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14-0622M KDY


[This Message was preached at a place in Bungoma, Kenya in a house fellowship on the Morning of 22nd June, 2014 by Brother Joshua. The message is 03hrs 41mins and 41secs long]


Amen. May our Saviour Jesus Christ bless you all.

I thank Him because He has kept all of us. We thank Him for His grace which He has provided this day for us here and for having cared for each one of you to be present here.  I thank Him for the grace, I thank Him for the blessings which He has bestowed upon us at this moment in such a time; and much more so because we are in a battle, and it is quite a battle which we cannot assume. It is a real and great battle, and we cannot take it for granted. But we know that He who has gone ahead of us is one who cannot be defeated; and that is why we depend on Him and trust Him because we know that He is the victor and that the end of it all we are also overcomers. We cannot be defeated, but we shall be overcomers because He says that He is there; and that because He lives, we shall also live. Now, because He lives in us, we will find ourselves in the same status of being alive as He is.

We thank Him so much for the light that shines today, the light of the revelation on God's Word bringing us to the very point where Job says; “Do you know the way to the place where light dwelleth?” That is the way that takes you to the place where light comes from – the very source of light. We thank Him so much for bringing us to the very encounter of that source of light. He has brought us so close to the source of light. We thank Him for the amazing grace because we know that it is not the way we would have chosen or desired or conducted ourselves to be able to find it, but that light shines on us because it is by grace that we have found mercy before Him – just by that grace. 

Now before I read my scripture, which I am still pondering over whether I would say much on the scripture or not, for we just always leave it free like that.

I just happened to have pumped into this book. You know sometimes I print many of them and they all go out and I remain without even one copy. So, I pumped into this, and I read quite a big portion of it from yesterday; that is My Pilgrimage which is the autobiography of Brother Seth. I really had a fellowship upon it from yesterday just reading it over and again. I just want to read these ending paragraphs a bit. I didn't think it that way until when I read it yesterday. That is when the thought came to me and I thought I should read it to you, so that you also contemplate on it the way I am contemplating. Does it have any meaning the way I am thinking about it? So, it just ends that way. And he says:

That third incident occurred soon after the December meetings when I got home, it was a dream. In this dream, the scene was at school. It was at the start of a new Term, and I was on duty together with another gentleman in the dream. So, we learnt that inspectors were to visit the place. We made frantic efforts to put everything in order, but we had not gone far when the officers arrived. My colleague whom I was on duty with was called to explain something to the visitors. Then the scene changed, and I found myself in an open field kind of square and enclosed by buildings on all the four sides. My attention was drawn to three strange visitors who had just landed from an unknown place in space. They were two men and a woman. I stared at them very curiously wondering what kind of people these could be.

Then the scene changed again, and I was told by something to look up. High in the sky, right above my head, was a huge object that was wrapped up in a kind of canvas material which was tied on both ends the way sweets are usually wrapped. It was orbiting in the space like a balloon preparing to land. Soon I saw it land in the eastern direction from where I was. Immediately it landed, I was gripped by such love like I have never felt before since I was born. I found myself holding a man whom I understood that he had been an enemy before, but had now become a brother and the love I had for him was beyond words to describe. I woke up out of that dream still feeling the impact of that love in my heart and on my nerves. The feeling stayed with me for nearly two minutes. I thought the rapture was about to take place. I woke up and went and stood outside for some time. Finally, the feeling left me and I came back to myself. I have ever longed to have a feel of that love again.

That is how the autobiography ends, you know. Now, I know of the dream, you know sometimes you attribute things to what you know about God dealing with you, or His dealings with the age or the generation or something like that. It is strange that these two men and a woman were landing from outer space, out of this world.  They landed in that square building, and it is strange that they were two men and one woman. That is very strange, and I was thinking about that also. Then the wrapped gift which comes with an impact of love that you cannot be able to describe. That follows that ministry. Joshua, Caleb and Mary? Then the headstone is divine love? Is it? I don’t know.

So, I think it has some meaning to this end time; now that we are fighting for something. The capstone, you know, comes down like that as Brother Branham used to draw that pyramid, then he made those seven stages from Paul, Martin, Irenaeus, Columba, Luther, Wesley and then finally the seventh is Branham. Then he put the hanging capstone up there which is not yet so much joined to the whole house, and then he wrote in between that: Love. So, you know that is that perfect love, and it means that there is that promise yet to descend from above. It is a gift wrapped like a sweet; and love is sweet. But there has to be a ministry here on earth because there were two men here and woman. I'm thinking about it. So, I didn't know, and I can't interpret things which I'm not sure that God has told me to interpret. 

So, about this, I'm just contemplating; I'm not interpreting anything. But when you find me telling you; ‘Now this means that …’, then you know that I know it is scriptural and right. I could have checked up the scriptures and the signification of God to me; then I'll tell you what it means. But sometimes you tell me a very wonderful dream and I just stare at it with no understanding. I just leave it because I don't get it. However, sometimes it can be a little crude dream which seems to have no meaning to begin with, but then he just comes and signifies everything and puts everything clear, plain, black and white and says this is that and that is the other. And the scriptures come up to back it up; then I understand the dream. 

So, I know it has to do with something. I am going to read this here from The Spoken Word is The Original Seed just to get people contemplating on it. I am not telling you the interpretation of the dream. I am telling you that it is contemplation, and I like contemplating. Oh, great contemplation!

Oh, the blessed contemplation,

When with troubles here I sigh;

I've a home beyond the river,

That I'll enter by and by.


I've a home beyond the river,

I've a mansion bright and fair;

I've a home beyond the river,

I will dwell with Jesus there.


Oh, how sweet 'twill be to meet them,

All the ransomed host above;

Sweeter until to see the Saviour,

Praise him for redeeming love.


Though the world is filled with sorrow,

And the teardrops often fall;

There will be but joy and gladness,

Safely inside the jasper wall.


Though the hills are rough and stormy,

And the valleys dark and cold;

I must walk the path before me,

It will someday turn to gold.

                                                         [Calvary Hymnal #229]

You know I like prophecy because I want to see it being fulfilled. That is the problem with me. So, my eyes are never off the prophecy. I will always search for something which is being fulfilled in the day that I'm leaving in.

So, he says: 

414 Now, here is what I’m trying to say to you. The law of reproduction, bring forth of its kind, Genesis 1:11. These last days, true Church-Bride comes to the Headstone, 

That is the Godhead, because the headstone is the head. That which is at the very top in the capping position is the head; and the head of all things is the Godhead.  The head for all things in creation and in existence is nothing else but the Godhead; and He was never accepted in the Garden of Eden; He was never accepted by angels; He was never accepted by seraphim. There were angels and there were Seraphim as well as Cherubim; and they never received the Godhead. There you are! Always the Godhead was rejected through controversy and apostasy. First, apostasy was among the Sons of God, and you know Lucifer is also a son of the morning, just the same way Cain seemed to be the son of Adam. And that son of the morning raised rebellion in the beginning.

Second, there was that controversy among the Cherubim; some of them left the truth of God, and that is why you have the kind of beasts like lion, like bear, like leopard, like dragon and all those other fellows like that in Daniel’s prophecy, because they fell from the truth.

Then the fall descended down to the angels. Of course, angels were not the first to fall from the truth. The first to fall from the truth were those higher beings which were sons of God. And we know Jesus Christ never fell, but we know of another son who is called the son of the morning that fell from the knowledge of truth. That was Satan. So, the headstone was neither accepted nor received in his place among these beings.

There was a little message one time which I was preaching; I don't know whether I am able to catch it, and even re-tape it again so that people can listen to it. We were preaching it long time ago when the message was just in the infancy. We were referring to the rejected headstone: The Hijacked Capstone Place in Eden. We preached it over and again that the place of the headstone was hijacked by the devil, contrary to justice.

It is so easy to prove that the heads which we have now are the heads of destruction and perdition. We have apostate heads; whatever heads that we carry, our thoughts and our mind is the source of all wars and corruption. That is why, as Christians, we fight this carnal knowledge which is against the holy Word of God. 

In the fall we received an evil head, but now that we have received the true Head, there is a lot of warfare in the camp.  Why are we ever fighting so much within ourselves? It is because Jesus is to take His place as head by getting in, and the devil does not want to leave because he is our former head and therefore, he stands his ground to fight. He cannot leave his inheritance to go freely like that. That is why all hell breaks loose when somebody becomes a Christian because a new Head is taking over from another one. The kingdom is being taken over. Somebody cannot just come and take over the kingdom from another person. There has to be a fight. That is why there is a lot of struggles in Kenya because one head is trying to take over from another head; and everybody is trying to be head.

Remember democracy has no shape, because the state (wife) becomes married to one head, and before that head dies another one takes over. Now, how many husbands do we have in Kenya who are still alive? The whole thing is the picture of whoredom – one woman having many living husbands. Do you see that? That democracy is completely wrong? It is neither democracy nor dictatorship that is good – none of them is good. It is supposed to be the monarch kind of leadership, like David’s.  The right kingdom is supposed to be the monarch kind, like it was with David; when he died his son took over and then his grandson, and so on and so forth.

That is the only kingdom or leadership that God accepted to bear with. That does not mean that it is perfect, because as it is of men so it cannot be perfect, but that is what God would bear with as far as politics is concerned. It is a monarch type of leadership; and the monarch should be the one that He has chosen. If he has chosen David then whoever follows after David, if it is Solomon, it is God to choose him and so on. 

It is not even supposed to be the father to choose the heir of his throne. It must be God Himself choosing because He knows men’s hearts.  They should just wait before God expecting Him to choose one of them to be their king. Which kind of king will God choose?

This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men. Daniel 4:17 

That is the kind of king that God would choose for any kingdom, the very basest of men! And that is exactly contrary to all democracy, dictatorship and the monarch… all of them scouts for some loft person, a thing which God hates, for the father of such that are high-minded is Satan.

So whatever kind of politics, it is all wrong; but if there be some kind of monarch kingdom, then God can bear with that kind of leadership so long as He is the one who has chosen the king. Or else, He does not accept any because even the monarch, if it is not God-chosen, is evil.

Now that God is the head himself, why should you have another head? Are you seeing that? That is what Gideon said. When Gideon had won the victory against the Midianites, the children of Israel desired that Gideon should reign over them as king.

They said, “You have saved us from the Midianites, now rule over us”.

He said, “Nay! I will never rule over you, never my son or my son’s son, but God is your King to rule over you.” 

He understood the whole matter spiritually. Oh, my! I hope we see it. He never accepted their election of him to be their head!” You see? That is it!

In the whole existence, you find that there are two heads fighting one another. And you know Jesus Christ, revealed as the Son of God, was never accepted and received into His place as the head of this creation. Why? Because there was a great controversy, revolt and rebellion.

Therefore, ever since, there has never been peace in this creation. That is why it has never been possible to have peace and unity in the creation. The whole kingdom has never been in unity, and there has never been harmony in it. It’s been chaos all along because the right head was rejected, and the wrong head was accepted; and it is the wrong one that is reigning. Imagine! Oh, the whole thing is marriage and divorce. Some husband took over the wife of another husband, and you think there could be peace! There won't be any peace. They will just continue fighting until one kills the other.

Notice, how there is confusion, wars and strives among all creatures is because of the wrong head that all were crowned with, be it beasts, birds or creeping things.

The devil came in cunningly and used all sorts of lies to deceive God’s wife. He had money and everything; and that is what he used in the Garden of Eden against Eve, by showing her some kind of program that will make her to be wiser, you know, if she gets married that way. So, that is what has happened from the beginning; and that is why there is chaos everywhere. That is why there has never been peace in the creation of God; there is fighting, throwing up of things and that kind of confusion continually. Things just keep falling apart, and no unity among them because the true head is rejected. But there are others who come up in the name of heads and they fight and rival the true Head and are accepted to be head over the whole creation – the whole house. They come in by cunningness and lies. They are liars! But God does not strive. His Son Jesus Christ does not strive. Therefore, He gives them place so that they may show their colors, that they are liars. 

Now, when they have worked out all their schemes, engaged all their efforts and have manifested themselves clearly – at the end of the day, when all is manifested, then He comes on and says: “Have you not seen for yourselves? So, who is the true one? It is not that I'm just against everybody, but you have seen for yourself all the heads that have reigned over you all these years; you can now compare them with me and tell who is worthy.”

That is why we must have 1000 years on earth for the millennium rule so that Jesus can reign for a thousand years alone, for us to we compare. Let the people now decide who is who, and who is worthy. He doesn't have to strive and fight battles to take over. He just says: “Now I have given you enough time, you have been the king of this earth and the people have seen it till your time is now over; therefore, just leave so that I can also reign, and we let them be able to decide, so that they can vote in an informed way.  Let the people decide who is the true head, by the style, manner and prosperity of his leadership.” But then devil adamantly refuses that kind of agreement, and says he is not going anywhere!

That is when he is taken by an angel and chained for 1000 years in the pit, until the thousand years are over. He is not willing to give chance to Jesus Christ to also reign; and that is why that angel comes down with a chain, binds him and drops him in the bottomless pit so that Jesus has a time to reveal and manifest His kind of kingdom on earth. Oh, there will be peace without measure! There'll be love flowing like a river! There will be happiness, joy, holiness, pureness all over, and there will be no corruption on earth again! And then people will say: 'This is it!' Even those who are not saved will see for themselves and also say; “This is it, this is the kind that we want”. That shall be when Jesus Christ comes to set up his kingdom on earth. 

So, he says:

414 Now, here is what I’m trying to say to you. The law of reproduction brings forth of its kind, Genesis 1:11. These last days, true Church-Bride comes to the Headstone, will be the super Church, a super Race, as they…nears the great Headstone.

The other day I was looking back into my bible, and I never knew that I wrote that dream there. You know, I had been trying to look for the very word that I used in the dream. That dream in which I told you that Brother Seth had printed a book and I was given it in a dream, and I knew very well that it was Brother Seth who had printed it and he send it over to me; yet it was in the dream. Then I got my Bible the other day, I was opening behind it, and it was, you know, all covered like that. So, I happened to look behind the Bible, the first leaf from the other side then I was surprised that I had written the dream there just after dreaming it in the very words that I had in the dream.  So, I read them, and I was quite surprised.

He said, “You think this is the statistics of the last steps of the prophet on earth? This is not the statistics of the last steps of the prophet on earth, but this is what he said Take Up The Pen And Write.” And on the same leaf I tried to draw the pictures of what I saw in the dream. The cloud head, the lion and the little baby seated like that on his four limbs. So, he said that this is what he said, ‘Take up the pen and write’. What I am reading here is what Bro Branham was told by the Holy Spirit to take up the pen and write. That was before the Seals were opened.

He was in a certain dilemma and had exclaimed; ‘What can I do, now that everything has failed since the world began, and Jesus has no bride? What shall we do? Every church has failed; every system has failed; every people have failed, and now if I just tell the people that everything has failed and then I say, “Let us rise up and pray,” what will they do? Shall we say then Hallelujah and Amen? Everything has failed, Hallelujah?’ 

He was telling God as he was praying in the closet somewhere, trying to get a message for the people; and that was somewhere in 1962. As he was praying like that, a message came flowing showing how Eve and Adam fell, how Israel fell and finally went for other heads. When they had been given a true head they rejected Him and wanted another head in the son of Kish. It went on like that proving how all the denominations and churches down to the Catholicism and the rest of them have failed, and that they have been failing all the time. Then finally came to the Pentecostal church which had just fallen. 

Then being at that point, it looked like everything has fallen into apostasy, and religions which are false had taken up the place of the true church. And he said I have reached at the end of the limb. So, if I preach to them like that, showing how all the church has failed since the Garden of Eden up to today, then at the end of it all I say; ‘Let us rise up and pray’; then what will they do?


Everything is defeated, so do we leave and go eat, drink and merry because there is no victory?

You know, like John was crying on the isle of Patmos because there was no man to open the Seals. 

Then at that time, brother Branham was told by the Holy Spirit, who used to talk to him so vividly and evidently, and said; “Take up the pen and write.” So, he took the pen to write, as the Bible says that the Word of God was written by the holy men of God when they were moved by the Holy Spirit. So, the Holy Spirit moved upon him to write the things about another generation that was to come after him. For if there had been no other generation, Brother Branham could have never been taken away. If Jesus’ day is a 24-hour day then Brother Branham was supposed to stay there and point to the sky; ‘behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world’. Otherwise, why take him away and Jesus’ day is a 24-hour day? Why take a forerunner like John away – John pointed to Jesus directly, baptized Him and left the scene. And because many people were still following John and doting their eyes on him because they were so used to John, thinking that Jesus, who was introduced by John, was not just meeting the qualification of a Messiah, so God had to take him away. Same thing with Branham, for there was to be a ministry after Branham, that is the capstone ministry.

The Jews could not receive Jesus as the promised one. It only clicked one time when they ate bread, then they said; 'Sure the ministry is now shaping up properly because we can see Moses now. He is going in the right direction and now He is giving us bread; then the next thing you'll begin to see some kind of warfare, or an uprising against the Romans!' So, they wanted to crown him king. They wanted to bring many people together and blow trumpets and say; 'Now we have a king; he is the king of the Jews! And you Romans, off you go because we have the man who can give us bread to feed seven thousand of us from just a little fish and bread. This man can flush off these Romans out!' 

That is a kind of kingdom they were waiting for, but John continued a little while still baptizing here and there; and Jesus was also baptizing somewhere else. Ah! No; that could not work. That is why John was quickly taken to the prison. You see? Because that was going to bring confusion. Jesus is here baptizing while John is also still doing it elsewhere. Therefore, some of the disciples of John were not really convinced that Jesus was the Messiah. Same thing today. Nevertheless, the elect were convinced. Brothers like Andrew, John, Peter when they found Him, they said; “Come and see whom we have found.” Then Nathaniel wondered; “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” He was told to come and see.

As John the Baptist was standing there with two of his disciples, John and Andrew, he said, “Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.” They left John and followed Jesus. That is how they were supposed to act because John said, “I must decrease and he must increase”, but most of his disciples stuck on him thinking that maybe he had missed a point in trying to refer to Jesus as the Messiah.  That is why, while in prison, he sent again also some disciples to go and ask Jesus properly whether He was the Messiah or not. Same thing happening today! The disciples of the forerunner today do not believe the very promises pointed to by Branham!

Listen a bit carefully now. God bless you and help you to see the vision.

If the prophet was forerunning a Jesus who was to descend from heaven and appear in the clouds and His ministry is just in a moment of time to change the people into the rapture, then there was no reason why the forerunner was to be taken off the earth. He was supposed to minister and prepare the people until he points them to Jesus Christ the Messiah descending from above. 

Now, Brother Branham being a forerunner, was taken away as we know, leaving behind a church on its own, and then confusion set in, then what had he prepared? In which way has he now prepared the church and how is the church going to be ready to crossover to meet Jesus in the air? Because they believed that Jesus was going to come in the air; and that was all – nothing else. So, they must just continue looking in the air expecting him from there and yet they are getting more confused day by day. 

What we are saying here is that if Jesus was to appear in the sky after Branham, then Branham was supposed to stay there with them until Jesus comes in the air and he points to them saying; “Here He is, the Lamb of God or the King that comes in the Name of The Lord.” But we are simply saying that it was not so because God knew what was going to happen next. That the day of The Lord, the coming of Jesus, was not a 24-hour day, just like the first coming, and therefore there will be continuity of His Word. He will take over from where Branham left and move on to victory. The capstone will have a ministry on earth; therefore, Branham should decrease as the one with the capstone increases. Branham had prepared the way for the coming in of the headstone ministry by Jesus Christ.

So, He took him out of the way so that things can settle for the next Ministry. It is simple and straightforward like that though most of John’s disciples today don’t see it. Because the state was too volatile by then, and those around Branham were getting so worked up, and their spirits were too high for another message to come in right away in the new ministry, so, God had to quieten the people and make them settle down; then the waters had to be shaken off the umbrella, and everything be calmed first so that people could sit down with new expectations, and then quietly something begins shaping up again to bring in that great climax of the ministry that was pointed to by the forerunner, because there is a work that he has to accomplished.

Now, let me just leave it there because there's a message on it and one time we shall listen to it, why the prophet was taken away abruptly, and why it had been necessary to be so. There are many things right in there; if you watch the Seventh Seal, and you'll see all that there. But now I am just addressing one thing, that the headstone was not received from the beginning. And just look at yourself and the war in you as a Christian, when you try to receive Jesus Christ as your head, when you are trying to be submissive to Jesus Christ; when you are surrendering to Jesus that He should be your King and be the head, then you realize that there is quite a lot of resistance to your mission from some quarters in you.  That is the devil doing that, for he still has some place in you, striving to remain your head; that is why we need that capstone ministry to bring in perfection by divine love!

The Cherubim fell, angels fell, Adam and Eve fell, Babylon fell, then the church after Pentecost like Babylon, fell; and every denomination finally has fallen, one by one, from the true head because they could not stay with the Word. For the only way to be united with God as your head is to fully unite with the Word. It is the receiving of the full revelation of the Word that destroys all the works of Satan from within you. But what is the prophecy here telling us? – it clearly says that the last day true church-bride goes to the headstone.

Yes, look at this, he said: “the true church bride comes to the headstone will be a super church, a super race, as they near the great headstone.” What is the great headstone? I just wanted to kind of allow it to sink a bit. It is the Godhead! It is what the Bible says the eternal power, and Godhead which has always been revealed, but people don't realize and accept it as the headstone which has been revealed.

Rom 1:19-20  Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: 

That is the headstone! It is the God of Jesus Christ who dwells in fullness in him. He has been fully made known to them: in nature, by creation and everything else, it has been revealed, but men don't want to receive the truth. So, they go for the lie; but the headstone has always been revealed, though it be a mystery.

Col 2:8-10 Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power: 

God is the head of all things! And He is fully revealed in Christ. Therefore, the headstone ministry is committed to Christ! He is the only one with the fullness of the Godhead revelation. In his first coming, he was the cornerstone, now he comes as the headstone! So, that great headstone is the final message; it will be a ministry; it'll be preached, because how does the headstone then come? How does the church go to the headstone? Is it physically? No. It must be by experience; it must be by baptism; it must be by a Message; it must be by God's Word, and it must be by revelation of the same headstone. We should look for the headstone message! That is what Branham prepared the way for!

That is what he said ‘Take up the pen and write’; and this is not statistics of the last steps of the prophet. And he said that the seed has been sown into the ground and shall publish a book. Amen? So, that is the book that Brother Seth had printed because Seth means appointed seed and Jesus Christ was the appointed heir of all things. So, Jesus is the appointed seed and he had written a book. So, the way of writing a book or publishing it was sowing the seed into the ground. Elijah (Brother Branham) being a sower of the seed, sowed the seed and then it has to be published by and by. So, the book was finally published, and I was looking at it and it was published and whatever it was, it was alive, and it was about the headstone.

Now, I just want to ask you a question now. What is this that has been going on about this great revelation of the headstone? Everything that was never known has been revealed; where questions could be asked, now answers have been found. 

I was asking that other man who sent me a post and told me that the book of Revelation was an illusion; and I said, alright, I will answer him. Then I wrote him a very strong statement. I said, “Your own conscience cannot convince you that God is not there, leave alone you trying to convince another man.” Then he answered and said, ‘Let us agree to disagree.’ Then, I thought, it is alright, I will answer him more strongly next time. 

So, recently I wrote him another elaborate post on what I had written earlier to him and said, “How can there be a positive without a negative; and how can there be a negative without a positive? I don't understand you, that there is a lot of negatives and there's no positive?” Life on earth is all negatives because there is death, sickness, sorrow, sin, corruption, and everything else; it is not perfect. Show me any perfect thing on earth! And whatever is not perfect, is imperfect. So, you want to tell me that we have the imperfect things only, and there are no perfect things? The word imperfect itself comes from perfect; so, tell me that there is no perfection and yet there is imperfection!

You are behaving like a child who is trying to argue with a grown-up person saying, ‘ha-ha there is no such a thing as gravitational force’. Then you ask the child; ‘why?’ He says, ‘I have never seen it;’ Why? ‘I have never smelled it;’ Why? ‘I have never felt it; so, it is not there.’ So those are the kind of questions you people ask as you say that there is no God because you have never seen Him, and you have never tasted Him”.

I asked him; “Now, have you ever felt gravitational force? There's a lot of evidence around you to show that there is gravitational force, yet you can’t see it; similarly, there is a lot of evidence around you showing that God exists, and you can't deny that. There is a lot of evidence concerning the eternal one that you can’t deny it. You cannot have negative in existence and lack positive. You cannot have imperfection without having perfection. You cannot have darkness without light. You cannot have evil without righteousness. If there is a lot of evil in this world, as we all know, there must be righteousness somewhere, to contrast it. That is what you are missing”.

I wanted to tell him something. I said, “The most narrow-minded man is a modern scientific atheist. He thinks that all he can see with his eyes is the only thing that exists. He is so narrow-minded thinking that all that he can test scientifically and see is the only thing that there is in existence.”

I said, “If you had an open mind, you should agree that other things can be there which you don't know. I said that there is not only one dimension, but there are many dimensions.”

I asked him; “What about witchcraft; let us leave alone God. Any man who knows the truth about witchcraft knows that it is real, yet it is not science, and you cannot prove it by lab tests, yet it is there! Now, therefore there is perfection which is far beyond us, and we can only see it by faith. The sense of faith is more superior to the sense of your eyesight and if you got faith, you would understand the book of Revelation, that it is a bright sun shining”.

I told him to come up high and stop hiding in darkness somewhere, denying the fact that there is the sun shining up here. I told him to come up high and see the sun that is shining and accept it.

Then he wrote back and said, “Thank you for sharing.” Then I thought, “That is alright. I'll stop there for now; he has said the right word.” Had he answered negatively, I would have picked on him again. 

So, you see people don't want to accept the Godhead; they want to say that it is an illusion. Whatever they say, it is there! The truth is there! So, the Godhead is there, and this last day church goes to the headstone. It will be a super church and a super race. It will be a church which will go to the headstone and receive Jesus Christ to be the head. 

Remember, God is supposed to be the head of all in creation, and there wasn't supposed to be any other man trying to be the head. You see? The only way God was to lead His people was to reveal Himself somewhere. Oh, my! That is the Message. Now, I better read the scripture. 

But before that, he says this:

414 ... They will be much like, so much like Him, even they will be in His very image, in the order to be united with Him. They will be One. They will be the very manifestation of the Word of the living God. Denominations can never produce This. This will be…They will produce their creeds and dogmas, mixed with the Word, and—and brings a hybrid product.

415 The first son was spoken Seed-Word of God. He was given a bride. (I’m just reviewing. The Spirit now is picking up what I said. See?) A bride, produ-…to produce himself. She fell. See, that’s what…The bride was given, to produce himself again, another son of God. But she fell, by hybreeding, see. Produce himself; but she fell, caused him to die.

416 The second Son, a spoken Seed-Word of God, was given a bride, like Adam. But before He could marry her, she had fallen, also. For she was put to a free moral agency, like Adam’s wife was, to believe God’s Word and live, or doubt It and die. And she did.

The second son is the Spoken Seed Word of God and was given a bride like Adam. You see that? That is Jesus Christ figurative now like Jehovah's bride was Israel figuratively and the bride of Jesus Christ was the church at Pentecost, but before He could marry her, she had fallen also. She was brought to a free moral agency like Adam's wife to choose whatever kind of head that suits her: to believe God’s Word and live or doubt it and die. She doubted it and therefore died. 

417 Then from a little group of the true Seed of the Word, God will present Christ a beloved Bride, a Virgin, a Virgin of His Word. And through them, and by them, will be fulfilled all that has been promised for His Word in the Virgin who knows no man-made creeds or dogmas.

It is a prophecy; so, it must come to pass because it was the Holy Spirit which told Brother Branham to take a pen and write. We better wait for it, looking in the direction of the compass always. That was the prophecy for the next Ministry after the Branham forerunning Ministry.

418 The Word of promise in Himself, like It was in Mary, God Himself made manifest. He will act Himself, by His Own Word of promise, so to fulfill all that has been written of Him, as He did when He came from the virgin womb. Type of the Spirit womb now, so will the Virgin now, accepting His Word, “Be it unto me as Thou has said.” Though it was said by an Angel, while it yet was the written Word, Isaiah 9:6 – 

“Unto us a child is born and unto us a son is given.” Not Isaiah 7:14 please! That talks of a virgin shall conceive and give us a son, an Emmanuel, but here it is Isaiah 9:6: unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and government shall be upon his shoulders; he shall not die, not to be crucified. That is the end time promise but Isaiah 7:14 is the beginning, the cornerstone, back there in the morning – the first coming of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the second coming of Jesus Christ is Isaiah 9:6. That brings in the headstone! John the Baptist foreran the cornerstone, but Branham foreran the headstone! Yes, John the Baptist prepared the way for Isaiah 7:14, while Branham prepared the way for Isaiah 9:6. As Isaiah spoke about the first coming of Jesus, so he also spoke about the second coming.

So, Branham wrote on, saying,

419 They will love Him, love His, and will have His potentials, for He is their Head. And they are His subjects, subject to His Head. Headship of Christ was His.

Notice what harmony! Jesus never did anything until seen of the Father, or, the Father showed Him first. Harmony between God and Christ, see, John 5:19. So will the Bride, and He shows Her His Word of Life. He shows Her, and She receives It. She never doubts It. Nothing can harm Her, not even death. For if the Seed be planted, the water will raise It up again. (Amen. Then I got a great big “Hallelujah!”) Here is the secret. The Word is in the Bride, and the mind of Christ, to know what He wants done with the Word. And She does it in His Name. She has THUS SAITH THE LORD. Then It is germitized, so the Holy Spirit waters It until It is grown and serves Its purpose.


Coming to that headship, you know, it must be perfect faith. Nothing can harm her, not even death because she has to go into the rapture. Remember those who will be in the bride will not see death! You can as well accept it; I don't care whether somebody dies tomorrow. Those who will be the bride will never die! I will not withdraw that statement that because sister so and so, or brother so and so has died. I never said brother so and so or sister so will not die; I have said the bride who will receive this Word, which is the headship of Jesus Christ, will be so far high above death. Why? Because they have corrected the mistake that was done back there that caused death because Jesus was rejected. Life comes when Jesus is fully received; so, how can they die when they have received it? So, don't be nervous and tremble around saying; ‘Now, so and so is so sick and the bride should not die’. Who told you that she is the bride? It is those elected of God who when they receive this promise that is prophesized here by the Spirit are received into the bride. Those who receive it, they will not die; they will go into the rapture. They will be translated alive and walk over Jordan. So, we are anticipating for that. That is all.  

The mind of God is what brings perfection. Which mind is that, therefore? It must be the Godhead, and that is what has been ministered unto us, all along. You have seen that revelation go all the way to the beginning and showed you things which were never known from generation to generation, and that were hidden from the foundation of the world; how God is, how His invisible eternal existence is and how it was all in the beginning.

Your science tells you that every action receives an equal and opposite reaction. So just keep still if you don't want things to come up opposing you. If you don't want fellows to come up against you, don't tell them anything or else anytime you come up and announce something, you must expect other voices to murmur back against it. So, action receives an equal and opposite reaction. When things were quiet and there was no action, there was no reaction. But once God acted, then there had to be a reaction because He was acting against.

Light shines against darkness; reveal righteousness then you will hear evil echo back; “Woo”! 

“Oh! I thought I was alone here; how comes I'm hearing some sound against me?” That is how you'll be surprised. So, God knew that there was going to be a lot of echoes, so, He had to prepare well against the echoes because once He spoke that Word, it had to receive echoes from every corner, against it.

Oh, all kinds of corruptions coming up, 'Woh!'  'Woh!'  'Hee! 'Am also here!' …These fellows have not been here, where are they emerging from? That is true, but the Word of God had acted, and it receives an equal and opposite reaction. You see it? You can't just act and fail to get the reaction. You can't! Even if you are just walking, you are acting and there is an equal and opposite reaction – friction on the ground, getting you going. So, sometimes some reaction is good because it gets you going. Without that reaction, you will slip and fall while trying to walk. Look at Christ’s first coming, it was an action, look at the numerous false reactions that have ever gushed out in the name of Christianity…where were they in the Old Testament?

I believe that no one can persuade them different!

We shall come to these prophets and false christs and they will persuade; and really persuade, but after she has got that headstone, they will persuade in vain. Persuaders will come, and as I said here the other day, I don't know whether it was here; but you just can't assume the devil; he is not a walkover! He will do anything, and you just must have the headstone and the mind of Christ or else when he is given a chance to display and work, you just can't stand; it will take the mind of Christ in you. You want to be safe in the time of temptation? Have Jesus Christ’s mind in you; that is the only way you'll overcome those deceivers. They can impersonate anything.

Now, let me surprise you a little bit, but you’ll listen to the Message; it is here. But let me just inject this in, when those antichrists come, you can't know the difference by their character. Forget about character! They will outwit anybody when it comes to character; humility, meekness and loveliness; no true preacher will measure to them. They will outwit anybody in character. The Bible says they'll come in sheep's clothing yet inside they are ravening wolves. What is sheep's clothing? All that meekness, humility, goodness and loveliness. Remember the truth is not measured by how much kind somebody is; the devil is able to dress himself like that. He can dress himself in kindness and gentleness and talk to you so nicely and so comforting, till you say; ‘Here is a good preacher!’ Love is not the sign that somebody has the truth. You better now get that very clearly; don't be confused. These people will have two directions of the deception: they will have the anointing to work all miracles and then be as charismatic as they can be. That is to say miracles, signs and gifts will be working and that is one side of deception. Another side of deception is that they will be so kind, humble, meek and solid to that character until you have nothing to point at them that is wrong. So, you are left there in the field to discern what is right and what is wrong.

Don't think that the antichrist will come as drunkards, adulterous men and all that. Nothing! You won't see that; they put on sheep's clothing. They have two sides in their deceiving: they deceive by signs, wonders and miracles and secondly, they deceive by putting on sheep's clothing. If you want to see a meek person, you'll have to go there. They are gentle, nice, welcoming, good and just lovely. And when they present their message, then you go to see them, they sit you down and talk to you so kindly, of how you must fear God and trust in Him. How that they have just come as humble ministers of God to help you to see the light; I tell you! It will take the eye of the Holy Spirit for you to discern them. I'm telling you the truth which you will acknowledge when those people come around; for they will finally come – they are just arising now.

How can a whole catholic man receive the Holy Spirit and have all the signs of the Holy Spirit, and yet he is still a priest in the convent up to today? And when you read the testimony, I have it on computer, there is nothing to dispute about that man having the Holy Spirit by just any looks. He honestly tells the testimony how he was young and how he was disturbed, without peace; and finally, almost got married. Finally finds himself in the convent and went ahead to be a priest. He graduated and finally became a priest still unsatisfied and began to kind of lead the masses and the rest of it like that yet unsatisfied.

He was still craving for something; so, he kept praying and saying: “Reveal to me Jesus – where are you? I want to find you somewhere; I am unsatisfied, please reveal yourself to me!” Went over praying and seeking, so poor and miserable; then one day he said; “There He was! Standing there before me and feeling me with love that you cannot tell!” Says, “Now I know Him personally and then as I’m writing now in fact I am just in tears. Oh, how He is so good and marvelous!”

He tells the story like that. Then I thought he was going to tell me; ‘…next I resigned from my priesthood and I'm no more catholic.’ Instead, he said; “Now, the catechism, the Eucharist and the sacrament have become wonderful because of receiving the Holy Spirit.’ I said there he goes now; I will not believe him anymore. How can the Lord Jesus Christ vindicate anything about the Eucharist, the sacrament and all those little things? Yet the way he received the Holy Spirit, and not only the Holy Spirit, but the experiences he continues having are genuinely the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon the fellow. How he has remained a catholic, and even stauncher now because of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, is a wonder.

Then other Catholics began to pour in posts saying, “That is it father, stand! That is what we are looking for! That is what we are thirsting for; please stand! In fact, you did so good to share with us that testimony and this is what we are seeking for!” Does it mean Catholics have begun receiving the Holy Spirit? Let that happen, then Pentecostals and Protestants will never see it!

Let those convent people receive the Holy Spirit and begin to have signs and wonders walking slowly in sheep's clothing; I tell you the truth; they will outshine the Protestantism by far. Now they already have the multitude, you know, but they are not effective because they have nothing; they are just a form. But let that fire drop among them and the world will just swing to their side as sure as anything else. They can really deceive!

Now remember, isn’t it a wonder for one to receive the Holy Spirit and yet remain catholic? I could not understand that, but it was the Holy Spirit! Every testimony of it was correct even the way he approached it. He was so miserable praying and asking God to reveal Himself to him and fill him with the Holy Spirit – fill the vacancy in his heart. Finally, the Holy Spirit stands over there and he is all overwhelmed with anointing of the Holy Spirit until he can't know what to do. Then from that time he became so transformed.

But watch now what I told you; don't you look at any sign; don't you look at any behaviour; the truth is not manifested by that. How do you know the truth? Go back to the Bible straight – the Word of God; not the love. Somebody can impersonate the love of God and seem to have it more than anybody else who has the true Word of God. So, it is not by our love, peace, gentleness, meekness, holiness or by anything else; all that can be impersonated, but the only thing that cannot be impersonated is the truth! The lie cannot impersonate the truth. The lie can put on all truth as far as showing off is concerned. The lie can be humble; the lie can be meek; the lie can try to be lovely; the lie can try to be gentle; the lie can try to show signs. However, one thing that a lie will never do is to agree with the Bible truth according to the Word for the hour.

So, one day you will see it. Remember not to judge by how good they look like; you judge by which scripture they are standing on. Is it the truth or a lie; because they have to stand with the truth if they are true.

So he says: 

421 They do only His will. (Amen. I’ll believe that.) No one can persuade them different. They have THUS SAITH THE LORD or they keep still. Then they will do the works of God, for It is Himself in them continuing His Word to fulfill, as He did complete in His days. All things, when He was here, He did not complete all when He was here, for it was not time yet.

422 Now let us stand like Joshua and Caleb. (Now watch close. This is going to have a spiritual background.) Now let us stand like Joshua and Caleb, as we see the Promised Land coming in sight. It’s nearing the time to be given. Joshua, in Hebrew, means Saviour, and represents the promised end-time leader to take the Church over. Caleb represents the true believer who stayed with Joshua. God started Israel as a virgin with His Word. But they wanted something different. So did the last-day church.

423 Notice how God did not move Israel until His Own appointed time. (Now listen. This is going to mean something.) Joshua waited for that time. No how matter, how much people might have said, “God gave us the land, the promise. Let us go now and take it.” They might have said, “Joshua, you lost your commission. You’re all washed up. Why are you not doing something? You used to do, know THUS SAITH THE LORD in a moment, and what was the will of God.” But this wise, God-sent prophet knew the promise of God, but also knew to wait for that promise, a clear-cut decision from God for his time. (See these parables. Now watch.) And when the time come, God gave it to Joshua, who had stayed with Him, by the Word, for He could not trust others. He could trust him. So will it repeat.

So I was just kind of reading that to just remind you maybe what I was trying to think about when I read the experience of this dream that I told you that Brother Seth had dreamt and put in his book here, the autobiography. Then I was thinking about that and wondered what the meaning of these two men from the outer space could be; and there is a woman among them. I thought maybe, I don't know – I don't interpret it, but I just thought maybe it has a meaning.  Maybe it meant something like that. Remember the love of God comes down after that, you know, to fill the hearts and make us one with Jesus Christ.

Let me now read the Scripture for a few minutes. I don't intend to speak for long, but just according to those words that we have read maybe to make some additions, or some signification. Let us open in chapter 14 of the book of John.

John 14:5-12;

Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way? Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him. Philip saith unto him, Lord, show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.

Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Show us the Father? Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.

Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or else believe me for the very works' sake. Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

Now, just a little while to express this thought here, and I just want to bring it back from where we have been trying to say something, that this is God’s way of bringing His own leadership or His own headship as the headstone to the world – to have that leadership among men, or to provide that leadership by the head which is the God-head among men. He has a way of doing it, and we just want to kind of pray over it, and see what He can tell us about this way that He has appointed to make himself known.

Now what is God’s way of bringing that leadership or that headship? There is a way that He has. Remember, He reveals Himself, and has always revealed Himself through some man somewhere to show the direction; and the head comes like that to be known. He has always done it through a man somewhere to make Himself known. He never chose to reveal Himself through an angel. If He wanted, He could do that, but there is no mystery where an angel is in the characteristics of Jesus Christ, revealed on earth. No! Maybe somewhere else, but not on earth. When He comes, He does so to manifest the head. You’ll see it right there in Joseph clearly vindicated. When He shows the head somewhere, you'll see it there in Abraham, the father of all nations. You will see it in Isaac the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world. You will see it in Jacob the servant of God. You will see it in Joseph there as the headstone.

If you want to see the headship of Jesus, which is the headship of God, you will see it in a man because He always reveals it through men. From the beginning He chose to reveal Himself like that. He manifests Himself like that. If you were in the days of Noah and you wanted to see Jesus, where would you go to? Where the old man is building some kind of wooden box with some hammer, all the day long. If you go around that particular place, you'll meet there Jesus. If you want to see Jesus go around where that old man is on some mountain and knocking on some box, saying that; “this is an ark and we are going to be saved from the water which is coming to sweep this world by this ark here.” 

And I want to tell you something. I don't want you to forget that; that's why I am jumping to the end time. There are great waters coming by and by, you better get near the ark; it is going to sweep this world like it has never been. There are waters coming and that is why that Seventh Seal is there like that on great waters. So, you better get ready for the flood. There is another flood coming and it will be a worse flood. ‘As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of Man is revealed’! Remember in the days of Noah a flood came over the earth. So, if it was that way, then as it was, so must it be today on earth in these last days. 

When he says, as it was in the days of Noah, that is likening, so shall it be when the Son of Man is revealed. Then we remember that in the days of Noah there was a flood, therefore there must be a flood coming today. That is why we must build away on the ark as quick as we can to get ready to enter into the ark, to be safe from the great flood. It is going to carry everything that will come before it. That great flood shall sweep and carry everything and swallow up everything in this world, but only the elect of God will float above that flood. It is coming. There are great waters going to gush out. Remember every action has an equal and opposite reaction. 

Every time whenever there is an action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Watch it! When Moses moved there in Egypt and threw the stick down, there was a snake out of that stick. Isn’t it? Jannes and Jambres also came and threw their sticks down there, and there were snakes too – action and reaction. You cannot have an action without a follow-up of a reaction. The devil is always the reaction because he always waits to see the action before he immediately reacts. The devil is not an action; he is a reaction. Therefore, he watches God act first, then he reacts because he cannot react on nothing. He waits to see God act and then he reacts.


There was no Catholicism in the world until there was a Pentecostal apostolic church; the devil simply reacted. There was no Lutheran denomination until Luther acted, and then the devil reacted. Then Wesley acted and the devil reacted; and that's why we have the Methodists today. The Holy Spirit fell and there was a Pentecostal revival; then the devil reacted and that's why we have all these Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) and their group of churches – Pentecostal denominations. God in Branham acted and then the devil in the false anointed miracle workers reacted producing a charismatic movement.


So, people are deceived by running for the reaction thinking it is the action; not knowing that God acted before the reaction came in. They run for the reaction which the devil’s response. Remember the devil is always close to the action because he is the reaction.  He is like an echo of a sound from some wall or some mountains, so he just reverses the sound back to you.


Every time when God ever acted, there was an equal and opposite reaction. Reveal anything in the truth, have any revival revealing the truth or have any message preached in truth; you'll find that soon or later the devil reacts and comes up with something else in the opposite direction.


Remember, there was no antichrist on earth until there was Christ first. When Christ was revealed and left the scene, then came the reaction; and a pope was enthroned in the Vatican as the head of the antichrist church. He became the antichrist man being revealed in that spirit. There was no pope on earth until Jesus was revealed. Are you seeing that? Every time there is a revelation, there comes an opposing reaction from darkness; and the forces of darkness comes echoing back up sweeping the whole world. Remember an echo has the exact sound of the original voice, the only difference is that it goes in the opposite direction. All denominational religions move exactly in the opposite direction to the original move of God.


Now, Brother Branham came opening the Seals and such mysteries, and after him came all kinds of false teachers claiming to expound his message but travelling exactly in the opposite direction; they have produced Branhamism on earth which is the work of Satan! When Brother Branham struck with the signs and healing and all that, was the devil quiet? There was a reaction immediately! And the devil reacted severally because you can shout one voice and ten thousand voices echo back to you from every cave and cliff out there. So, there were all these yelling and hollering,


“I am also here,” Oral Roberts;


“I am also here,” Tommy Osborn and the rest, all of them yelling back with signs and wonders because there was an action which banged up like that causing reactions everywhere. That is why we have all these charismatic crusaders in the world everywhere; they are echoing from the healing revivals of Brother Branham, which was the action. Then God gave Brother Branham a higher ministry of revealing the Word, and behind him came thousands of echoes yelling back full of itching ears, reproducing exactly the voice of Branham only in the opposite direction. So, you have to watch close to realize that they are deceivers.


So, anytime there has been an action, there has immediately followed an equal and opposite reaction.


When the disciples were sent by Jesus Christ, and they went two by two, preaching the gospel to the villages, healing the sick, raising the dead and all that casting out devils, then they came back happy and rejoicing that devils were obeying their command; Jesus told them to keep quiet, because what they had seen was very little. ‘What you are shouting about is very little because I saw Satan fall down from heaven like lightening! But don't rejoice because of that’. 


Their ministry brought the devil from heaven like lightning, falling to the ground. If a ministry of healing, signs and wonders and casting out devils, which is not so much a sword (the revelation of the Word), brought the devil down from heaven like lightning, what would the revelation of the truth do? How much would it cut down the devil!


I remember when we were in December meetings in Bethel – the feeling on my heart then, as the messages were going forth, was like I had a very sharp sword and just cutting down great tall trees and were soft to the sword, so it was just one strike and down they went! I just kept having that feeling over me all the time we were having those meetings in December. It was just coming and going. It was just like you were among very tall trees, yet one strike was all it needed to land the thing down. So, all along, I kept feeling like logging big trees. I just wondered, what this logging was. The truth is; you don't know what is happening in the spiritual world. 


An action brings a reaction, equal and opposite. Now that we have had great revelation of the Word, great mysteries have opened, and great things have been revealed; just wait for the reaction. It must come, and the devil must react! The devil is never a calm fellow whom you will act, and he keeps quiet watching you and then goes his way. He is all the time formulating a reaction and when it comes out, it will be a fight.


So, that is why we must be ready to slip into the little ark and float on top of the waves because there will be great waves that will come by. Remember that great waves are coming. They are going to come out. Now, I will not describe to you the type of waves, but as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be! It will be great waves, I tell you! This world will be flooded with the flood which eyes cannot see, but it will flood, and really sweep about. It will go over the banks and go everywhere. We need to be in the ark by that time because as it was in the days of Noah, so is it going to be. 


Giants and gigantic terrifying things moving everywhere on this world. We need just to be in the ark to be safe from those great floods, which are going to gush out of the reaction after the action. An action produces an equal and opposite reaction every time. If you don’t want the devil to do anything, then just keep quiet; he will not do anything because his is to react, but he cannot act. It is God who acts positively, and the devil’s negative reaction follows on. So, if you don't want the devil to ever echo anything, then just keep quiet and therefore he will not do anything.  That is it! But if you do anything, the devil is going to react, and his reaction is always overwhelming! You must be ready. If you touch him, be ready for the overwhelming reaction. Anything that you act by the Word of God is going to touch the devil. You cannot act by the Word of God and then fail to touch the devil. And the devil is not the kind who will be touched and then he keeps quiet. He comes back like a flood; and therefore, you must be ready for that flood.


Now, God has always revealed His Word Himself; and He reveals the head, which is Himself, by some man somewhere. That is how He chose to always reveal Himself and make Himself manifest to His people, so that they can be led by the truth. He chose that way, and you can see it, as we have already said that in Abraham was the Father of nations; in Isaac you see the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world, and in Jacob, you see the servant of God, serving God as a servant – the Holy Spirit. If you read the book of Isaiah, you find it so clear there. Then, we come to Joseph who is the headstone.

When you come to Moses, there he is the deliverer; that is Jesus Christ revealing Himself. Then He comes as the headstone; coming down to make Himself known as Joshua, the captain of the host of Lord. He reveals Himself by David as the King of kings. He reveals Himself in Solomon, the son of David in Jerusalem as the Son of God.


Don't you see Jesus Christ revealing Himself? How does God reveal Himself? He makes Himself known to some man somewhere by the revelation of His Word. He does not send some political man or some political organizing man to organize a church. No sir!  He sends the prophet Samuel who comes manifesting the Word – revealing Jesus Christ by the Word. He comes in a certain prophet who has the Word in revelation; He fills that man with His knowledge and wisdom, and reveals that portion of the Word in that man; then He sends him as a little preacher somewhere. It is Jesus Christ in the little preacher – the Godhead revealing Himself. Who does God reveal Himself as? He reveals Himself as the Head of the human race; as the King and the Leader; as the Captain and All-in-all. 


He always reveals Himself the same way through the ages by making Himself known to some man. He brings Himself, fills a certain man with his wisdom, nature and character, and then sends that little man. Not some politician organizing some move in national politics, or some bishop spearheading a religious move. He always sends Himself in a man, and that man has the mind of God that has been put in Him; then his character is shaped by that Word. That is your little Samuel somewhere there. Then if you see Jesus Christ in him, follow him! That little Samuel has the whole thing that you need.


You can bypass him and say, “Now what is here in this little fellow? We want some great man, a king!” And yet the whole King of kings, immortal, eternal, invisible God is just there walking in that little Samuel as he is leading the way as the God-head – the capstone manifesting Himself. The capstone has never hidden Himself, but He has ever revealed Himself in simplicity. It is only the stubbornness of men that has not allowed them to recognize and get Him. Otherwise, every time He has done it; and when they need Him, He has always been there.  He has not spoken in a corner since the world was; He has always been speaking openly as He reveals His headship. He does not reveal Himself in Pharaoh because Pharaoh is an anti-Christ. He does not reveal Himself in Korah because Korah represents the political anti-Christ system of apostasy, but He fetches Himself some little man who doesn't have even a name behind him, and who doesn't have any horses to ride on. Then, He reveals Himself to that man, and that man becomes the headstone revealed. See?


Look at it, it is always there; the kind of attribute of the headship is revealed through men: the attribute of the headship, the attribute of a king, the attribute of a priest, the attribute of a captain, the attribute of a prophet – God as a prophet or God as a man of war. You'll find Samson standing there as an attribute of God revealing the headship. God's head is the headship of the human race; the headstone of the creation and has always made Himself known through some little man in His characteristics. Every time they ever hunger to see God, He makes Himself known to them by manifesting Himself through some little man. 


Now watch this, when they were hungering for somebody like a king, God was preparing David; but they were hiring and bringing in some son of Kish. That Saul never did anything profitable, but he only brought failure in Israel. He was a man who could not keep the Word of God; a man who could not accept God to be manifested through him. He was not a spiritual man, but carnal. He was a son of Kish who was exactly like Adam in his characteristics, because Adam compromised with the wife. Read and follow Saul a little and you'll find him compromising on God's Word with Israel. He goes somewhere and is supposed to kill and destroy everything; then the captains and soldiers tell him, “Let us save some of these goodly sheep and goodly cattle to offer it as an offering to God – Jehovah”. They were only but doing that because of their covetousness! They wanted to keep goodly animals and yet God had commanded them to destroy everything. Saul backs down and agrees with them by accepting the voice of the people. And he told Samuel; “The people whom you gave to be with me to rule over convinced, persuaded and pressed me that we should take some of it and go to offer to Jehovah”. 


So, that was another Adam again on the land, but God was going to give the people David anyhow. Why hurry and come up with the son of Kish when God is going to give us a David? Exactly! I'm sure God would have given us a David if there was no hurry in the beginning when this Adam came up in the Garden of Eden. Why a son of Kish who is going to compromise with his wife? Are you seeing that? Read it! I was kind of musing over that.


Look at Saul; read him and consider his character: he compromises with his wife which is Israel, the church. He compromises all the time with a church. That is exactly Adam on two feet! But there was a David coming. Exactly. God was preparing the way for that king to come and manifest the Godhead; and the son of the king, Solomon was also to manifest the God-head again.


So, I just wanted to summarize a little message and say this; every time God has ever manifested Himself as the headstone in an attribute form – some little attributes send on earth as a headstone; He has always put that character in a man. He shapes and molds Himself up in a man and walks across like that on our way; if we’ll behold Him there, He is the character of the Godhead. Look at the whole Bible and see; you’ll pick on those kind of men everywhere; the characteristics of God coming down in that particular attribute and making Himself known. How did God ever choose to reveal Himself to make Himself known so that you can see Him, talk with Him, fellowship with Him and be led by Him so that you can receive from Him? By molding Himself down into a little character somewhere of some little young boy – a lad like Joseph, and then crosses your path. There is the Godhead! There is the headstone; and if you receive it, you have received Him! 


People want to say, 'No! We want to see Him come down from the sky making all the sky burn with fire.’ You'll never see Him like that in His true characteristics. You have to see Him in the way that He chooses to provide. God is gentle, lowly and meek. He doesn't show Himself or try to boast around. He will always come down lowly and in humility. He came on Mount Sinai and the people said: 'Please! Please! Have mercy on us. We are dead men! Moses, you go and receive all of Him, then come and speak to us.” When Moses received all the characteristic and was filled with the glory of the Godhead, He came down from the mountain with a shining face like the sun causing them to run away from him again. He had to veil his face like this before he comes to speak to them, saying: 'Now, the LORD GOD your God says that you shall not ....' 


When he makes a mistake and removes the veil from his face, before he realizes, they have already taken off again. So, he quickly remembers that he has removed the veil on the face, puts it back and calls them to come to him again. In his face was the glory of the excellence of that God-head – the Name of the Father on the forehead of Moses could make his face like that of Jesus Christ. Now, He chose that way, to hide and reveal Himself in such a simple way because He is humble, simple and lowly and not a show-off nor boasting like that. That is why He hides in a little man somewhere and manifest Himself in the same. If you want to see Him, oh, there is some doubting Thomas somewhere; there is some Philip somewhere out there; there is some Judas somewhere (not Iscariot); their answers are coming now. 


The first question Thomas asks Him: “How shall we know where you are going – how can we know the way?” Jesus said unto him; “I am the way; I am the truth and I am the light; no man cometh unto my Father but by me!”


He says, “How can we know the way when you have not shown as the way? How can we go where you are going? How can we know the way where you are going, and you have not shown us the way?” Then Jesus said: ‘Here is the way. I have sent you the way; here is a man, that is myself manifested, believeth thou not that I am in Noah and Noah is in me! Now believe him for the very works sake – the works that he does, because the work that he does is not by himself, but it is me in him. I am in him doing that work. Therefore, if you want to come up to me, then follow that little way or that little man!’ 


How would you do it in the days of Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist or any other prophet of God? Each one of them is the characteristics of God manifested on earth.


Now, we find in the days of Noah the same thing would have been said by Noah. In the days of Moses, they could have said; “how can we know the way?” Then God would have said, ‘look down there to that little man; what do you see in that little man Moses? Is He not the way that I have provided for you; because whatever he is doing, man cannot do; it is I doing those works, and the words that he speaks are not his words but my words which are in him. Therefore, hear ye him.’


Therefore, Philip would get his answer there – every time. Now, watch that! If God ever comes on earth to manifest Himself, to make himself known, to lead the people, to be the head of the family, to give them the portion of the word in their day, and to make them know the true way; He always comes and molds Himself into some little character somewhere and that is Jesus Christ manifested to all.


Like the character of David; you cannot doubt seeing Jesus Christ in David. He says in his Psalms; “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? They pierced my hands and my side and my feet. Oh, my bones look at me! They parted my garment.” The little man is just crying all the language of the cross. Why? It is Jesus Christ in David – the Godhead. You want to see it? He is in a man somewhere revealing Himself. Are you seeing that now?


Oh, Moses, show us the son! Oh, David, show us the son and we shall be satisfied! He says; ‘The LORD said unto my Lord; sit down on my right-hand until I make thy enemies thine footstool.’ ‘David the son of Jesse king of Israel, show us the son of God and we shall be satisfied – the Messiah whom you prophesied that they have pierced his hands; show us the son of God who is the Lord of lords and King of kings and we shall be satisfied.’ Then David turns around and says; “have I been so long with you and you don't know me yet?” He turns around to some of them who were asking over there. Maybe it was somebody like Joab, then David tells him; “Have I been with you so long Joab and you don't know me yet? Whoever sees me, sees the Son of Man because He is in me and the works that I do are not my works, but it is the Son of God that reveals Himself by me.”


Every other time God has chosen to reveal Himself in that same manner and make Himself known to the human beings, to lead them as their head to be the King immortal, eternal and invisible God. He is not visible, but He manifests Himself through His Son Jesus Christ; then Jesus Christ makes Himself known. Like it was in Abraham, as He says that before Abraham was, I am; like it was in Joseph and in Daniel. He always molds His character and brings His Word and His mind, then sets it in a man somewhere; and the little man goes around like that – the characteristics of Jesus Christ on earth.


Now, the Father is in the Son showing His characteristics, and the Son comes down on earth and reveals the same characteristics by molding up Himself in some little man somewhere, then sends him to the rest like that. God has always done it that way; He makes a man in His image and sends him like that, then you see him. Then He says, “As my Father sent me, so send I you; and whoever receives you receives me and whoever rejects you rejects me.” Now, He always reveals Himself in some little man; that is His characteristics and it is never a blown-up something, some show-off or whatever. It is always in lowliness, littleness and meekness; such that nobody can almost see. That is where Samuel was, and they could not see God in him. They asked Samuel to make them a king that he may fight their battles; and yet there was Samuel the king. Samuel got surprised at them and said, God is your king, why do you want another King? 


There you are! A carnal mind and carnal man can never see the leadership of God. When the head of God comes down, a carnal man cannot receive it, they never recognize it; and that is why the Bible says that they cannot receive the manifested God. The world cannot receive the manifested God – the true head. That head is normally received by Holy Spirit-led people. 


Now, as I promised you not to preach long, I just want to come to the last days right away. There was a little man called Paul somewhere, and Jesus Christ was in Paul reconciling the world to Himself. If they could have asked Paul: “But you talk about Jesus all the time, why don't you one time show us Jesus?” Then he could say, “I and my master are one.” Amen.  And he could have added, “Timothy, believeth thou not that I am in Jesus and Jesus is in me? If you don't believe it, then you look at these works that I do, the works that you and the message that I preach; who reveals it? Is it not Jesus Christ in me? Therefore, if you don't believe me, believe me for the very works sake. One time I was a Pharisee, and Saul of Tarsus, but when I met with Jesus and He came in me, then I became Paul the apostle. So, if you don't believe me for whatever kind of explanation, believe me for the very works sake. I am in Him and He is in me. My master and I are one. So, be thus satisfied.”


People want to see something else besides, they are never satisfied by seeing God in His characteristic way of coming. They are never satisfied with the little ways of God! They are ever trying to reach out and look beyond, but He is here and that is the only way you can see Him! You won't see Him in a scientific and religious blown-up system, or big way of showing off; He will always be seen in a little way. That little Paul going over to the Gentiles, and yet the Bible says Jesus would go to the Gentiles and preach to them – Isaiah 40 - 41 says Jesus will be the light of the Gentiles and the light of the isles. But here is the little Paul going there on that mission; that is Jesus on the move! 


Then some little brother like Titus comes over and asks Paul; “You have preached to us so much about Jesus and told us that He was on the way somewhere, smote you blind and shined so brightly that you saw Him; show as Jesus and it will suffice us! It will make us so satisfied please, please one of these days pray that He may come along with you.” Then Paul would say, “Have I been so long with you Titus and you don't know me yet? I and my Master are one or else believe me for the very works sake. It is Jesus in me doing these works.  If you see me then you have seen Him. Be satisfied with that! Receive that, it is more than what you see in any other blown-up thing that you will come across.”


That is Paul preaching Jesus to the Gentiles. Who was that in Paul preaching? Who was that in Paul manifesting God? It was Jesus in Paul, and if you'd see that in Paul, you’d be seeing Jesus! You see that?


Men have a strange hunger in their hearts, they want to see some blown up something, or some man come here and say, “I was praying and the angel Michael himself appeared.” Then everybody will be very attentive; even a fellow who was dosing off, will wake up and feel fresh because of the mention of Michael the angel. Then the man would continue; “And when the angel Michael came into the room it was all bright white, and I was as good as dead.” Everybody would wake up and say; ‘We want to talk to that brother properly and ask him how it was because he saw an angel!  We want to ask him how it was’. They are all excited.


But here is some little preacher on the backside of the desert, with Jesus Christ molded up in him, and nobody does recognize him. Now, who should be so much attracting people’s attention; a little brother who saw the angel Michael coming here and related how Michael with a sword appeared before him with fires blowing up, or some little Samuel somewhere molded up in the character of Jesus Christ? Who would you really go for, or who would you rather meet? It is some Samuel with the characteristics of God somewhere on some desert, rather than Michael with a sword! Who knows whether it is really Michael? The devil might have transformed himself into some brighter Michael. But here is Samuel whose characteristics are very clear – Jesus Christ in every way. You cannot make a mistake about that. You will see Him clearly – Jesus Christ in Samuel. 


So, that is the way of God. I don't know whether you are seeing it. That is the way of God unveiling Himself, meeting with His people and directing them. That is how He comes down to present Himself to His people and make Himself their Head. He comes and molds His character in a little man somewhere and that is Samuel. The world wants a king, but Samuel is here who is the provided king. God is already in Samuel, who is the king leading the way, fighting the battles and winning all of them without even casting a single stone. Nevertheless, they want somebody whom they can see in a blown-up system of administration – a worldly show of religion; and that is what they found in the son of Kish. It was a pure failure. Notwithstanding, the Godhead in Samuel was that perfect leadership. He was the way, the truth and the life! Saul was the way of failure, but Samuel was the way of victory! Amen! All your clergyman system out there is a Saul, a failure to begin with! What have they achieved since Branham went away…more members in the church, yes, but as dead as a corpse!


So, that is how God has ever revealed Himself, but man wants to see something else; some kind of fire burning somewhere. That is God in judgement, and not God revealing Himself.


God does not show off; He reveals Himself in His likeness without your eyes noticing it; but those who have faith can see it. Paul going forth like that and the elect could have seen Jesus in the little man called Paul. They could have seen Jesus in Saint Martin there. How that little man was Jesus in everything – Jesus wrapped Himself into Martin and presented Himself to the world. That was the Godhead presenting Himself in an attribute to the world, but the world is blinded always, not able to see it. He says, “Whoever has seen me, has seen my Father; how comes you are asking me that I should show you the Father? I and my Father are one.”


That is how Saint Martin would have said when they would have asked him to show them his master whom he had been telling them all about, saying that He is great and powerful, and that he believes in Him so much. Then he will look at them and say, “But what is this that is walking before you all the time manifesting all these things; isn’t He the same One whom I am preaching? When you see that then you would have seen Him; then believe it, receive it, confess it and follow it! Because it is He in me, and that is the only way you can receive Him and get saved by that.” Not by some blown up system of some religion, some kind of show or wonder; but when Jesus is molded in a character of that little Joseph, walks by and you realize that Jesus is passing this way. Then, you go following that. 


That is how God leads His people. He manifests His headship; and that is why we're told here that the last day church goes to the headstone. Now, I am trying to show something. I hope you'll see it.


Luther comes and strikes there in German, lights a fire and sets it burning; then they want to see Jesus, and yet Jesus is here on two feet in a little man called Martin Luther who is burning the world with fire because of the Message that he is preaching. Who was that in Martin Luther confronting the whole empire of the Roman Catholics? He brought it down! It was Jesus in the little man called Martin Luther.  He was not Luther anymore trying to be a doctor; he was a prophet of God molded with the Word of God walking on two feet. Rome fought and fought, but the little man stood the ground to the end. They could not uproot him.


You see? What was that holding in these little men so that they could preach their hearts out as if they could die for it? Men like Jonathan Edwards, John Wesley, Charles Wesley and all these men like George Whitefield; what was tearing them to pieces, making them preach away the gospel like they would die for it? It was Jesus Christ made manifest in them.


I would see Jesus! Here He is in George Whitefield. If a little brother would ask him; Brother George, I would like to see Jesus? Then Brother George would say, “What is wrong with you brother or sister? Have I been so long with you here and you have never seen Jesus? I and Jesus are one, or believe me for the very works sake? Who preaches this kind of Message? What is this anointing all about? What is all this revelation? Where is this light coming from? It is Jesus Christ on two feet! If you don't believe me to be a messenger of God, then believe the works!”


Men really want to see Jesus, and yet He is passing by, but they don't see Him at all. They can't even notice Him. ‘Behold I come as a thief and you don't know in what day or hour that I will come therefore, be watchful because I come as a thief. Therefore, be watchful.’ 


He was there with those little men like Spurgeon, preaching. There was a little boy who someday went to a little cottage meeting over where there was some little man preaching away full of the Holy Spirit. The boy said that he had tried to be a Christian and he could not make it. So, he was trying to keep the law, which he could break all the time; and so he became so miserable and poor. Then, the little man preached away, preached grace over and again and finally looked ahead there on the anxious face of the little boy (Spurgeon) and said: “Boy, receive it and it will set you free! Receive that and it will settle all your problems”.


Spurgeon said: “Oh, my! If I can only get what the old man has!” He knelt down on the floor and cried his heart out and gave himself to Jesus. He went home a different little boy, and the village begun to burn with fire. What was that in Spurgeon burning the village all over in London and everywhere? It was the characteristics of Jesus Christ in the little boy! He had arrived and there must be a warfare – Jesus had arrived and there must be fire! Jesus had arrived and there must be a sword. He says, ‘Behold I have sent you a sword!’ And today His sword is on the land, that is why the clergymen of your churches have conspired against, but they can never succeed, they are fighting against the Godhead! Kicking their poor feet against pricks!


When you see little Moody like that, it means Jesus is on the land! He is always coming down. Some man is not satisfied, wants to see Jesus in Moody’s days; they want to see Jesus after passing on Moody, and yet Moody is there with the very clear characteristics of Jesus Christ! How blind is man!


Jesus of Nazareth, the Father sends Him in the attribute of His Word, and He comes down in a little man, molded in the little man making him a different person all together. He is no longer the Moody we used to have here. But what has happened? Jesus in the boy is burning the world with a Message – Jesus Christ in His characteristics! Yet the blind church is still asking, hollering about how much they want to see Jesus… they have a false Jesus they have painted up in their mind, some graven image of their religious fancies that they want to see, and by that they are blinded from the light of Jesus passing by them.


That is not just Catholics, Protestants or the Pentecostals, it is you who claim Branham, yet dead blind to Jesus in his characteristics passing by you! That graven image of some Jesus you will want to see some day in the sky is an idol of your religious fancy! Jesus reveals himself in flesh as the Word in your season please! Your theological teaching of Branham message will never give life to the dying world! It is only the power of the resurrected Jesus Christ walking in flesh today which can give life to the dying world! You know it, yet because of your religious fancy you shun from it! You can’t deny it! Your conscience tells you that I am speaking the truth, and if you don’t believe me for whatever cause, then believe your own conscience!


Finally, He says; ‘I'll send you a forerunner’. Amen! And there was Jesus in the forerunner. He was Jesus manifested in everything. He talked to the woman at the well, and you could just see Jesus talking to the woman at the well and telling her that; ‘You have five husbands, and the one you have is not even yours; you come from so and so and your name is so and so. You have been in the hospital and the doctor told you so and so’. It was Jesus Christ on two feet manifesting Himself again – the Godhead. That is the Godhead manifested in the little man, Branham forerunning the second Coming of Jesus Christ – preparing the way. 


What was that in Branham? It was Jesus Christ; and yet people were asking, ‘we would see Jesus’. They are going up and down flying from country to country, going from nation to nation asking; “Where is Jesus Christ?” And here is Jesus Christ walking on two feet in a little man somewhere. He has filled him with Himself. That is what was in Branham! What was that mystery? What was that manifesting Jesus Christ? It was Jesus in the tabernacle (little man), that is the Godhead revealed. It was a portion of the Godhead. A portion doing His works.


Then they say, ‘We would see Jesus’. Then Judas said: “Now how can you manifest yourself to us and not to the world?” When Jesus comes in that little man, He would only manifest Himself to those ones who receive it because they are spiritual, and their eyes can see Him. He never manifests Himself to the world. He says, ‘If a man loves me, He'll keep my words and I will manifest myself to him.’ Through what? Through coming by His Father through His Word into you. Then you will receive that portion from the manifestation.


Now, we come in the last days and we find Jesus manifests Himself through a prophet who did the forerunning of His second Coming. But I want you to see one thing, and you bear me witness that it has been all and every time, an attribute of the Godhead. The attribute of the Godhead which was in Abraham made him act as the Father; Isaac as the son - a lamb slain; Jacob as the Holy Ghost and Joseph as a Headstone. Then Moses as the deliverer, and moving ahead we come to Joshua the captain. These were attributes of God in all of them. He was in David as a king, In Solomon as the son of the king, and so on. Then in prophet Elijah followed by prophet Elisha with the double portion.


Come to Paul, Luther, Moody; then in Finney burning America; all these were attributes of the Godhead speaking the Word of God. Then He says, “If you see them, you have seen Jesus Christ.  If you receive them, you have received Jesus Christ. If you meet them, you have made Jesus Christ. Yet you are still longing and hungering; ‘Oh, that I may see Jesus!’ What about this one here? He has been so long with you, passing here and ever speaking His words, ever expressing himself clearly as Jesus, and you don't see Him?” You see that?


And they would each say, “If you see me, you have seen your Master, believe me that I am in the Master and the Master is in me, or believe me for the very works sake. Believe in Jesus and believe also in me”. Moody would have told you that; Finney would have told you; Moses would have told you that. Exactly! That, you must believe in the prophets of God because it is God’s Word in a portion sent for that generation. He said He would make Himself known by a prophet; and if His Word comes to pass, then, believe that prophet because God is in that man – the portion of His word.


So, these were portions and attributes coming to make Jesus known to the world; and yet, men hardly believe them. You think they believe, but they just want to see Jesus still! ‘Yes, this one is our brother, a minister and he is preaching a good message, but oh, that I may meet Jesus one of these days!’ If you meet this one, then you have met Jesus; refuse to meet this one, you'll never meet the other one framed in your mind, because this one is the way, the truth and the life!


“No man comes unto my Master but by me;” Moses, Joshua, Elijah, Daniel, Paul, Branham and all of them could have said that! “No man sees my Master or comes to my Master but by me. He is in me and I am in Him for He sent me; He gave me these words to speak to you to show that He is in me and I am in Him”. Therefore, whatever you are seeing is not me that is doing it; it is your Master (Jesus). Why do you want another king yet here is your king? He is here! Billy Sunday would have said that while burning America.


Little men burning the world with Jesus Christ were just ordinary men, just like any other man. Billy Sunday was playing some kind of game, it was baseball, and he says that when he takes the ball and goes away you would not see him because of dust that is risen as he is running, dodging everybody. But finally, he was converted! He left all that and came to be a preacher preaching away the Message, and Jesus Christ was revealed again. If you want to see Jesus, then get where Billy Sunday is because he has all the Jesus that you need that day. Amen! The little man, Chapman has all the Jesus that you need. The little Wigglesworth has all the Jesus that you need in your generation. In your time, Jesus has come to see you; Jesus has come to talk to you; Jesus has come to lead you because you are hungry to see Him, He manifests Himself in His attributes.


Now, in all generations and every time, He has sent an attribute; the Father in the Son and the Son in an attribute sends him somewhere. The Father manifests Himself in the son and the son manifests Himself in the man. The Father in the Son and the Son in the man. Amen! But it was an attribute: a king, a prophet, a captain, a deliverer or some kind of savior like Samson was. It could also be some kind of priest, but now, in the final analysis and in the final days of victory, after Brother Branham has forerun His second Coming, He is going to be known. And how is He going to reveal himself? The Father in the Son and the Son as a man. The Father tells the son, “Let us make man now in our image, after our likeness in the fullness of what we are.” Amen? After the little Brother Branham had manifested that one little attribute of forerunning His second coming as an Elijah, an attribute in God to prepare the way, he went to rest. Because you know God is in the Son and the Son is in Him and He is the invisible Father in the Son; He said, “My son, let us make man in our image after our likeness. Let us make our abode in him in fullness of the Godhead; as we are, so let him be.” Are you seeing that? The angels could not understand that language! Amen! The language was passing over the cherubim, seraphim, great angels, powers, thrones and dominions, saying; “My Son, let us make man in our image after our likeness; let us make ourselves known to that man, to mold our character in that man; and every attribute that we are in him. Let us just be everything in that man, and let that man be like us in everything”.


The angels got surprised, but Jesus knew the revelation of the Word. And He said, “That is it my Father.” “This is the time now, because the way is made ready and straight; there are no crooked things anymore; all the Nicolaitans have been swept aside; all the jezebels have been swept aside, and now we can make man in our image, My Son. Then the Son said, “Amen my Father, let us go into action.”


Oh my! What are you going to see? It is going to be Godhead manifested in a man. One time it was little attributes, but now the whole Godhead! And how would you know it? He says it this way: ‘The words that I speak are not my own words; don't you see the works? Those works are not my works, but my Father who dwells in me.’ Remember, the Father in His son says; ‘Let us make man in our image, our likeness, our fashion and after our attributes, and let us be in fullness in that little man.’


Now, how will you know that? It will be the revelation of the entire Bible, then you’ll know that it is the man with the whole fullness of the Godhead in His Word. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word is God. How will you tell the fullness? The fullness of the Bible coming into revelation until there is no hidden mystery! Back to eternity! Back to the beginning! Back to the invisible eternal realms unto the end time, and show everything in its position! What is that? It is the Godhead – let us make man in our image and in our likeness; let him have all dominion and power and authority as we will like him to be. The Father reveals Himself in the Son and the Son reveals Himself as a man, and makes himself in fullness as a man.


So, in this last days we expect the headstone. Isn't it? The headstone will come down and mold Himself in form of a little man somewhere. There is some little dreaming Joseph somewhere and the Godhead is in the little man. There is a little dreaming lad walking like that, and that is the Godhead in fullness! They say, “Show us the great Godhead which was promised by Brother Branham; the great capstone, and we shall be satisfied” Then the little lad Joseph, passing by like that is dreaming dreams; and everything is found in the little boy. He tells you in the dream everything was bowing down to him. Then you wonder how everything was bowing to him, and what that means. They say, “But we want the Godhead!” The little Joseph is the Godhead because God is in His Son and the Son is in this man, His servant – the man in His image. He molds some man in His image and sends him as the Godhead. The last day church goes to the headstone, and it will be a super church!


Now, how will you reach the capstone? There will be a capstone molded down somewhere in some little Servant of God, and he will be so much with the characteristics of Jesus that you cannot doubt anything; because the revelation of the Father comes in the little lad and the Message comes opening the whole Bible like that. Then you say, “But what is that wisdom? How is that mystery just revealing Himself like that and making Him so plain?” Then he tells you; “I and my Master are one. My Father is in my Master and my Master is in His own servant, making Himself known. “Show as Jesus and it will satisfy our hearts;” somebody will protest like that. Then that little man in His image will say, “Have I been so long with you Judas, Cleopas; and you don't know me yet? My Master and I are one. If you have seen me, you have seen my Master because He sent me to preach this Message to you – His own likeness.”


Now, God is a mystery revealed and He is revealed in His characteristics. Exactly. Jesus is the mystery of God revealed and He is revealed when He is identified in His own characteristics. Then you watch those characteristics, and you know where He is.


The last day church goes to the headstone, and it will be a super church, a super race! Amen? Amen! Adam was tested and tried, and he failed on the first stroke. Adam was supposed to be made in the image of Christ! Are you seeing that? But he proved to be a son of Kish more than anything else, but David was going to come finally. Do you see the characteristics now; how that after Saul is taken away then David steps there, and David is no compromiser of anything? Now, Adam compromised on the first stroke by Satan through the woman, and he fell away. Now this end-time mystery must be tested like Jesus was tested all round like that because it must prove itself worthy. Amen! That is it!


So, I was going to finish by telling you a story, but I have not just found out how to bring it in to you. But remember that every man that comes to God must be tested, child-trained, chastened, straightened up and then the character comes clearer and clearer till we come to the really place where he says; “Come up high now, I want to step in.” One day He will step in and it will not be the same again. He has to keep molding, purging, tuning up and pressing it like that and finally the image now comes and begins to show the same image so that when He looks through it He sees Himself; then He says; “Please come up high now, I want to step in; this is my only begotten Son in whom I am pleased to dwell in.” The Father in the Son and the Son in His own chosen Servant to manifest the Godhead. How does God get manifested? It was Samuel’s light right there leading the battles and everything, and these men were hungry to see God; they wanted a king anyhow. But here is Samuel your king, a man in the image of God!


Now, in these last days, by the way of revelation, it is not going to be one attribute; it is going to be all the Moses, Elijah, Abraham, David, John the Baptist and all these and every other attribute is going to be in one little man come our way; and is going to be molded in that particular image. Believe it! If you don't believe it, believe it for the very works sake because He promised by saying; “I will send you that headstone.” How do we get the headstone? It is not some kind of stone come down from heaven brightly shining like that. The devil can manufacture one like that and deceive many. He can hang up there with bright light shining, and then everybody says; ‘Here is the headstone!’ God does not work like that; He sends a man in His own image. He molds the headstone in a man, and the character of the man and the headstone becomes one. He says the last day church will go to the headstone; it will be a super race and a super church. Where will the headstone be?


Now, he told me not to think that these are the statistics of the last steps of the prophet on earth because he has the cloud of seven angels, the lion and the little lad moving on four. This is not the statistics of the last steps of the prophet on earth. This is what He told him to take up the pen and write – The headstone! How does the headstone come to the bride? It is going to be in some little lad like the dreaming Joseph. See? So, you have to be watching for those characteristics and receive it. If you will receive it, that is the headstone that was promised. It will be molded in some little boy and He'll come preaching away the same promise and identifying it by the Bible. And if He is the headstone, the capstone and all Godhead; then He preaches from Genesis to Revelation and there's no mystery hidden from that little lad. 


Those eyes will see any mystery and show you what it is. That is the Godhead! Every mystery comes to the little boy and he is able to open and say this one means that. And how does he get mysteries? He never dreams a mystery – he never reveals the mysteries by dreaming or some vision come to Him to show a mystery; but steps over there and it comes out! Then you should believe that the Father is in the Son and the Son is in the little boy! Exactly. Here is the great cloud making the headstone and here is the lion from the headstone, and here is a lad on two feet crawling up there revealing the whole thing.


What is that? It is the promise to the bride in the last days. We must be tested and proven – we must be put on the ground of being tested and trained to prove whether we can begat or not. Are you seeing that? It is not like, you make a very good bridge, and then you fear allowing a train to go over it, to test it; you want a rat to go over it to prove that it is a bridge. Really? If it is a great strong bridge, then let the train role over it successfully; then we shall prove that it is a real strong bridge.


So, when God has made His character, fashioned, molded and practiced it out; and can just speak like Himself. They just see eye-to-eye with Him. Then he says, ‘Now come over here; I am going to prove myself. You false prophets, false Christs, deceivers and every worker of miracles that try to deceive people in everything, try it on that image of mine’. That is when God can trust a man like that. He makes Himself known by molding Himself in a man. He says we shall find the headstone.


Where shall we find the headstone? I am asking you people at the end time. I read it to you here that the last church at the end time will go to the headstone – Godhead. Now, where shall the Godhead be when the church comes to Him? It will be molded down in some little dreaming Joseph. That is the way God works. He has proved it by the Bible. If you want to see God, you’ll see Him in some place He has molded Himself in His characteristics. So, He will take all His characteristics, which He has molded, into the Son as the pillar of fire; that is the great shining light as the sun shines in its strength. However, He wants us to see a man walk on two feet. Amen!


Jesus is the great shining light. He says, “I am the light of the world.” He is brightly shining like the pillar of fire – the headstone shining, but He wants us to see a man walk past us without us fearing or being terrified. Then He takes all the characteristics, all the nature, all the attributes, and puts in some little man who walks over there, like that to meet the world. There is the One who was promised – the God-head coming by our way. Let us believe Him now; Jesus is to pass this way. You were promised the second Coming of Jesus Christ; and He has rolled over like that, yet we're still waiting for his second Coming. As a thief, He finishes His work, leaves the scene – goes away; and you are still waiting, you know. So, you better raise up your eyes and know that He comes by His characteristics, molds Himself in a man and preaches the promised Message. How do you know Him? He says clearly here that these are not His words, but they are the words of the One who sent Him – that is identified by the characteristics.


So, He is first trained, and then comes in the time of calling of the Bride, as Adam was, trying to take care of Eve; God has always sent a man to take care of that. He sent Joseph to take care of Mary; and when Joseph realized that Mary was becoming expectant, he thought in himself to just put her away secretly because he did not want to shame or embarrass her. He might have thought; ‘She had been good, but somehow something has gone wrong; maybe, she has been somehow deceived or overtaken. Now, I’ll just quietly move away, go to another city and just keep quiet about the whole thing’. Then the angel came to him and told him; “No please! Take Mary your wife because that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit”.

God always gives the church to some man whom He trusts. Isn't it? He gave the first one to Adam, entrusting him to lead the little Eve in the right way, but Adam was somehow forgetful. He got altogether so busy with flowers and whatever it was, only to wake up to a realization that Eve was nowhere around him. He began to run everywhere, looking for her. That was the problem with Adam. He left her strolling alone. If Adam had kept Eve close to himself as his wife, there could have never been a way the serpent could have come around, greeting her. That's right! Adam could have been there, rebuking the serpent. He would have asked the serpent; “What are you looking for? What are you asking her?” Am certain, the serpent could have left immediately.


Are you seeing that now? Then Adam would have turned to Eve and asked her to state what she was doing with the fellow. He could tell her; “That fellow you are listening to is that man God warned us to be careful about – that tree of knowledge of good and evil. Look at the manner in which he was blinking his eyes.” But it wasn’t so, and Adam lost it because he kind of compromised. He should have kept close, knowing very well that there was danger in the Garden of Eden, and Eve could be deceived to eat some fruits. His close presence would have guided her all through.  He kind of forgot his responsibility.


Now, I don't want you to forget this; that God has always tried to entrust the church to somebody. He was entrusting the church one time to a man called Aaron, when He called Moses up to the mountain. He told Aaron to keep the Word, but when he came back Aaron was also dancing around some idol as hard as he could go, together with others. Aaron was confused by the wife into a dance. ‘What happened to you Aaron please?’ Then Aaron would say, “It is this people, this church, this woman who came to me saying; ‘Up make us gods. For this man called Moses, we don't know where he's gone.”


God has always entrusted a church to somebody. Samuel was entrusted to take care of Israel as much as they were crying and saying that they wanted a king; “We want a husband. We are tired of this old man trying to preach all his spiritual things; we want some real husband. We want to see some king”. Then Samuel would say, “I am here what is happening? The king is here.” Then they said, “We know you are a prophet that is always seeing ahead, but we want some king to sit on some throne and be somebody who can fight for us our battles.” They wouldn’t see God in Samuel.


So, I want you to see that when we come to the last days, then that man must be child-trained and everything else before finally God steps over there. Are you seeing that? It never happens until God Himself has stepped on the scene; and when He has acted, then the antichrist is going to come up with equal and opposite reaction. Have you already heard of them?


That is true because an action must produce a reaction. There has never been a man come claiming to be an anointed prophet, even the days of Brother Branham. It would feel chilly and send chilling waves down the spines of everybody if anybody ever came up boldly claiming that he was a prophet! They could not. There was only one man who tried to say he's a prophet in the days of Brother Branham; he was from Canada. Then, another man saw him in a dream trying to ride some little horse while Brother Branham was riding a big stallion kind, riding up the pathway upon a great stone pyramid all the way to the west, and then coming back to the eastern saying; “I'll ride this trail once more.”


I don't know whether you understand the message; do you understand the message? Here is Jesus in His forerunner, is that right? On a great white horse – that is the horse of Jesus, long over there because He is Jesus in a man. And then he says, “I’ll ride this trail once more!” It was not the prophet Branham. They have ever kept looking there in a misplaced manner and trying to say; now he will come back again. Isn't it? They hold that because he said, ‘I'll ride this trail once more.’


It was Jesus, the Word, saying; “I’ll ride this trail once more, so wait for me.” And that was in 1965; and then around the same time he disappeared. It was in a dream given to that brother where he heard Bro Branham say that he'll ride the trail once more. Yes! It was the Word saying that, and He will ride it again once more on the white horse and go preaching it. Just once more. He says that the bride has heard the voice and all that, but He will ride this trail once more. That is what the dream meant; that He would come to ride the trail once more. Jesus Christ was in prophet Branham (a forerunner) then, but He'll come and reveal Himself, riding this trail again; as He came from the virgin womb, so will He come from this spiritual womb and ride this trail once more.


Remember this now, it must be tested, but let me just say something; let me step over aside a little bit because I am just representing and see how it comes out. Remember the prophet was cut off so that He might be made manifest, because he had prepared the ground and had to leave it so that that which he had forerun must be made manifest. God must always fulfill His Word; He never fails. So, I'm just stepping there and step aside a little bit. The prophet came to prepare the way of the King; He came to herald, and a herald is a shouter whose voice goes over the world. The king does not come shouting around and blowing the trumpet and saying, “Here am I, I have just arrived, and yet you people are not realizing me? That would be a funny king. The king does not come shouting everywhere. He just slips in slowly and quietly; and if you are not ready, then that's up to you.


Adam was tested in everything; David was tested in everything; Joseph was tested in everything, and all these men of God in the time past, such as Daniel were tested in everything. As for Daniel, he had a choice to make; whether he was to eat from the king's defiling meat or not. They stood and said, “Please take it away, we just want to take dry bread and water.” Every one of these little men were tested to prove whether they would be worthy to be molded in the image of Christ.

So, every time there is that child training and testing before he is sent over into the field. Remember, as I told you, until that time of being send into the field comes, everything is quiet; but when it is all over then He says; “Step over up here now!” The fullness then comes down; and you have to hear Him because there is going to be a real showdown. Now, that is what we are really waiting for. Now, pray so hard about it because when the training is over everything must move into the field. God does not train His man somewhere only to hide him, and then finally take him away. After training you must go into the field, and that is what we are waiting for. The antichrist is coming; the powers are coming; the darkness is coming, but there was a training first for the job, so that you may stay by the Word.


I told you that the antichrist can come and be the littlest, lovely fellow you have ever seen around you. You don't judge them by how they are sweet, nice, gentle, meek, kindhearted and really nice in everything like that, doing miracles in the name of Jesus Christ! When you look at them, there is nothing wrong you can point at them; they are holy people. However, mark this: in which name are they speaking? In which name are they teaching? Just watch the Bible – the Scriptures! I don’t care how lovely or good the fellow is; I don't care how kind and how slowly he comes to greet you humbly, saying; “My precious brother, sister; please let us have Jesus, He is so good.” Yes, Jesus is good, but He rebukes you by His Word and tells you to go by the Scriptures. He will whip you out of the temple and look at you with very angry eyes; and yet here is some sissy humble prophet who comes and blesses you in the name of Jesus in a contrary way. So, you must mark the scriptures. 


So, at this time when the Bride comes up, there must be a man in the image of God to watch over Her. Now, He won’t entrust Her to just any other man this time; be sure of that. How can He do that, and yet all have always failed? He would have to entrust a man into whom He has molded His image which can stand that particular high test of the Word!


Do you remember Sister Faith’s dream that I told you about? It was kind of going across to some kind of a place, walking over with her like that and there was a big ditch. There was a road passing by and you would successfully go through there in this manner – crawling along; it was not flat but slanting, and that was the only place you must pass to go over there. Now, as you pass, it was as smooth as snow; leave alone mere smooth grounds – this was as smooth as snow! Once you begin the crossover, you cannot hesitate at any point lest you find yourself already down in the ditch! You easily slip over right into the ditch for lack of focus and being unsteady.


As I was walking with her like that, she was wondering how we were going to pass that place without falling into the ditch, now that it was so smooth. You can't step there normally and not slip because it was super smooth and tilted. To make it tougher, that was like the only gateway to reach across. Then, in a split second, we stepped over there and we were already safely across and sound. Then she wondered aloud; “How did we ever pass that place? It is a miracle!” Then she saw the gates before her, and on the gates were written: “HIGH TEST OF THE WORD!” Nevertheless, she continued asking; “How did we ever pass that spot?” Then she was told her; “You are the Eagle-Word, and that is how you passed there.” Are you seeing that? Along the way, there is a slippery ground, and before you go to the real fighting you must be trained in that field. So, the training has been on and it is about over.


Let me stop there today; I have tried to be courageous in the name of Jesus Christ. I wanted to come out clearly on this matter by myself without hiding anything. I don't want to defend anything either, and you know I never defend myself; I always just listen and keep quiet and go my way. Why defend yourself? Jesus will defend you!


I was preaching a message like this one time, not so much as this, but somehow similar to this. In there I was just bringing to remembrance, how Hosea was told to go and marry a harlot. Then I was saying that prophets are signs and are meant to become mere examples. Look at this prophet Ezekiel; he is told to eat dung and sleep on one side for ninety days and another side for three hundred and forty days. Isaiah was told to walk naked; I don't know where he was walking, he must have been walking in the garden there.  He could not stand on the street naked! He stripped himself naked!


May God bless you so much. Let us bow our heads and pray.


I thank you thank you Jesus,

I thank you thank you Jesus.

I thank you thank you Jesus in my soul;

I thank you thank you Jesus,

I thank you thank you Jesus;

I thank you thank you Jesus in my soul.



Let us just confess His name as we surrender to Him and pray earnestly that His Will be done with us as He has ordained from the foundation of the world. Let Him have His own way with the people that He has chosen for Himself as His servants because we don't have anything of our own; we don't even have any comments. There's nothing we can even take or give, but we just wait upon Him in the name of Jesus Christ.


Our heavenly Father, we come to the close of this fellowship and the Word that you have spoken because you know what you're doing from the beginning to the very end. You are in control over that which you are accomplishing and we are only partakers of your divine calling because you have called us to be partakers of your own work for this end time generation – the very ending. The forerunner already prepared the way and made it ready some fifty years passing over like that. It means that we are at the junction of time again and it means that there is something going on in this world somehow somewhere and we pray that you be merciful to us and let us be partakers of it dear Jesus. Let us be partakers of it humble Father because you are kind to our souls, such that you have saved us freely in the name of Jesus Christ.


I have confessed what you have done and what you have manifested. I have testified about the challenge and everything I have passed through, for thou knowest my weaknesses and how I am prone to everything touching my nerves that I hardly can keep them cool. But you have helped me all along and stood for me in all this life here where I could not be able to get just doing things like that I myself; being the worst of the messed flesh that can be, with all thoughts and feelings that are beyond like that. I thank you for having helped me not to get into any of those queer things that have happened in this world. Nevertheless, I know that I need your grace because I need your purging and cleansing because this is vile flesh. As Paul would finally confess and say that one day we shall be transformed and put off these vile bodies to put on the glorified holy bodies. Sure, they are really vile, but it is a ground of testing and child-training; and so, we accept it dear Jesus Christ, let your will be done.


I take this opportunity to pray for every little brother and sister; maybe they just don't trust the Message of this hour; maybe it doesn't just dawn in their hearts in the way of real light shining and making them really overcome this world by faith. I pray for those who are in such kind of squeeze; such kind of tight corner, not being able to just get the revelation by faith in Jesus Christ, such that the Word of God has not come in them to give them victory. I pray for the little boys and girls, brothers and sisters that you'll visit them in your own strange ways and reveal this kind of Ministry to them. It is a hidden Ministry which nobody can just figure out in their mind. It does not even profit any flesh and blood; it just bounces over that. There has to be something deep there for the deep calling to respond to the deep.


I pray for them because it is such a hidden mystery Father. The promise of this day which you're working among us is so much hidden deep down in the silence of the Seventh Seal in eternity, and therefore it is hard for anybody to try to see it unless, by the grace that you have for the souls of men, you just get it to them and reveal it to them – the Word of promise. Because if you touch them by revelation, I am sure they will see it and come up believing and their faith will overcome the world. Oh, we are travailing over ourselves and travailing over each one of them. We see them struggling to believe; they are struggling to stand for this Ministry here, but it is not possible until they have faith; and faith comes by hearing and hearing that Word. But then, each one of them is not able to stand for it unless you reveal it to them personally because you prayed; “I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes: even so, Father; for so it seemed good in thy sight.” 


Oh, how much the Seventh Seal is therefore hidden! If the Word of God in all other generations was hidden; what about that Seventh Seal silence today? It is so hidden from the eyes of the wise and prudent! Now I pray for those who are struggling like that and trying to be Christians, but they don't have the victory because you have not yet revealed the Ministry to them. Let them see Jesus Christ molded in the flesh and accept Him, not because it is in a glorious big man somewhere, but because Jesus Christ is speaking the Word and saving souls.


I pray for them that you'll open their eyes, rent the veil and shine the light upon them to ransom them from behind the veils. Heavenly Father, deliver them and carry them through because you are able to bear them on those great wings of an eagle. We desire their salvation; and how much I look at them and just desire that something will happen to rent the veil and let in the flooding of the Holy Spirit with the light shining; so that they will see the hour that we are living in and its promise.


Oh, that they will realize that it is the time for that revelation to come forth; it is the time of the Seventh Seal of the space of a half an hour silence which no man knows. Time is running out, the day of The Lord is coming in and time of mercy maybe running out anytime. So, we are praying for them that you will reveal these things to them because once you reveal it heavenly Father, it will become victory in their life: they will be saved; they will be converted; they will become Christians indeed; they will rejoice in it and be glad that they are one of them. I am so thankful that you touched that little girl that I have just testified about; I'm so grateful for your grace reaching down to her and finally opening the gate and the door for her. Finally, she began to realize the shining light with an experience upon her soul. Now that she has been drawn in, oh, how wonderful it is! I just pray for her, remembering her again that your mercy and grace will continue ministering unto her soul until she will never look back where she came from. Have mercy upon her and keep her safe in your arms.


These others, some of them are still struggling; I pray that you will help each one of these boys and girls that are struggling to be Christians; reveal yourself to them my heavenly Father. Reveal to them the mystery of the headstone which was promised and now it is in flesh already ministering unto us. We were to reach that headstone and we have been trying to reach it, and glory to God, it is now here with us; yet we don't know because it comes in as a thief in the night. It wraps itself in the flesh and rides the trail once more, but we never knew that it was riding the trail. Oh, the Bride is now waiting for that voice, not knowing that the voice is already ringing.


Father in glory, I continually pray for them that you bless them with the revelation of the mystery of this hour – that you reveal to them the truth. Only by grace is it possible.


I thank you because you’ll do it for your glory and praise. You told us that when we ask for fish you give us fish. So, there are remaining a few of them who have not received an experience to know Jesus Christ in the revelation of the Word and the promise of this hour; like Thomas, or somebody like Philip or somebody trying to say; ‘Show us the Father, show us the Word or show us the reality of God and we shall believe.’ Now I pray for them that wherever they are you will visit them with the reality of Jesus Christ in your own way and show them the Message of this hour; show them the promise which is being manifested; show them the headstone which has come down – what the spirit said ‘Take up the pen and write.’ It is the headstone which is being manifested in our day. The church is getting the headstone Ministry in a little man somewhere.


We thank you hiding the mystery from the wise and prudent and revealing it to babes and sucklings such as would learn. My heart is full for those who are yet to receive. My heart is for them who are yet to see; and like John, I would say; “That which is from the beginning, that which we have heard; that which we have seen and looked upon and our hands have handled of the Word of life.” All of them I'm praying for them that they will see, hear, look upon and handle the Word of life. My heart travails for them, all which are with us and have not yet received the revelation of Jesus Christ, to show them the capstone Message of this hour and to make them have faith and anchor their souls in the Rock.


Father, I am praying for them that you will somehow visit them and unveil yourself to them by renting the veil of the flesh and shining your shekinah glory inside their hearts that they may shout the victory and say ‘I am one of them; because now I believe and I have seen it, I am one of them. Then the victory comes down! There is evidence of that victory which the little ones have received; therefore others can also receive it. I believe it and that's why I stand strong and testify that they can also have it; and we can have many of them coming in still.


Father, I am fighting for their sake; have mercy on them and have mercy on me too, because I have to travail and fight, being in a state of desiring that something happens to them. It is because I love them so much and I don't want them to miss it! Oh, yet it is hidden and revealed to babes and little sucklings – they must humble their mind. So, humble their mind heavenly Father; make them simple again in their mind. Let them become babes and sucklings in their thinking that they may see God manifested, because you are manifesting yourself in the headstone that you promised us by Brother Branham; that the last day church goes to the headstone. Now, we have seen the headstone being revealed.


Heavenly Father, what is that? That headstone Message being revealed! The great things of the headstone, how that it was in eternity back there, come through time, and now it is at the end time. Every great mystery which even the ages past never knew has been clearly revealed and preached among us. What is that, but the same promise that said ‘The last day church goes to the headstone? The next Message will be the headstone Ministry!’


Thank you, heavenly Father, for those whom you have saved. Thank you for those whom you have revealed yourself to. Thank you for those whom you have touched! Thank you for those whom you have received since then upto today. A few are still coming in, trickling in and we are still reaching out for more. Thank you for those whom you have touched, revealed yourself to and are working with. However, we are still hungering and thirsting for others to come in. Rend the veil and manifest yourself to them. My heart’s desire and longing is for them to receive Jesus Christ and serve Him forever; and to have the faith of Abraham, walk with God on to victory and each one of them shouting victory when the day is done.


Thank you Father, may you help me because I need you so much. I am such a weakling need you to strengthen my nerves and everything like that; I just need your strength. Now in Jesus Christ I am desiring mercy and grace. How you are so loving, so kind, so good, so meek and so lovely! You are the light and the truth for us; we receive it in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for everyone that has received it and is just fellowshipping with you, confessing your name and walking in the light. Others are yet to come in, and we are praying that your grace may provide for them to also come in and walk in the light. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray and believe that you continue blessing and opening the door for them and reviving them, saving them and converting them for your own glory and grace. Amen.


In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray for them, that your Word will go forth in revelation and touch every heart to melt them into prayer and thanksgiving, knowing what you are to them Father. I commit them to you and pray that victory will come. Remember us Father because you promised that we will have victory in these last days; and that hour is upon us my Father. The slippery grounds are here, and we don't know how we can pass, but we are certain, it is by the Word. Therefore, we are praying that you help us my Father as per your signification that we can go over those slippery grounds and not fall into the ditch. It's a miracle; and we're praying as we approaching these slippery grounds that you may help us once more to be exactly the Word. For you said that it is going to be the Eagle-Word that is going to pass over that place. Father, we are now just approaching that place of the high test of the Word. We have to be tested by the word whether we shall keep the Word or not. It doesn't matter what signs, miracles, gifts or sensations that one may have; it doesn't matter. All those things are nothing! It has to be the Word of God, which is the truth.


Now, we are going to be tested once more to stand by the Word; we are going to be tempted once more. The hour is coming; oh, help us now because when that time arrives, it is not going to be something easy to walk over like that, but it takes the Holy Spirit to reveal to us the truth; and once you reveal it and we stick by the truth, then we go over the slippery grounds and stand before the high gates. Amen. What a wonderful time we are approaching; that we may pass those smooth grounds and stand before the gates shining with glory.


Wonderful Jesus, we are receiving you now; you have molded yourself into the image and we receive you now. You have molded yourself to manifest yourself, and we receive you now. Yes, in a humble little thing, but you have molded yourself in it to make yourself known to us; we receive you now; we confess you now; we accept you now; we humble ourselves to you now and desire your grace to be imparted in us, because it is your grace and nothing else. Therefore, we surrender to that working of the grace of the Most High God. Let your will be done now. Have mercy upon me and all of them because you have promised these things in the last days; your Word coming to be molded in flesh and be among us. Therefore, it needs to be tested and proved again, and to overcome the world. The only thing that overcomes is your Word; therefore we receive it now. You said we shall go through a high test of the Word because we are living at the end time for the high test of the Word – perfection.


Oh, heavenly Father, we accept it; you said that we are Eagle-Word, and that's why we should pass over those slippery grounds where it was impossible for somebody to step without falling in the ditch. But, here we were, beyond it. So, it happened like a miracle because it is the Word – the Word alone can pass over those slippery grounds. We are just about turning the corner, and so, we are getting ready for it. Thank you Jesus for warning us of the slippery grounds that are ahead of us; anytime we step there, but you have given us courage that we are going to pass over those slippery grounds and we shall not fall in the ditch because we are the Eagle-Word. You have given us the capstone Word, which is molding us into the Eagle-Word. That's how we shall pass over those grounds.


Thank you Lord Jesus for making it so clear to us that we shall pass over those grounds because of being the Eagle-Word. Amen! It was promised that it will come to be manifested in the last days. How I pray that everybody here may be molded by the Word to become an Eagle-Word. Amen. I pray for everybody, young and old, to become the Eagle-Word molded by the Ministry of the fullness of the capstone – the headstone becoming the head of man. I pray for them young and old, brother and sister, all of them together, each one of them to become the Eagle-Word because only that will pass over there. The eagles stay by the Word and therefore if you are an Eagle-Word, that makes you pass the high test of the Word. I do believe they are Eagle-Words, and so, they will pass over those grounds. I pray for all of them; those who are not yet the Eagle-Word, that you will mold them into Eagle-Word’s image. You have promised the headstone to come to us because the last day church goes to the headstone; it will be a super Eagle-Word church; it will be an Eagle-Word Bride. That is why it will not fall in the ditch. Holy Father, we are praying for the blessings.


We thank you for the revelation; we thank you for the Message; we thank you for the Word; we thank you for the Ministry. We thank you for the Holy Spirit; we thank you for the Salvation you have ministered among us. We thank you for the blessings, grace and for molding us to be the Eagle-Word – the Message of the capstone, so that we can stand by the Word and never accept any lie of the devil, whether it comes in signs, miracles or wonders. And when they come in sheep's clothing, that they are so kind, so loving and so gentle, yet they are serpents; we just want to stand firm on the ground of the Eagle-Word. Grant it heavenly Father. I pray for a blessing with the revival and strengthening of their hearts. Grant it and bless them today Father. Let each one of them open their hearts now and blend with the glory of the capstone Word; for each one of them to see, surrender and blend with the capstone because the Eagle-Word will have to pass over those grounds without skidding into the pit. But that which is not the Eagle-Word will not be able to go over the slippery ground.


Therefore, I pray for them that they maybe Eagle-Words because you have tested us already; you have proven us already; you have passed us through the temptations and proved us with the test of Adam and Eve. All down through the generations until Jesus Christ, all of them were tested, proven and tempted by the same thing. Every child of God who is called shall be tested and proven before you call him to the ministry. You have allowed us to pass through temptations already, and our times of temptations have come to an end. It is now climaxing into the final battle. We thank you for the time we are living in. We pray that you may bless thy people, strengthen them all, save them all and mold the image of the capstone in their hearts. Father, you promised that the capstone would come, the end of time church goes to the headstone, and that there will be a capstone Messenger bringing the Message of the capstone – the capstone descending to us. Which capstone we have been waiting for and it is now already ministered unto us. We just receive it now in the Name of Jesus Christ; we unite with the Message of the capstone – Jesus Christ being revealed. We receive the Ministry of Jesus Christ and His Message.


Father, remember them all and save them. Fill them with the Holy Spirit, is my prayer and my desire in the Name of Jesus Christ. Remember me Father because I believe your grace is sufficient, even as you told Paul. You told Branham too that your grace is sufficient. It is unto you that I cry my Father, and as Moses said, I exceedingly quake and fear; but you told him that your grace was sufficient. Every little servant of God that comes to that stand, you always say to them that your grace is sufficient; and now I believe that it is sufficient for us this day also. Let your grace be sufficient also to us my father; and I pray that you may remember us my father in the Name of Jesus Christ my redeemer.


Forgive me and have mercy upon me; oh, Jesus my savior. Help me because you are so good and so kind. Oh, merciful Father, I bless your holy name and I praise you so much and worship you because you are accomplishing a work of prophecy that you promised through your prophet forerunner, speaking about these end times. You told him that you will bring down the capstone Message, which would be revealing the capstone – presenting the capstone; and that there will be a capstone Messenger from heaven. We are welcoming Him in the Name of Jesus Christ. You have send us a capstone Messenger from heaven to bring us the capstone Message from heaven. We now receiving, believing and confessing it in the Name of Jesus Christ.


You have been speaking about it continuously and now the Message has identified itself to be that capstone Message. We will always confess that it is you speaking yourself unto us to be saved and to be delivered. That is why I'm praying for all of them in the Name of Jesus Christ, in the Name of blessings, in the Name of victory and in the Name of Him who is mighty and able to do all things. I pray for them. I pray for every little brother and sister my Father; how I desire that you may reveal yourself to them. These things are hidden, and we can’t explain them to make somebody receive them. No! It is only when the Holy Spirit touches their hearts, unveils Jesus Christ to them, and makes them see the light of the hour in the revelation of the capstone Message. That is when they'll have faith to believe and fight the battle to win it and overcome this world; it is by faith – the faith of Jesus Christ.


Therefore, I commit them and to you. I pray that you bless them. Bless them Father. Kindly bless them Father. Bless them with eyes of understanding; bless them with victory; bless them with eyes of revelation; bless them with your own wisdom; bless them with your own light to shine in their hearts; bless them with the revelation of who you are; make yourself known unto them that they may be saved. Father of glory, dear saviour, here we are; they are yours and, in the Name of Jesus Christ I present them to you. They are yours; they have received it because you have ordained them to receive it. Thank you for ordaining them to receive it. You told the disciples one time that ‘Blessed are your eyes because they see and your ears because they hear’.


Even now you could say the same thing to us: ‘Blessed are your eyes because they can see.  Blessed are your ears because they can hear the things which are hidden from the eyes of the wise and prudent and revealed to babes who can learn’. Remember me. I commit my soul to Thee for I need Thee.


Remember them, Oh, dear father. I just present them to you.  Let your blessings rest upon them, for in the Name of Jesus Christ I pray and believe. Oh Jesus, Oh my Saviour.


Forgive me because you are so good and kind to me. Remember me because I trust in your holy Name; you are so kind and so merciful. You are so blessed - blessed savior; I just worship you in the Name of Jesus Christ. I bow down at your feet. Let your will be done in me, for I receive your Message and your mercy. Let your blessings flow now to those who have received Thee, merciful Father. Remember me now. We want to stand firm and confess Thy Word. Remember your people now and have mercy upon them, to save them from that old serpent. Save them and keep them from that serpent. Remember them my Father and keep them from that serpent. In the Name of Jesus Christ, my Father, Keep them from that serpent. It is my prayer that you deliver us and keep us from that serpent In the Name of Jesus. Amen.


Your grace is sufficient my Saviour. Where else can I go to; Thou only has the words of Life. Therefore, I believe Thee in the Name of Jesus my Saviour – so good and so kind. I commit my soul to Thee. I believe in the Name of Jesus. Oh, I praise Thee Jesus now and forever more. Amen.

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