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"Even so it is now" Is a text Gospel Sermon first printed in 2005. You can get it in Kiswahili or Afrikaans through the following links:



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LUTHER burst out of the darkness of Catholicism as John the Baptist with the message of repentance unto the Justification of Faith, as it were to turn the hearts of the fathers unto the children and the disobedient unto the wisdom of the just.

WESLEY followed behind closely with an overwhelming full-Gospel Message, with the Spirit sweeping upon the masses as in the memorable days of our Lord and only Saviour Jesus Christ; the four full Gospel messages spread out to the ends of the world, leaving Catholicism with a mortal wound that is hard to heal.

PENTECOST followed closely behind and picking from exactly where Wesley fires stopped, burst out of the Upper Room, declaring freshly the Acts of the Apostles: and we beheld, with joy flooding, men like Stephen and Philip – men full of the Holy Ghost spreading the quickening Power upon the Gospels far and near. The Book of Acts was never history again.

HARDLY had the Pentecostal fires burnt down than WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM swept on the scene with the power of the Resurrected Word, the Lord Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever, even the Word of God as revealed by the Apostles, “For flesh and blood,” said he, “has not revealed it to me, but our Father which art in Heaven; and upon this Rock He will build His Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” It was as if we heard from the mouth of Peter and Paul again, and his epistles, as though we read Paul and Peter walking on two feet. With that he pushed forward from Romans, stopping with the Church Ages in one hand and Seals in the other; yea, stopping just short of one, and the same is that which he prepared the way for.

NOW, with Habbakuk, we stand upon the watchtower all night long, to know what we will answer when we are called. And he said, “Write the vision and make it plain on stony tablets, that he may run that readeth.” And we beheld and, lo, the Lord came from Teman, and the Holy One from Paran; and the heavens were full of His Glory and earth full of his praises. He stopped and measured the earth; beheld, and drove asunder the nations; the everlasting hills did bow, the tents of Cushan did tremble; He stopped and held up His Hands and the waters uttered His Voice, His Sword was made quite naked, the Oath of the tribes, even the Word of God. Out of His Hand went forth horns, and in there was the hiding of His Power. “Oh, Lord, revive Your work in the midst of the years; in wrath remember mercy.”

Well, I am sure when Joshua arrives, he will pick the two-edged sword of the Epistles and Seals of the Revelation of Jesus Christ from Bill and will not stop until with him we stand upon the doorsteps of New Jerusalem, waiting for those pearly gates to burst apart. Will it be so? Well, Luther did not step out of John the Baptist’s way; Wesley did not step out of those four Gospels, nor wink an eye for any synagogue religion, neither did Pentecost leave Acts till they had fulfilled it. Branham walked with Peter, Paul, John, James and Jude in their epistles’ words, which revealed the Resurrected Lord, who had returned in a Pillar of Fire. Where Peter and Paul commanded baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, he did likewise; and about the oneness of the Godhead, he taught likewise (suffering no woman, yea, no church to have authority upon the Man, the Man in God’s Image); he taught election, grace, predestination, perfection, etc.

What do we say then, will the last promise fail? You and I should bet our last penny against anything else, for we sure must follow on forward – that Headstone Revelation of the Lord of Hosts, we better not fail to see it; that four-fold Revelation of the Lord of Hosts from Genesis to Revelation, the characteristics of God in His Word, we better not fail to see and follow.




Delivered from This Present Evil World


Grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ, Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father: Galatians 1:3-4 

Jesus Christ gave Himself as an offering to God to deliver the elect from the present evil world. That is one true mark of a real Christian; he is one who is delivered from the present (not past) evil world. What delivers from the present evil world must be a gospel that addresses the present evil world.

The word gospel means Good News. Not just Good, but News! News means that which is being heard for the first time, that which is being aired for the first time. There is no such a thing as Old News! News is New! That which saves you from the evil world today must be the Word that God has sent presently to address the present evil state. You cannot deliver any soul of man by preaching today what Noah preached. All that Moses preached can never break the least of the chains of sin from a man today! That is not news! That does not address the present evil world. That is mere history. It was the gospel in Noah’s day, in Moses’ day, but to us, it is no more news! We are to be saved by what God speaks out of His mind today! News is progressive! And so the gospel news is also progressive.

God still speaks! He has never stopped. As you are ever thinking and speaking the present state of your mind to express your will, so does God! God has in His mind today thoughts concerning you and me, and that is what He speaks to save you! Not what He spoke yesterday, please!

There is no historical war that can save a nation today! Napoleon Buonaparte in all his mighty can never save France today if she is attacked by Russia! Neither can the weapons which Napoleon used to conquer nations all around, now deliver France from one of her weakest neighbours today!

Similarly, Paul in all his mighty cannot save one soul of a man today, neither can the weapons Paul used to deliver many Gentiles in the Greek world avail anything for you today! We have to go for the spiritual weapons of this hour, not the traditional weapons passed on from generation to generation.

Where do we find the weapons for this hour? Exactly where Paul found for his day! Same thing with Luther, Wesley and Branham in all their mighty cannot break the least chain binding a sinner today! Those mere historical things. They are mere points of reference today. Without the present tense truth revealed from God’s mind today, all your reference to the past helps nothing!

The weapons to defeat Satan today are revealed from the mind of God today! It is what God is thinking today! We need to hear from God today! No amount of historical armour will save a soul from sin today! Just forget! The devil is not a fool. Not even the weapons of the 1960s can help you today against Satan! All that you get out of the past records of spiritual warfare is a mere religious fare which educates people ethically to reform their morals. No matter how good one’s morals are, he is not saved until he is delivered from the present evil world! No matter how morally upright an Israelite mighty have been in Egypt under Pharaoh, yet he was still a bondman! So are the members of all religions trying their best to be morally upright.

And why go for mere stories past on from generation to generation when God still lives and speaks today! Yes, it is obvious that only what we think and act on today helps any feeble man today! If you helped some poor man 20 years ago, you cannot sensibly refer another needy poor man to your benevolent did of 20 years ago and expect him to be helped! All your stories about how you helped and delivered many poor men 50 years ago are mere stories! They cannot help a rat today, leave alone a needy soul! So are all the religious traditions that presents to you God’s past benevolent deeds by which He saved men of other generations. Those are mere stories today! That is not the Gospel News! The Gospel News today is that which has power to save you today, it is not the history of how God saved some other people in the past!

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:9 

As you ever think and speak daily, so also God ever thinks and speaks daily! The fact that you have never heard Him speak does not mean that He is silent. It is your ear that is not tuned rightly to hear Him.

Incline your ear, and come unto me: hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David. Isaiah 55:3 

Wherefore (as the Holy Ghost saith, To day if ye will hear his voice, Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, in the day of temptation in the wilderness: Hebrews 3:7


 Yes, it is that which God ever thinks and speaks today that is the Gospel today; for what God thinks today and speaks will certainly be News to us, because His thoughts are not like our thoughts! That is the weapon against Satan today to deliver your soul from sin. No amount of traditional teaching will save a soul from sin. Only what God thinks and speaks today can deliver a soul from sin today!

No past tense preaching addresses the present tense evil world. The devil keeps changing his tricks. The world keeps changing. The world is not in the same condition that it was in the 1960s. It has tremendously changed. Evil has increased and much more evil has immerged which had never been. The devil is not a fool to remain at one place forever. As everything is advancing day and night, so also the devil is advancing in his tricks day and night.

You cannot be delivered from this present evil world by a historical message. Traditions from past generations can never deliver a soul from this present evil world. How can a nation presently win a war using spears and shields! Neither can Christianity win any war against Satan today if they engage him with traditions of past generations. Yes, we are only delivered from this present evil world by a present tense Gospel News. It must be News please, or else it is not the Gospel. The Gospel is the Word of God which God keeps sending in the world in every season. It is not just the biography of Jesus Christ written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John!

A Christian who is truly delivered from this present evil world no longer mixes freely with the world of sin; he no longer lives under the yoke of sin; he no longer loves the dominions of sin. Why? He has died from the love of the world, and this is a clear mark of real Christianity: like the Israelites were delivered from Egypt by the mighty hand of God, so Jesus died to deliver us from the house of bondage, which is the dominion of sin. He neither loves the world nor the things of the world if he is truly a Christian. The present world is evil, and a real Christian has nothing to do with it. He has been delivered from the evil world by the Blood of the Passover Lamb, has gone through the Red sea in his baptism, and now abides freely in Canaan’s fruitful fields. If you claim Christianity, then this must be a clear mark in your life. You have been delivered, saved, taken out, and separated from this present evil world.

The present world is only evil, so don’t think that you can swim in some part of it, keep a portion of it under your tongue, and remain a Christian. Nay! It is a complete separation! It is an exodus out of the world through the Blood of our Passover which God offered for us, in order to deliver us from this present evil world. A man living under sin; a man corrupting himself with the love of the world; a man mixing freely in the corruption of the world; a man carnally possessed by the corrupting lusts of the flesh, has no claim on Christianity whatsoever! I don’t care which church he attends, which chorus he sings, he has nothing to do with Christ!

A man in Egypt, under darkness, under the bondage of the law of sin, still serving Pharaoh - the king of this present evil world and then claims to be in Canaan! Never! That is a hypocrite! To be a Christian is to die, completely die from sin as Christ died on the cross; all this is by faith in the Passover Blood. Joining a church and being initiated into a few rites saves no soul of a man born in sin. You must die out of sin and be born again in righteousness.

Yea, Jesus gave Himself upon the cross to deliver us from sin and from this present evil world. So must you take up your Cross and follow Him by faith to Calvary, outside the camp of sin called the world; and there lay yourself on that cross and die completely from sin, and from the corruptions of this evil world, then thou shalt be born again holy, immortal, incorruptible.

The present world is evil, its systems are ungodly, its leadership is corrupt, its religions are apostatic, its ways are sinful; its entertainments are filthy, its population is greedy, covetous, lascivious, idolatrous, adulterous, murderers: fornicators, liars, hateful, despisers of that which is good, and haters of the truth. Why? Because the god of this present world is Satan, so must it be evil as he is evil; wicked as he is wicked, adulterous as he is, haters of truth as he is, boastful and proud as Satan surely is; unkind, unmerciful, full of filthy communications as sure as its god is; loving money and pleasures more than God as sure as the devil is _ having a form of Godliness but denying the true power of the Holy Spirit as sure as Lucifer is! Yes, from all these a Christian has been delivered by the grace of God in Jesus Christ. Amen.


Another Gospel


        I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed. Galatians 1:6-9

The present church system, as all other religions, is a fallen apostatic organization that is infested with all kinds of evil and unclean hateful birds. They are corrupted with all kinds of carnal lusts so much so that there is no sound Christianity in them at all. Why? What happened? For every kind of hateful bird lodges in her mammoth branches: be it thieves, drunkards, fornicators, murderers, liars, corruptors, defilers, whoremongers, backsliders, whisperers, busy-bodies, sowers of discord, hypocrites, pretenders, robbers, conmen, and every other evil hateful bird are found lodged in these religious systems. Why? Because they are fallen from the truth! They have left the True Gospel of Jesus Christ unto another one which is apostatic. They don’t uphold the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ which the apostles believed and preached. They have substituted the truth with a lie.

How? Every tree is known by its fruits. The True Gospel brings forth holy men, righteous men, faithful men, kind and merciful men, humble and meek men, loving and gentle. But a Gospel that bears fruits contrary to these is a false gospel, and the preacher of it is accursed!

The true Gospel transforms men from being wicked to being righteous; from being filthy to being holy; from being wrathful to being humble, from being lovers of pleasures to being lovers of God - yea, the true Gospel converts! A Gospel that only reforms instead of converting is apostatic in its origin and the messengers of such are accursed!

A Gospel that fails to save the believers thereof from sin; fails to separate its upholders from the world; fails to crucify carnality from its faithful, fails to deliver the man who believes it from the present evil world; fails to impart holiness, love, charity, humility, meekness, soberness, gentleness, temperance, faithfulness, righteousness; yea, and every good thing to the believers of the same, is not the Gospel of the Son God but the lies of the antichrist.

Why? It should be Good News, that is why it is called the Gospel; and therefore, it brings good tidings of great joy! It announces freedom from sin, proclaims liberty from the dominion of sin, loosens the chains of darkness from the believers and sets them free. Knowledge may bring some reformation of manners, but that alone never saves! Religion may bring along some human pity, but it fails to deliver the soul from the chains of corruption. It is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ alone that can set free the soul from the dominion of sin.

Why? The true Gospel urges men to repent from the present evil world and warns them of the danger of failing to do so; it presents to them remission of sin through the Blood (indeed most precious Blood) of Jesus Christ; it points all to the cross of Jesus and insists that the sinful soul should hang on that by faith till all the motions of sin are dead from within; it presents the grace of God and faith as the only avenues by which one is brought to conversion; it insists that one is not saved by joining any church, but rather by sorrowful repentance, faith in Jesus Christ, a lively hope in the promises of GOD through our only saviour Jesus Christ, departing from the evil world and accepting the true baptism of the Holy Ghost. It insists that conversion is followed by holiness, righteousness, faithfulness and all the fruits of the Holy Ghost. Yea, it presents the Revelation of Jesus Christ as the only anchor of the soul. It gives people a chance to repent, a chance to confess their sins, a chance to personally pray, a chance to reach out to God through Jesus Christ, a chance at the altar of the true sacrifice, a chance to sorrowful repentance, a chance at seeking for the Holy Ghost; and all these are only provided by the preaching of the Gospel springing by the inspiration of Holy Ghost revealing the promise of God to the men of that generation. As Charles Finney said, “Don’t show me the doctrine you uphold, but the life you live!” For by their fruits shall they be known! Not by their doctrines, please!



O Foolish Laodiceans


O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you? Galatians. 3:1-5

Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: Revelation 3:17 

O foolish church members, bewitched by Satan’s lies to fear men rather than God! to hold fast on the traditions of men denying the Revelation of the Holy One, as the Spirit unfolds Him to every age; instead of upholding faith in the progressive revealed truth as you walk with God in fear, you vainly uphold traditions of men passed on from generation to generation, having respect of persons instead of trusting in the living realities of Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever!   Who has bewitched you to trust in men and exalt men above the guidance of the Spirit of Truth? Yes, it is the same old Devil, that Old Serpent, called Satan and the Dragon, who bewitched the first Woman, the same deceives every church that forms out of the a messenger of God that has slept.

Yes, just like Eve being formed from Adam’s flesh and bone, when left alone in the field to face the serpent, gave in to the deceit of Satan, so is what happens with every church after she is left alone in the world as its messenger goes to rest.

It happened to Moses’ church when Moses was called up the mountain; Israel compromised with the beguilers, made gods and committed adultery with them; and when Moses returned, he found them all naked as Eve and Adam were found by Christ: naked to their shame before their enemies.

And when Moses saw that the people were naked; (for Aaron had made them naked unto their shame among their enemies:) Exodus 32:25 

Jesus had given Adam and Eve the Word to keep and warned them against the Serpent and the knowledge of letters. He left them to face the test, the contest, the challenge of Satan: Adam was the church elder (the pastor) and Eve was the laity: and Israel at mount Sinai was left in the hands of the church elder to be tested, Aaron was the church elder. Before forty days were ended the church was beguiled by the serpent, took of the fruits of knowledge of idolatry and ate them, and brought some to her pastor (Aaron) who also with her did eat. Then the glory of God departed from the camp, the Holy Spirit took His flight, for they were defiled; so does it happen to every church left on her own as the messenger is taken away to rest. God does it purposely to test the church, whether she will keep His word and live or reject it and die never to rise again! Show me a church that turned to the traditions of men that ever arose again to walk with God? Never! They die never to rise. As the first mother was deceived in the absence of the word in flesh, so was Israel deceived in the absence of the messenger of God, Moses.

Look, this history repeated in all the generations of Israel. After Joshua left the scene, the church turned to idolatry and committed whoredoms with Baal and Ashtoreth; then God send them a judge to deliver them from the mess; and every time the judge left the scene Israel fell back into idolatry till the rise of another Judge. Read the book of Judges and find out the truth! Immediately a Judge left the scene, the woman (Israel) fell into fornication with the gods of the heathen! There is no time she ever walked in the light by the leadership of the clergy, never! Search the scriptures and see this plain truth; never did Israel at any time walk in the light by the guidance of priests (church elders) – NEVER!  

Yea, as Adam failed to keep the woman in the light of the Word after Jesus had gone, so does the clergy of every church formed from the message of any servant of God fail to keep her from the beguiling serpents; her ministers (the clergy) are deceived along with her. As Eve brought the fruits to Adam who yielded to her persuasion to eat things sacrificed to idols, so every church leader yields to the pressure of the church members to depart from the truth because of the love of the world.

Paul had left Galatia for a short season as he went to other lands to spread the Gospel,   but the ministers of those churches of Galatia were not able to keep the church in the Light. If apostasy was spreading in the church while the Word-messenger was still alive, how much more did these Nicolaitan serpents beguile the church after the departure of Paul?! Yes, they went conquering and to conquer.

O foolish church members falling for the fruit of the love of the world, the love of the knowledge of the world, instead of keeping in step with the progressive prophetic Word! Who has bewitched you? Satan!! He is the deceiver of men.

Look, the church of Paul finally organized into the Orthodoxy Catholic Church and replaced the Light of life with dead forms of worship that had no power to cleanse the soul from sin. Although this iniquity was working while Paul was still ministering, yet it was not clearly manifested, but after Paul’s departure these serpents gained boldness and spread their bewitching doctrines openly. The result of that is the present day apostatic idolatrous Greek and Roman Catholic churches. Both are as dead as midnight.

No church has ever stood the test of the Word after its messenger leaves the scene; there has never been and there will never be! Just the same way “the by-product” Eve never stood the test of the Word so do all the churches fail? They are bewitched by Satan’s intoxicating lies into a dead form of worship. They run for the world and its fruits like rats into a trap.

Look at the Protestant churches that rose from Luther’s revival, today they are as dead as mid-night: if they had a name that they were alive, yet they were dead in the very time Luther was still walking with them, what of now?

Look at the protestant churches that rose from the protestant revivals of the 17th century: how they beamed with light while the word-sent messengers were still alive (Wesley, Whitefield, Finney, etc); but after these messengers had left the scene, they turned to the tree of knowledge of good and evil and perished: they have never seen another daybreak to date.

Yea, look at the Pentecostals how they beamed with life during the Pentecostal revivals, but now they are bewitched by Satan into death camps of man-made systems, dead as midnight.

What of the church that came out of the ministry of prophet Branham? Has she faired on any better? Is she still a virgin of the word walking in the light of the hour? Nay! She is as dead as Laodicea was said to be. She has turned back into the mess of the world just as Eve did; she has fallen for the love of the world, the love of money, the love of riches, the love of knowledge, the love of popularity, the love of the flesh; and as Eve, she is beguiled by the serpents among them away from the quickening, life-giving, progressive, prophetic word.

O foolish Branhamite churches, who claim to walk in the footsteps of Branham, who has bewitched you to reject the progressive fulfilment of the word, before whose face the message of the prophet has evidently promised the things that you hear and see! Yet you pine away in your dead formal camps eating with harlots! ye will soon perish in your foolishness... unless ye wake up and repent.

Does not the very message that promises the latter rain also promise you the messenger to follow on with the word! Foolish and slow of heart to believe the words of the prophet yet claim to be his followers! The same serpent who beguiled Eve from the promised word has beguiled them from these glorious promises of the end time.

O foolish people, fallen for lack of faith and sincerely! Who has bewitched you not to obey the truth, before whose eyes the Seventh seal is plainly set forth as a promise yet to be revealed around the time when Christ appears for his Bride? Are your eyes so blind that you can’t see that which is in black and white before your eyes? Ye hypocrites! Ye serpents! Ye pretenders! How can you have faith if ye can’t believe that which is plainly promised, being clearly put forth by the prophet whose message ye claim?

Know therefore that the Seventh seal was not revealed because it wasn’t time yet, for Jesus Christ was yet to come again; and the mystery in the seventh seal pertains to his second coming; since He is yet to come, it is evident that the seal is not yet unfolded! For its unfolding ushers in the second coming of Jesus! Its unfolding rends the veil and brings us in the presence of Christ. For Jesus’ Second Advent is a revelation to be revealed to the elect as the scripture has said, “… shall it be when the son of man is revealed; …” and again, “…at the revelation of Jesus Christ…,” and again, “…who shall be revealed from heaven in flames of fire…" Therefore, His appearing is the revelation that unfolds the capstone that brings in the climax of the Third pull as it was given to the prophet.

But we know that no man receiveth the witness of the Spirit in any season unless he is a child of light. So it is now! As it was among the angels; only the elected angels stood by the word in their day, but the unbelieving angels fell for the lie of the devil in the mouth of the Nicolaitan spirits, so it is now! And as it was during the Exodus, only the elect received the promise at Kadesh Barnea, the rest rejected it and made a captain to return to Egypt, yea, to the mess from where they were taken; so it is now!

As it was with Israel after Moses had gone to the mountains to receive the word, so is it now! As it was with Israel after departing of Joshua, so is it now! As it was in Israel after the departing of every Judge, so is it now! As it was in Israel in the time when Samuel was old, so is it now: the mystery of iniquity which was active then has been active after the departure of Brother Branham, and none of the churches has escaped its grip, but only the elect has!

As it was in Galatia after Paul had departed to preach the Gospel elsewhere, so is it now! As it was with the apostolic church after the apostles had gone to rest; men rose up perverting the truth by leavening it with human knowledge, denying the revelation of the word. So is it now! Serpents always run to the tree of knowledge as they lean on the interpretation of the scriptures by man’s reason, denying any further revelation of Jesus Christ, so is it now!

O men and women, are ye so foolish? Having begun in the spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh? Remember what the Believers’ church was in those days in Kenya, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and look at what she is now---it is pathetic! She is so fallen! So rotten! So corrupted, so numb! So dead! Yet she doesn’t even know it. Just a Laodicea to begin with! The Spirit has departed from them, yet they can’t realize it! Shows how blind they are. Then she was spiritual, then she was lively; then her fire of zeal burned upon every hill; then she had an earnest desire to receive and believe all the Word; then she forsook all and followed Jesus with her cross upon her shoulders; then she despised knowledge and clung on faith and love; she minded the poor, and loved the fellowship of the saints; yes, then she was all lovely! But now, as filthy as a prostitute, as corrupt as stagnant water; as cold as a corpse, as lukewarm as Laodicea, beguiled as Eve: how pathetic! Christ shall find her as naked as He found Eve and Adam in the land of Eden.



The Just Shall Live By Faith



         Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Galatians 3:6 

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, it is the evidence of things not seen. Now faith lays the foundation for hope that brings salvation. And without a promise evidently revealed in the Word one cannot have faith. For it is written, “Faith cometh by hearing the word,” But how can they hear without a preacher? And how can they preach unless they are sent? So, faith doesn’t arise from religious doctrines taught out of the scriptures! Never! Faith comes as a result of a divine revelation of a promise allotted for the elect in their generation.

Look at the father of faith, Abraham, how did he receive faith? But by a promise directly being given to him! And by him believing the promise he was justified and became a just man. Then why didn’t Lot possess the same faith as Abraham? Because his eyes were blind to the promise of the hour. He was trying to serve God with his eyes looking backward to what some old school of his grand-pa, Tarah, preached, which was passed on traditionally to him through his uncle Nahor. But Abraham’s eyes were always watching forward to the promise to be fulfilled in his very generation. So is it now! The spiritual believer yearns and craves for the promise left unto us by our forefathers Luther, Wesley and Braham; but the likes of Lot (church members) have their eye set backward, trying to walk by the light of yesterday!

Then look at Isaac and Ishmael: Isaac was born of the promise of his day; he was the elected seed born out of the promised Word, but Ishmael was a carnal man born by the instrumentality of flesh and blood without any spiritual revelation of the Word; he was just a proselyte who tried to join himself to the spiritual church, but his nature always betrayed him --- a wild man, an archer that was against every man. Then turn again and look at them: Who of them mocked and despised another? Who of them scorned another; being full of indignation? Who was the persecutor? Who hated another without a cause? The wild man! The one who was born after the flesh! The one who tried to claim the religion of his father without a personal experience of the same by revelation of the promise of his very hour; yes, it was Ishmael claiming Abraham yet persecuting Isaac the promised word of the hour! So is it now! Whoever has an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith!

Yes, Ishmael in trying to make a religion around the message of his father Abraham, hated and hates Isaac to date: So is it now! The Branhamite, in trying to build a religion around the message of prophet Branham hates the promised spiritually elected seed promised by the very Branham! As it was told to him, “thou shall have a son and shall call his name Joseph,” and though a natural type followed, yet the real seed was to spring from the Word he planted during the planting rain.

Yes, search and find out for yourselves, for the scriptures cannot be broken; who despises another; the spiritual or the carnal? Did Isaac ever despise Ismael? Never! Did Isaac ever laugh and mock Ishmael? Never! Why? He was a humble meek lamb, the very image of his father Abraham. Amen.

Why then did God give the prophet the Seed to sow? To bring forth another Son who stands by the Word as he did! Amen. Why did he promise latter rain on the sown Word? To quicken it to bring forth of its kind; humble, lowly meek…

What will be the image of the elected seed born from that seed after latter rain? Just as Branham was! Kind, humble, meek, lowly, firm upon the promised Word for his hour just as Branham was, firm upon the promise of his day! Amen.

So as there was Abraham and a Lot behind him who, though very religious, yet his eyes were blind to the promise; and as there was Isaac, a son of the promise given to Abraham, and an Ishmael, son of a bondwoman, who though very religious, yet wild and blind to the promises of God; so is it now! Both are religious, both claim the same father (that is the same messenger) yet one was spiritual, recognized the spiritual promises, clung to them walking by faith humbly, meekly, lowly, being led by the spirit, while the other being carnal was wild, full of hatred and bitterness, despiteful, scornful, boastful, and his eyes deep in the world seeking for vain treasures in the Laodicean mines.

Look, the children of faith have always hated the world and all its glitter and clamor and tinsel; they have always passed through it as pilgrims and strangers living in make-shift habitations, seeking for a city whose maker and builder is God. They have always looked beyond the curtain of time by the eyes of faith and clung on the promise - afflicted, tormented, persecuted, despised, mocked, scorned, laughed at, thrown in prisons, shut up, of whom the present evil world is not worth.

As Cain persecuted his half-brother Abel because he was spiritual and clung on the promise revealed to him, so is it now! All claim the same father yet one of them was a religious proselyte! Oh, how the proselyte is blind to the promise of the word revealed today! You just pity them - how miserable they are! How poor is a hybrid animal! Yea, how poor is a religious hybrid trying to claim a father whom he knows not! Can one by teaching and discouraging make a duck keep away from water? So is it with the elect to the promise of the hour! Oh, my! It is manna to their hungering souls.

I don’t care how Ishmael will mock and laugh at Isaac; he will never scare him from upholding the promise of his day. Just know that and hold your peace! Ye miserable comforters! I don’t find one wiseman among you, all ye adored clergy men of today. Yea, can two walk together unless they agree? Can ye indulge into the world and remain unspotted? Can one love and serve Christ and mammon together? Can one seek earthly riches and the corrupting crown thereof, and the heavenly incorruptible one at the same time? Yea, can one hate his brother and despise him yet claim to be born of God?

Answer me, if ye are wise men and your days are many? A wise man is one who escapes from this present evil world, one who hates it, one who has crucified the flesh and all its vain lusts, one who believes God’s promise at any cost; one who walks in the light of his very day, the same is wise unto salvation.

Yea, tell me, if ye be wise unto salvation; can there be a sign without a voice behind it? Can one display a sign that has no meaning at all? Can a man seeking for a habitation be contented with a mere sign? For a sign is only a pointer to the truth ahead! Yea, could there be cry in the city, an alarm ringing out and people be not afraid? And are the people afraid of the ringing alarm? Are they not afraid because of the voice that comes after the alarm! Ye hypocrites and pretenders who stops at the signs hailing them and declaring how true they are, yet rejecting the reality that unfolds after that, bringing to yourselves swift destruction!! Did not your fathers walk the same way, hailing the signs and miracles done by the true messenger but rejected the authority of the vindicated Word! Ye poor miserable blind guides dead in the religion of the world! Awake from your sleep and Christ will show light.

Yes, can there be tumults in a city without a cause behind it, a word that is to be told to the earnest inquirer? Can there be an uprising in a nation without a cause? And can rain fall on a field and yet nothing springs forth? Yea, and can a true revival stir up a church only to bring forth nothing at the end of it? As if latter rain fell on the wheat to produce briers only! Can these things be so? If ye be wise men, then declare it!

Now look at it closely again: were not Jacob and Esau brothers? Were they not born from the same father and mother? Did they not both claim to be real sons of the prophet-father, and of the church of that prophet-father called the elect lady? Did they not both come out of the same womb after the same travail? How could you then tell between the two? By what measure would you know the elect? Yea, it is clear! The elect goes straight to the promise of the word being unfolded in his very day as a duck to the water, while the boastful, scornful, despiser being carnal goes straight to some grandpa religion trying to teach and uphold some doctrines and practices which he coins out of his grandpa past tense religion! Yes, that is the distinction between Jacob and Esau.

Esau is a religious worldly man and claims religion as far as it helps him walk smoothly in the world; but does not want anything that will mar his reputation before his worldly friends or diminish his morsels thereof. The same Esau puts no boundary between himself and the worldly carnal men, for he is exactly like them at heart; only the cloak of religion that he keeps around his person makes the difference. Within he loves the world per se and likes her morsels that much not to separate from it for whatever prize.

But come again and look at the two closely; one walked by faith and had no much in this world, but by faith he sought for the unseen heavenly riches, while Esau’s heart was bend on worldly gains, its grandeur, its clamor, its money, its tinsel and its delicacies. And look again, it is Esau who hates Jacob; it is him who seeks his life, it is him who carnally fights for the promise: just remember that! There is no time Jacob ever threatened Esau! There is no time Esau trembled because of Jacob! Why? He (Esau) had all the politics to his advantage, he had all the carnal weapons to his help; he had the power to sway the political world to tilt to his advantage. He carried the quiver, he made the bows and the arrows, he had trained men for his army; he cared little for poor shepherds, for he had built himself city just like Cain; yea he had a business empire that reached lands beyond the sea: he was both an importer and exporter, for indeed he was a duke! And by his political influence in the land, he closed the church of poor Jacob and forced him to flee to his uncle. He sent his political armour against him and would not allow him to hold any more revivals in the land.

Woe unto the dukes who claim the promises that our fathers, (Luther, Wesley and Branham) sought for, yet they rejected the light of their day!

Woe unto the dukes of Edom who build a religion of business advantage to amass riches, saying, “The message of the prophet, the message of prophet,” yet they lie and love not the Truth! “The day comes when I will declare their shame upon the house tops, that they will hide their shame no more, nor make themselves a covering veil upon men’s eyes and cause them to walk after the vanities of men!

Are not all the things of Esau searched out? Are not all his secret places before the eyes of the Holy One of Israel? as he goes around with a lie in his mouth saying, ‘Our father Abraham! Our father Isaac! Our father Jacob! the message of the hour! the message of the hour!’ but not in truth; I will even lay him before men that they may behold his nakedness, and his lewd heart after worldly delicacies; and while his morsels are under his tongue I will lay him with the ground," saith the Lord, “and take vengeance against all the dukes of Edom, that hateful mountain which despises my people Israel.”

Rejoice thou elect with his people;

Break forth into songs and dance for joy of heart;

For the Lord has chosen you from among the poor,

From among the despised and scorned;

Yea He has exalted you from the dung-hill,

To prepare you a resting place upon His Holy Mountain.

A city of habitation, a joy and resting place of many generations to come.

For thou hast loved His word, and has stuck by His promise;

And has feared His commandments and walked in fear

Before His Holy presence, desiring mercy and grace from before Him;

That thy soul may not perish, neither to be destroyed

In that dreadful day when He appears in flames of fire.


“The dukes of Edom are dismayed; they are perplexed, their faces gather gloominess, and in fear they run but there is no refuge, they cry but none regards; they call out but no answer comes: for they trusted in vanities, and lived delicately as in the day of slaughter and sought not the Lord early, but they delighted in scorning and despising; and in their hearts were found hateful and in them was the gull of wormwood, so shall they perish with bitterness, with sorrow and wormwood!” Saith the Lord.

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