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To be ready for Third Pull Ministry

Remember Branham the second herald of the second coming of Christ identifies the seventh seal with the third pull and that has to do with the manifestation of the sons of God, the second coming of Christ, and the rapture. So we are preparing for all that as the scriptures warn us not to slumber in the cares of the present world, not to be drunken with the deceitfulness of the desire for riches, not to be drunken with the deceit of religion, but to keep our lamps burning with the testimony of the Holy Spirit.


Yes, have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed? For only the Holy Spirit can reveal to you what God is presently doing. Brother Branham slept but the Holy Spirit never slept. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Are you there? Do you believe God speaks today through His servants today as He did through Branham? The only thing you must watch is the scriptures... What a man speaks, if it doesn't dovetail through the Bible and if it  puts God in the past tense, then it is a lie of Satan. God is I AM. He is as much present with us today as He ever was. He is not silently listening to all the confusion raging in the churches of the message of Branham, but He is daily speaking against every corruption that profanes His name. Believest thou this...? As the Holy Spirit saith, Today if you hear His voice harden not your heart...

To be sure that you don't come short of anything that God is fulfilling this hour, all which is heading up towards the third pull... The manifestation of the sons of God, the second coming of Christ, the seven thunder ministry, the resurrection and rapture.... Be sure that you have received the Holy Spirit. No man can make you understand spiritual things. No man can reveal to you God's promises being fulfilled this hour. It takes the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit alone. He will lead you into the Whole truth. So, have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed...? Did you experience a real Birth into the Body of Christ? And are you led by the Holy Spirit daily? Does He speak do you, revealing the counsel of God to you today? Does He bath your heart with divine love all the time. Do you love your bitterest enemies as you love yourself and would care for your enemy the way you care for your child? Do you bear the fruit of the spirit all round...? Patient, humble, meek, lowly, kind, forbearing, forgiving, showing mercy, loving and gracious even unto those who oppose you, fight you and misuse you?

Yes, have you died out of the fashion of this world. You care not for what you will eat, drink, dress, or stay in? You love the Word of God with all your heart, soul, and spirit, and you are ready to lay down your life for the sake of the Gospel. Ready to walk into the fiery furnace for the sake of the truth?

Marvel not that I demand of you these things, for all who ever were born of the Word had these fruits manifested out of their lives freely. They were as humble as doves, as meek and lowly as lambs, as solid to the Word of God as a mountain, yet as simple as a child. 

That is where you start the journey to the Third Pull, to the resurrection, to the rapture and to meet Jesus Christ in the air... Yes, brother, have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed? 

The  Holy Spirit is God in your heart! Throughout the New Testament they received Him in earnest, we are thirsting, praying, hungering and craving to receive Him in fullness... To be filled with the fullness of God! God on two feet! One with our God... The Eternal, Omnipotent God finally resting in our hearts! I can't stop short of that! No compromise with useless religious notions... My hunger and thirst goes beyond all dogmatic teaching. All that will satisfy me is the fullness of God in my heart, to be as perfect as He is. Are you there? Then let us move on!

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