl who should not be like them; because they were of the order of Eve, outwardly. The kind which was beguiled by the devil due to her beauty. That kind of beauty was given her by the devil, though inwardly she was the daughter of God, yet the true beauty is of holiness. That kind of beauty made her appear as the daughters of Belial, but no! In her was good ground.

Note this, in her, was good ground but she fell for the serpent and she was defiled by the gods, that outside beauty that is the veil of Satan upon her; and that is what has befallen all Gentile churches originating from Europe, they are all designated by Satan, and by them, he deceives the world, for they are all whores.


So, because of that, the Most High chose a girl, His beloved daughter that was in His bosom, in His beloved son, even Joseph. So, El-Yah took such a one and sent her down in an African country where even the great queen of Sheba came from. This Queen will rise up in judgement and condemn Sodom and Gomorrah, oh yes, that is Capernaum, that Los Angeles who saw the power of God demonstrated among them, the mighty hand of the Lord on her West Coast, where the fallen angels dwell and inhabit a place called Holly wood and built there a great city – a great and beautiful city which calleth herself by the name of the angels who fell from heaven and began to build a fancy kingdom than that of Michael; a modern Babel.

This city is infested with all kinds of filthy birds, and they called themselves with a blasphemous name of Hollywood. But No! The only Holy Tree there is is the tree of life, which was in the Garden of Eden. So, theirs is not Hollywood but wormwood - that star called death, which fell from heaven. For that is the true name of that place called Hollywood, but no, blasphemy that cannot be forgiven!


“For thou hast lifted up thyself into heaven, Oh Capernaum, Oh Capernaum, the city in which even one in the likeness of our Lord was raised up, yet he was born in a place which is spiritual called Bethlehem, where Abraham Lincoln was also born at one time, who ruled that land spiritually called Israel.  He was one of the successors of one a great king called George Washington, a David and a Solomon. And this Solomon was a Son of God. Both were children of one called Boaz who was a kinsman-redeemer and became the bridegroom of Ruth – a gentile bride, who was not born in Bethlehem.

So, when this other mighty one was born on the hill far away, from where a star appeared in the morning when he was born. Then from that place his father moved from that Bethlehem where Abraham Lincoln was also born, they came and lived in another city spiritually known as Nazareth, which was close to another spiritual city called Capernaum. For an angel had said that he would live in a city near Nazareth which was close to another neighbouring city on the riverside - that River Jordan, even where John the Baptist once baptized. But by and by it became a place of feeding swine, and this grieved the heart of that saint that was born in Bethlehem, the same place where David was born; and that David had a beloved son called Solomon in spiritual names.

This Solomon loved a daughter from an African country which is spiritually known as Bethlehem. And this Solomon, took the place of his father, for immediately this David left the scene in 1965,  and went to be with the Lord, this other one spiritually known as Solomon was born, but in an African country.


For this Jacob himself had come to Africa, the southern part of it twice, and was  always crying to come to Africa. But then he turned back immediately and was buried in that land where he was born, a place called Capernaum.


Oh, Capernaum, Capernaum; Oh, Los Angeles Los Angeles, a city infested with fallen Angels, Oh Capernaum known as Hollywood (should be called wormwood). If the works done in you were done in Sodom and Gomorrah, she would be standing among you? But one of this days you will be swept by that river of death called Ohio, that is spiritually called Jordan, where John the Baptist used to baptize and a sign appeared unto him from heaven, on the river; and now it is a feeding place of swine, yea, thou shalt be swept away and thou shalt be no more! 

For how she has lifted up herself to heaven and send her unbelief and filthiness all over the world and said she is a queen, calleth herself to be the bride of the lamb. Thou that art infested with every evil bird and a cage of every unclean and hateful birds and a hound of every evil creature! Alas, alas, in one hour is Babylon the great city destroyed! 

Come out of her my people and be ye separate. Says the Lord, partake not of her filthiness, and I will receive you. Partake not of her sins. For her sins have reached the heavens and God has remembered her and shall give her the cup of His indignation.

For she says: “I am a queen, the bride of the lamb, and am no widow; mourning and sorrowing I shall never see, tribulation I shall never pass there.” Yes, in one hour hast her judgement come! And she shall be swept away in those mighty waters, and the rest of the merchantmen of the world, who have committed fornication with her, shall stand afar off in fear of her torment, and they shall weep and wail for her and shall cast dust upon their heads and shall say: Alas! How much she has glorified herself and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her. For she has said in her heart, I am the bride, am no widow and I shall not go in the tribulation period.

Therefore, shall her plagues come in one day; plaques, mourning and famine shall be added unto her and finally, she shall be burned with fire. And the kings of the churches shall lament, and the bishops and pastors and self-made teachers and evangelists and all that traded by her waters, by which they have enriched themselves in amassing offerings and tithes, and have been made rich by her vessels, that trade by her waters, shall lament and weep and the merchantmen of the earth shall weep and mourn over her. For all thy fruits are departed from you; all that thy Soul lusted for, both oil and wine, and fine flour is departed, barley and wheat, and the beasts of the field: sheep, oxen, and souls of men.

Rejoice over her ye bride of Ishi for Yah hast avenged you over her. Thus, with violence shall that great city by the banks of the river, the spiritual Jordan, be swept down; the place where John once baptized. It shall be thrown down with violence and be swept away by the mighty waters and shall be no more. And the voice of harpers and musicians, and pipers and trumpeters shall be heard no more in her. And no craftsmen shall be found anymore in thee. And the sound of a millstone used to grind out flour shall never bring the flour in thee any more. The light of the candle shall shine no more in thee. And the voice of the bridegroom and the bride shall be heard no more in thee. For thy merchants were great men of the earth and by thy sorceries, all the churches of the nations were deceived.

In her shall be found all blood of the prophets, all the saints and all that were slain upon the earth because of her deceitfulness and failure to heed counsel.

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