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Wonderful News At Your Doorsteps

Nancy Loyce

The Wonders of His Love

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful News! God never grows old, He never becomes history! He is new forever, and that is the Good News that I proclaim to you today.

Imagine, the great eternal being, the same is a loving, caring Father, who has no beginning and of course, He has no end; He is truly a Father, and if begotten to Him, you will ever be His child.

The same Father is also a king, a great king, whose Kingdom has no end, and is full of bliss and glee! In Him no sorrow, no burden weighs your heart down. You are perfectly rested with every true pleasure your heart craves.

How do you come to Him then? Through Jesus Christ His Son. He offered Him on your behalf, that by Him and through him, your sins are gone, gone forever! Jesus is your loving saviour who ransomes you from death, and ushers you into life eternal! Quite amazing! Quite an offer!

Free offer, yet beyond measure in riches, in love, in life, in happiness.

Heaven, eternal life, eternal joys, pleasures, comforts, happiness, etc., all at your doorsteps today. How wonderful the news! Only a breath away, heaven is! Only a breath away, eternal life is! Only a breath away, eternal pleasures are! Believe, accept, receive all freely! How? Hear and believe the spoken word today; the Good News being aired to you. Oh, glory! It is all Good Morning now!

Eternal treasures at your doorsteps! Open the door and let Him in! Who? The eternal Father! He is the eternal source, fountain of all goodness and truth. If you ever desired to find reality, and discover who you are, where from, and whence to, open your door to this one man, the man Jesus. In Him is the eternal Father, even God omnipotent, and with Him are all riches! But the Wonder of all is that you can have Him in your bosom! You can commune with Him daily! You can have Him by your daily!

Glory to his name forever and ever, amen!

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