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Allegorical Scriptural Writings

Nanda in Class


Nanda: Shalom! Boker tov!

Class: Tov todah!

It’s a blissful morning inviting us to continue with yesterday’s discussion.

Another question in the same line, please…? Yes… come up …

Noloria: Comment something on the allegory of Cain and Abel, especially about their birth.

Nanda: These were twins born out of Eve, both were children of Eve, but their fathers were different. And that has always been the centre of every contest since the beginning, for the creation brought forth twins: two sons from one womb but of different fatherhood; for the rain falls on the just and the unjust, and if water were poured on a farm planted with good seed, you don’t expect only good the seed to grow from the ground, but even the weeds also spring up in large numbers. So is the mystery of the twins from the womb of creation: one is the son of perdition, while the other is the son of the creator.

For the womb in which the Word was planted was a created one, and all that have a beginning are imperfect; only eternal things from the Father are perfect. But the Word being a seed, for it to germinate and grow needed to die first; thus God created a womb in which death occurs, and thus planting His seed thither, it died pouring in life, and then it germinated and grew; but in the same womb was the seed of death, a lie, so it also sprung up even before the righteous seed, and grew bearing his own kind of fruit. So, this mystery was revealed in the allegory of Cain and Abel.

Loria: Oh, I thought they had one father who was Adam, for the Bible said, “Adam knew his wife and she conceived …”?

Nanda: No, there is a mystery about their birth which God only had known from the beginning, and never brought it to the surface during the writing of Genesis by Moses because it wasn’t needed at that time. Not all mysteries are written in the Bible; God only allows that which is needful unto salvation to be revealed. He doesn’t reveal anything just for the sake of giving people knowledge, neither does He do anything to satisfy the curiosity of man.

There are things which angels have desired to look into from the beginning, but they have never been shown because they don’t concern them; so similarly, there are there things which men have desired to look into, but God has not shown them because it has nothing to do with them.

Lauria: Oh, that stirs up my heart to know a little more, who is this other man that could be father to Cain through Eve, since there was only one man then? For in the garden of Eden, the Bible only mentions Adam and then Eve from Adam.

Nanda: That is the mystery I have hinted at: yes, it is true that Adam was the only man then, and he was truly the father of Abel as concerns the flesh, but there was a beast in Eden, a most subtle one; this beast was in the image and likeness of Satan, he was called the Serpent. He was of a species so close to man that the two could cross-breed or be hybridized. Yet God’s first commandment in Genesis chapter one outlawed that practice. “Let everything bring forth of its kind,” commanded our God.

That was the transgression of Genesis chapter one that brought about the fall of that first kingdom on earth. The whole thing was mingled up into a Babylon! For all things were closely related in Genesis one – birds could easily cross-multiply across all species, same with the beasts. That brought about a corrupted hateful generation on earth resulting into a great falling away. God judged that generation and brought in another, a minor restoration after so long a time. And that is what was named as the garden of Eden. Thus, in Eden, the serpent was like man, yet a beast. His stature was just as a man. The difference was that man had God’s likeness in his mind, thus a disciple or son of God. The Serpent, being in Satan’s likeness, was a disciple and thus son of Satan. Therefore, the father of Cain was the serpent.

Loria: That is quite interesting news! How did then the serpent become Cain’s father, yet Eve was not his wife? For God made Eve from Adam’s rib to be in his likeness so that by them God’s holy seed should come forth and multiply, bringing forth fruit unto eternal life.

Nanda: Yes, that is part of the fall. You remember the fellow that beguiled Eve to eat the forbidden fruit? You remember his name?

Loria: Yes! It was the Serpent! Hateful indeed he is! Oh, how I hate them creatures!

Nanda: Well, that is how Eve conceived Cain, from the Serpent’s seed! The Serpent beguiled her and lay with her, and by that she became pregnant. Then she went back to Adam and convinced him to do the same to her that same day; Adam finally consented, then she conceived by him also. So, Eve had twins in her womb, children of different fathers. The first was a son of a beast, the subtle beast representing the serpent, and the second was a son of Adam who was the image of God in nature.

Don’t you remember the case of Esau and Jacob? There was two types of seed in nature’s womb, and any time God sends spiritual rain on earth, they both drink of that rain and spring up each bearing its kind. Esau was not the promised seed of Abraham, he was a natural seed that sprung from the creation, for man is part of the creation. But Jacob was the seed that God planted in Isaac. So, must you expect the two type of seed from the creation till the end of all things that have a beginning.

Don’t forget that from the beginning every revival brings forth twins; for the womb of the church is part and parcel of nature, and nature comes up already planted with wrong seed; what she needs is quickening power. For you see how that the moment rain waters farm weeds come up without being planted at all. Why? They are just there, part of the farm. And note that the evil ones grow in large numbers and comes up faster overshadowing the true seed. Why? They are evil, and since the environment tends towards evil, they are better supported by it, but the good seed struggle against the evil environment.

Israel kept bearing both kinds of seed, the spiritual and the natural. There were those who went after Baalism, which was worldliness, while we had also those who stood for the truth, and that is the Word promised for that season. The present church systems are filled with only briars and thorns waiting for the fire of God’s wrath. Therefore, keep yourself far from such.

Rolian: Wonderful news! What was the forbidden fruit then? Was it an apple as the Catholics affirm?

Nanda: They do error not knowing the language of the scriptures, for they have eyes, yet they see not, and ears have they, yet they hear not; a heart have they, yet as stony as an adamant stone it is. The Bible says clearly that there were two special trees in the midst of Eden, the tree of life and that of knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve were told to keep away from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It was a tree of knowledge! Now, has an apple tree any knowledge or any other such tree?

Loliana: Oh, yes! I see! The tree of knowledge of good and evil, that means that it has knowledge. That is exciting enough! What kind of knowledge is that? It must be the kind that questions God’s promised Word instead of believing! I hate it with perfect hatred anyway!

Nanda: Yes! Whatever it was it was a tree with knowledge. So, which ordinary tree has knowledge? Is there any ordinary tree with knowledge, so that it bears fruit from that knowledge? You know, reasoning, imagining, memorising, etc.?

Rolia: No! that is quite clear then… and therefore which fruit is that?

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