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Written Third Pull Short Sermons


Transcribed Sermons
Series 1

1994-0204N KKMG

1994-0803E MSK
Bar Chart

Transcribed Sermons
Series 2

14-0224N MSK
14-0622M KDY
19-0313N BTL
19-0404N BTL
16-1015N BTL
18-1118M KDY

Third Pull Ebook apps for windows desktop

For windows x64 bit desktop/laptop

How to install and access the eBooks:

  1. Click on the blue link above and from the window that opens choose the eBook to download.

  2. After the download, double click the zipped folder to access the files on it. Look for the icon with the title of the eBook and double click it. On the dialogue box select "Extract all". 

  3. You can choose the location of the file, and be sure that you can find it later. You can place it on drive C, D or any other drive or just leave it on what is already selected, under downloads.

  4. Open the extracted folder if it is not already open (the folder opens by default). Look again for the icon with the title of the eBook. It is a deep purple icon. Right-click it and choose to create its shortcut on your desktop.

  5. Now open the book by double-clicking the shortcut on your desktop.

You can also get the ebooks from Draft2Digital following the link:

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