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William Branham Third Pull Prophecies

The Third Pull

The Third Pull Book 

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Foretold by
William Branham

A Series of seven books
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WM Prophecies that were to be fulfilled after his departure

I’m going to read some now. Just ... I want you to listen real close to this. Here is where the Spirit said, “Pick up the pen.” I’d have to leave some of It go, but I’ve got to bring some of It to you. All right. [Brother Branham reads paragraphs 414 through 441_Ed.]
414 Now, here is what I’m trying to say to you. The law of reproduction, bring forth of its kind, Genesis 1:11. These last days, true Church-Bride comes to the Headstone, will be the super Church, a super Race, as the^nears the great Headstone. They will be much like, so much like Him, even they will be in His very image, in the order to being united with Him. They will be One. They will be the very manifestation of the Word of the living God. Denominations can never produce This. This will be^They will produce their creeds and dogmas, mixed with the Word, and_and brings a hybrid product.
415 The first son was spoken Seed-Word of God. He was given a bride. (I’m just reviewing. The Spirit now is picking up what I said. See?) A bride, produ^to produce himself. She fell. See, that’s what^The bride was given, to produce himself again, another son of God. But she fell, by hybreeding, see. Produce himself; but she fell, caused him to die.
416 The Second Son, a spoken Seed-Word of God, was given a bride, like Adam. But before He could marry her, she had fallen, also. For she was put to a free moral agency, like Adam’s wife was, to believe God’s Word and live, or doubt It and die. And she did.
417 Then from a little group of the true Seed of the Word, God will present Christ a beloved Bride, a Virgin, a Virgin of His Word. And through them, and by them, will be fulfilled all that has been promised for His Word in the Virgin who knows no man-made creeds or dogmas.
418 The Word of promise in Himself, like It was in Mary, God Himself made manifest. He will act Himself, by His Own Word of promise, so to fulfill all that has been written of Him, as He did when He came from the virgin womb. Type of the Spirit womb now, so will the Virgin now, accepting His Word, “Be it unto me as Thou has said.” Though it was said by an Angel, while it yet was the written Word, Isaiah 9:6. 419 They will love Him, love His, and will have His potentials, for He is their Head. And they are His subjects, subject to His Head. Headship of Christ was His.
420 Notice what harmony! Jesus never did anything until seen of the Father, or, the Father showed Him first. Harmony between God and Christ, see, John 5:19. So will the Bride, and He shows Her His Word of Life. He shows Her, and She receives It. She never doubts It. Nothing can harm Her, not even death. For if the Seed be planted, the water will raise It up again. (Amen. Then I got a great big “Hallelujah!”) Here is the secret. The Word is in the Bride, and the mind of Christ, to know what He wants done with the Word. And She does it in His Name. She has THUS SAITH THE LORD. Then It is germitized, so the Holy Spirit waters It until It is grown and serves Its purpose.
112 THE SPOKEN WORD 421 They do only His will. (Amen. I’ll believe that.) No one can persuade them different. They have THUS SAITH THE LORD or they keep still. Then they will do the works of God, for It is Himself in them continuing His Word to fulfill, as He did complete in His days. All things, when He was here, He did not complete all when He was here, for it was not time yet.
422 Now let us stand like Joshua and Caleb. (Now watch close. This is going to have a spiritual background.) Now let us stand like Joshua and Caleb, as we see the promised Land coming in sight. It’s nearing the time to be given Joshua, ... in Hebrew, means Saviour, and represents the promised end-time leader to take the Church over. Caleb represents the true believer who stayed with Joshua. God started Israel as a virgin with His Word. But they wanted something different. So did the last-day church.
423 Notice how God did not move Israel until His Own appointed time. (Now listen. This is going to mean something.) Joshua waited for that time. No how matter, how much people might have said, “God gave us the land, the promise. Let us go now and take it.” They might have said, “Joshua, you lost your commission. You’re all washed up. Why are you not doing something? You used to do, know THUS SAITH THE LORD in a moment, and what was the will of God.” But this wise, God-sent prophet knew the promise of God, but also knew to wait for that promise, a clear-cut decision from God for his time. (See these parables. Now watch.) And when the time come, God gave it to Joshua, who had stayed with Him, by the Word, for He could not trust others. He could trust him. So will it repeat.


323 Now, what this great secret is, that lays beneath this Seal, I do not know. I don’t know it. I couldn’t make it out. I couldn’t tell It, just what It, just what It said, but I know that It was them Seven Thunders uttering themselves right close together, just banging seven different times. And It unfolded into something else that I saw. Then, when I saw that, I looked for the interpretation. It flew across there, and I couldn’t make it out. That’s exactly right. See? The hour isn’t quite yet for It.

324 But, It’s moving into that cycle, see. It’s coming up close. So, the thing for you to do is to remember that I speak to you in the Name of the Lord. Be prepared, for you don’t know what time something can happen.

325 Now, when that gets on tape, which It is, that’ll probably send ten thousand of my friends away from me. Cause, they’re going to say, that, “Brother Branham is trying to put himself, and make himself, a—a servant or a prophet, or something, before God.” Let me tell you, my brethren, that is an error.

326 I’m only telling you what I have seen, and what has been told to me. And now you—you do whatever you want to. I don’t know who is going to…what’s going to take place. I do not know. I just know that those seven Thunders holds that mystery. The Heavens was quiet. Does everybody understand? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] It may be time, it may be the hour now, that this great person that we’re expecting to rise on the scene may rise on the scene.

327 Maybe this ministry, that I have tried to take people back to the Word, has laid a foundation; and if it has, I’ll be leaving you, for good. There won’t be two of us here at the same time. See? If it is, he’ll increase; I’ll decrease. I don’t know.

328 But I have been privileged, by God, to look and see what It was, see, see unfold to that much. Now, that is the Truth.

63-0324E -  The Seventh Seal

Rev. William Marrion Branham


41 And if I should set down and take time to write out the things that I have seen Him do, it would make a volume of books. And to think of it here, fifty-three years old, and can say before God, His Church, and the Bible, in the presence of this group, that: I have not one time ever seen It fail; perfectly on the mark, every time.

42 Exception, of the other day when I come westward. You’ve played the tape, many of you, I guess, and you understand. I don’t know what --- I’m waiting. I’m here now. I don’t know why. I’m just waiting.

43 It may be my going-home time. It looks very much that way. If it is, there will rise somebody after me, that’ll take the Message on. He’ll be an odd person, but he’ll rise after this and take the Message on. And you listen to it. As long as it’s Scripture, stay with it.

63-0118 - Spirit Of Truth

Rev. William Marrion Branham



58-2 / 377 Jesus said, "There'd be one in a bed; and I'll take one, leave one." That's at nighttime. "There'd, could be two in a field (over on the other side of the earth); I'll take one and leave one. And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man."

Think. Everything will move just as common as it can be. A fanatic message will go by, and the first thing you know something, "This minister going somewhere, he's never come back. He probably went to the woods hunting; he's never returned no more. And this fellow went somewhere..." "You know what happened? I believe that young girl, she--she must've been caught away somewhere, you know. Somebody take that girl out and ravish her, probably throwed her in the river. She was miss...?... Nobody... Half of it."

Ninety-nine out of every... May say one out of every hundred million will ever know anything about it. See? Unless somebody's acquainted with... Say, "The girl's missing. Why, I can't understand. She never did leave like that." No.

58-5 / 379 And when they say the--the graves will open, how are the graves going to open when... I--I haven't got time to get into this, what I wanted to. I'm going to have to take this... Just to show you the simplicity of God. And that calcium, potash, and everything when... When everything that's in you of materials only makes a spoonful... That's right. And what that does it breaks on back into spirit and life...

God just speaks and the rapture will come. It ain't going out there, and the Angels come down and shovel out the graves and get out an old dead carcass here. What is it? It's born of sin to begin with, but a new one made in its likeness. You know... See? If we have this, we'll die again. See? Nobody will say, "The graves will open. The dead shall walk out." That may be true, but not open the way you say open. See? That's right. See? It won't be like that. It'll be a secret because He said He'd come like a thief in the night.

59-2 / 380 He's already told us this, the rapture, then judgments will strike: sin, plagues, sickness, and everything. The people will cry for death to take them when the judgment... "Lord, why is this judgment upon us when you said that there'd be a rapture first?"

He will say, "It's already come, and you didn't know it.": God hiding Himself in simplicity. Oh, my. All right. "It's all--it's already happened and you knew it not."
Why don't believers believe the simple signs of His coming? They're expecting the--a--all these things that are spoken of by the Scripture, and--and the moon's going to go down in the middle of--the sun in the middle of the day, and there's going to be all kinds of things.


God hiding Himself in simplicity, then revealing Himself in the same (Series)
Preached on Sunday morning, 17th March 1963 at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A. (3 hours)



4. The Third Pull According to the Seventh Seal

is the second coming of Jesus Christ and His ministry when He comes


304 That shows It’s from God, for, see, It fits exactly in the promises of God, from the end of the—the Message. You notice. Notice now, for the end-of-time Message, this Seal. After all, He—He has revealed all the six Seals, but He don’t say nothing about the Seventh. And the end-time Seal, when It starts, will be absolutely a total secret, according to the Bible, before knowing That. And remember, Revelation 10:1-7, 1 to 7, chapter 10:1 to 7, “At the end of the seventh angel’s Message, all the mysteries of God would be known.” We’re at the end time, the opening of the Seventh Seal.

    63-0324E -  The Seventh Seal

    Rev. William Marrion Branham


And in Sabino Canyon, He said, “This is the Third Pull.”

And there’s three great things that goes with It. And one unfolded today, or, yesterday; the other one unfolded today; and there’s one thing that I cannot interpret, because it’s in an unknown language. But I stand right there and looked right straight at It. And this is the Third Pull coming up. [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit three times—Ed.] And the Holy Spirit of God…Oh, my! That’s the reason all Heaven was silent.


[Three things in the Third Pull and the same are the threefolds of the seventh seal; they are 1. the secret second coming of Jesus, 2. the seven thunder message, 3. the mystery in an unknown language.] 

301 Now, I—I better stop right here, see. I just—I just feel checked, not to say no more about It. See?

302 So, just remember, the Seventh Seal, the reason It was not opened. [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit six times—Ed.] See, the reason It did not reveal It, no one should know about It.

    63-0324E -  The Seventh Seal

    Rev. William Marrion Branham


392 Did you notice, when the Jews asked Him that? Know… When we compared the Scripture here with Matthew 24, with the six Seals, the Seventh Seal was left out. Because, you see, Christ said, “Only God Himself knowed; not even the Angels.” No wonder, It wasn’t even written. You see, they hushed; nothing take place then. Angels don’t know It. Nobody knows when He is coming.

393 But there’ll be a—there’ll be a—a Seven Voices, of these Thunders, that will reveal the great revelation at that time. So, I believe, to us who…If we don’t know It, and if we…It won’t be knowed till that time. But it will be revealed in that day, in the hour that it’s supposed to be revealed in. So, the thing for us to do is to be reverent before God, and serve Him, and do all that we know how to do, and live good, Christian lives. Here, now, we find that the Sixth Seal has been opened to us; we see It. And we know that this Seventh Seal cannot be broke to the public until that hour arrive.

394 Now, there was some reason that God let this Seven Voices be thundered. Because, It must come, see. For the…We find that Christ, the Lamb, took the—the Book in His hand, and He opened that Seventh Seal. But, you see, it’s a hidden mystery. No one knows It. But, It—It, right along with what He said, “No one would know His Coming.” They also would not know about this Seven-Thunder mystery. So, you see, it’s connected together.

    63-0324E - The Seventh Seal

    Rev. William Marrion Branham


397 Now, we have, in the completion here now, by the grace of God, all the mysteries of the six Seals that’s been sealed up, and we understand and know here that the Seventh Seal is not to be known to the public.


398 Now, His Coming, at the hour of His Coming, when the destruction of the earth, you know. He said there, “What will be the sign of the coming of the end of the world?” In Matthew 24, there where they asked Him that question. He went down to that. He told about Israel being gathered as a nation, in the 31st verse, of Matthew 24:31. But then He started off on parables, see. Then you see the… “Learn a parable of the fig tree. When you see it putting forth its buds, why, you know spring is nigh. And then when you see this coming to pass, then know the time is nigh.” See, Israel gathering in its own homeland. But, you notice, He omitted the revelation of this Seventh Seal.

399 And here, when the Seventh Seal, when He opened It, He also omitted It again, see. So we see that It is a complete mystery, therefore the hour is not yet for the mystery to be known. Therefore, we’re this far, and the rest of It will be known right around about the time that Jesus appears on earth again, for His Bride, or whatever takes place at that time. Now, until that time, let’s just all pray, live good, straight, Christian lives, looking forward for His Coming.

    63-0324E -  The Seventh Seal

    Rev. William Marrion Branham


106 God’s great mystery, of how, it’s a secret. He kept it a secret. Nobody knowed nothing about it. Even the Angels didn’t understand it. See, He didn’t reveal it. That’s the reason, under our seventh mystery, when the seventh seal was opened, there was silence. Jesus, when He was on earth, they wanted to know when He would come. He said, “It’s not…Even the Son Himself don’t know when it’s going to happen.” See, God has this all to Himself. It’s a secret. And that’s the reason there was silence in Heaven for a space of a half hour, and seven thunders utter their voices, and John was even forbidden to write it, see, the Coming of the Lord. That’s one thing He hasn’t revealed yet, of how He will come, and when He will come. It’s a good thing that He doesn’t. No.

    63-0728 -  Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed

    Rev. William Marrion Branham


133 Remember, the Seven Seals was finished, and when those seven revealed Truths…


134 One of them, He wouldn’t permit us to know. We…How many was here at the Seven Seals, and heard? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] All of you, I guess. See, the—the Seventh Seal, He wouldn’t permit it.


135 He stood right there in the room and revealed every one of them. And if I ever preached anything in my life, was inspired, it was that. And it ought to be true, to you. Stand here and tell you that it’s going to happen, and go right there, and even science and everything else, the scientific research and everything, mystery to the people, proved that it happened right there. And come right back and hear it unfold, and make every Word exactly right. What day are we living? Where we at?

136 And remember, in that Sixth Seal, where, all Seven Trumpets sounds under that Sixth Seal. When we get to that, you’ll see that. Every (seven) Trumpet took place in that Sixth Seal.


137 The seven is always the mystery. Watch that seven, that’s the finish. That was the Coming of the Lord. Heaven was quiet, silent, nobody moved. Because, Jesus said Himself, “Not even an Angel of Heaven knows when I will return. I don’t even know it, Myself, what time. The Father has put that in His mind.” God alone knows it, the Spirit. Said, “I didn’t know it.” Then, it wasn’t revealed. When that Seventh Trumpet sounded…or the Seventh Angel, a—a Seal was opened, then there was silence in the Heaven. See, it wasn’t give away, what would take place.

    63-1110M -  Souls That Are In Prison Now

    Rev. William Marrion Branham

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