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Gospel Dispensation

Number Four (4) is the Gospel number in the Bible. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph... were the Gospel in seed being sown in the ground of the fathers. God revealed Himself to them as El-shaddai... The exceedingly fruitful one. God sowed His Gospel seed in the fathers.

Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy...was the Gospel in shadows of the law. The Gospel in the stalk out of the blade of Genesis.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John... the Gospel in earnest, in part, partially, in the earnest of the Spirit. The stalk brought forth flowers... the shuck and the tassel. The New Testament preached the Gospel in its flower stage.

We are looking forward to the final full Gospel in its exactiness... What was sown as a seed in Genesis comes to fruition bringing forth the great harvest. The last Gospel Dispensation is the harvesting Gospel message in its clear view. Yes, the final Gospel Dispensation is also fourfold. It is the fullness of the revelation of Jesus Christ the Spoken Word of God.

The Lion, Ox, Man and Eagle

Praise the Lord! Tremendous victory in love divine just ahead. For the fruit of the Word is divine love. In Genesis the fruit was in the seed. In the Old Testament the fruit was still in the stalk. In the New Testament, the fruit was within the pollen and the flower. But now we look forward to see the fruit housing the seed...! Oh, how wonderful! The fruit of the Word is divine love!


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