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Not by default but by design

Mercy Loyce

14 Nov 2023

You here by design if you believe His Word today

God has a purpose with you, if you have eyes that can see and ears that can hear His Word today. God does not work with history! God has no use for church traditions! They are dead to begin with! God does not live in the past! He lives in the present! Dwelling on earth in the midst of all who fear His name. His name is called the Word! God visits and speaks to His Children on earth in person. He did it for Abraham, for Hannah, for David, for Elijah, for Simeon and Anne, and why not for you and me? He has done it today! He is among us today! Us who are His children, not in dead religious societies build on tombs of men in the name of Christianity!

I am not speaking that, as a religious chorus, but by experience! I have heard the voice of His Word with my own ears! By that, He has gloriously saved me and transformed me into His image; a new creation, I have become. All that initially I had attained, before hearing His voice, whether religiously or ethically, is mere dung to me today! Now, by Grace, I am saved! I possess the pearl of great price! Oh, dear me! and the joy of it! If you have never heard God speak to you, face to face, then you don't know what I am speaking!

Now, I know, I am not here by default! But by God's own design! Hallelujah! Now I see the meaning of life. It was all emptiness until I met Jesus in person! Hallelujah! Now I freely testify to all, please come meet my Jesus! He is not in the tomb in Palestine. No need of such useless pilgrimages to tombs of past saints! Please, come, meet my Jesus in person! I love him, he loves me; we love each other. One!

Oh, the only man I ever met! Jesus Christ! Being on two feet, does not make you a man! Neither being in trousers! Being with a beard, does not make you a man! Having male sexual organs, does not make you a man! Please, a man is a creature in the image of God! He is a creature that reflects God's divine nature in true holiness and righteousness! God made a man in His own image and likeness! And you are not a man if you are not God's stature on earth! I don't care what you are, and what religion you profess... Those are useless things which go for nothing in heaven!

I have hardly met a man on earth, I must confess! I have met so many beasts who are mimics of a man; so many who are bogus men; just fake men! Some beasts trying to present themselves as men! Just con men like the serpent who deceived Eve! Serpents, religious serpents too, I have met... But a man, a real man on earth, is the rarest thing to come by! More precious than gold, and more rare too!

You are not a man until you are converted to be exactly like God in your heart, mind, soul and spirit! God is only responsible for one kind of man He created: a man in His image after his likeness! So much on earth called man which is useless rot! Some devil is responsible for such wolves, foxes, dogs, vultures, serpents, frogs, etc., in the name of men. They are not! Their works prove to their faces that they are anything but a man!

A man has to shine the glory of God in his face! A man like Joseph; a man like Moses; a man like David; a man like Elijah; a man like John the Baptist... Quite a man!!! A man like Jesus... The man of all men! Statutes of righteousness and holiness!

Poor little miserable creatures, blind as bats, groping in religious darkness, in the name of men?! The very idea! God is not responsible for such rot!

Paul was never a man until he met Jesus on the road to Damascus, and there he was converted into a man! You will never make a man till you meet Jesus! Only Jesus has power to convert you into a man!

You cry to me: "What am I then, if not a man...?!"

Well, may a dog, I don't know... You are some beast that mimics a man! Quite miserable, denying the very God that founded all things, and that created the very ground you walk on. And promote useless religious tales, in the name of God! Promoting useless religious cults in the name of Catholicism, Protestantism, Pentecostalism, or whatever! A true man can never fool around with such messes!

You cry to me: "I don't deny God, please, I worship him in Catholicism...!"

Who deceived you that God is found Catholicism? Jesus is not a Catholic please! Less still is he a Protestant! Neither Pentecostal! What is Jesus then? He is the Word of God! The mind of God expressed to you today! The image of the invisible God! The Son of God, the very living God manifest presently. Religious veils cannot hold Him, neither cover him! He shines brighter than the sun! The Sun of righteousness! Oh, what a light from his face: blissful and serene! Oh, dear me! There is the man! The only man I ever met! I was never a man until I met this man! The man Jesus! Jesus has to be in you to make you a man! You are not until then!!!

A young of a dog is a dog, and thus a son of God is a God! As much God as God sure is! A young one of a lion is as much lion as his father! So a young one of God is as much God as his Father! If you are born of God, born again of His Spirit, then you are as much God as God is! As a man brings forth a man, so God brings forth Gods! No less, no more!

Tired of mimics of man on earth anyhow! So tired of meeting bogus things in the name of men every where I go... Cheap reproductions of Satan, pirating God's handwork of grace!

Yes, I testify to all today, that God has visited us again in this generation, with the voice of His Word. No need anymore of groping in religious darkness, building your hopes on sinking sand! God has spoken! Hearken!

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