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We want to talk about those three things and we are emphasizing that they will be a surprise. The rapture will be a surprise, a big surprise. I mean, the way and manner in which people are expecting the rapture is far from the way and manner in which it will take place. Hence it will be a real surprise to them. They have been all wrong, and they will miss it without realizing even the missing. 

The first thing that happens is latter rain. The second in the row is the revelaation of that rapture that will give the believer faith for the very rapture. Before the perfect faith comes, there must be the revelation that stirs the hearts and steers them towards the rapture. The first is latter rain, followed by the revelation of the rapture. When that revelation comes, it clearly and plainly reveals the rapture and indicates that it is at hand. That is the very reason why the hearts begin to quiver and tremble with desperation, knowing that since it is revealed, the rapture must be very near, even at the doors. When it is revealed, fear and trembling will set in bringing a desperate state among the elected hearts. The third occurrence is, therefore, rapturing faith. Thus, the latter rain brings in the revelation concerning the rapture, and without latter rain there won't be the revelation of the rapture. That is so because nobody can receive anything from Elohim without having first received the Holy Ghost from Him. 

So, for the bride to receive the revelation of the rapture, she must first get the Holy Ghost which has to reveal to her this great revelation. Remember, this is one of the greatest revelation that has ever struck the world. Are you following that? From the time of Adam until then, rapture revelation will be the greatest revelation that has ever struck the world until then. Maybe there will be more in the future, but that will be the greatest revelation. There is going to be a revelation that brings the faith that brings the rapture. Are you following that? And that revelation comes to us while here on this earth. 

I know preachers have preached that the prophet-forerunner finished all the mysteries of Elohim, but I disagree with you a hundred percent! You think about me whatever you want to – the prophet never finished all the revelation! Look at the seventh sealed book of mysteries of Elohim, if you have ever read it at all, you know very well that God never finished revealing the seventh seal. That seal was never revealed. You who have read the seven seals know that when he came to the seventh seal, he said that that seal was not supposed to be revealed to the public, until around about the time when Jesus Christ will come on earth at his second coming. And that seal when it is opened, it should not be heard in public. In other words, that seal shall be opened very secretly in a way which you cannot tell that it is being opened. And nobody will indeed agree that it has been opened unless it is the elect.  Are you following that now? If you think that is not true, come and tell me what thunders are – use the prophet’s message and tell me what the thunders are, and then I will believe you that the prophet finished the revelations. Tell me what the seventh seal means and the three things that go with it because he said that the seventh seal goes with three things. Tell me the first, second and third, and then break them down for me. Then I will know that you have all the revelation on the tapes. 

Therefore, know that it is there, but it is not yet broken down. Elohim revealed to the prophet, but he told him not to disclose it – don't tell them. Is that right? He revealed to him and then told him don’t even say it now. And when he was going on, the Holy Spirit told him to stop right there. In fact, when he tried to preach about it, the Holy Spirit kept on checking him to stop him from saying anything about it. That was the seventh seal. So, when somebody says that the prophet finished all the revelation, he may be right, but he never broke down or disclosed everything. Maybe EI revealed to him all but he never broke all of it to the public. And therefore, nobody among the believers of the message of Brother Branham knows what the prophet had because, he died without revealing it nor say anything about it. Therefore, the only way you are going to get it is to be revealed to divinely. 

You will never study the prophet’s message keen enough to get what the prophet had in his heart. Never! Some people are trying to think that we can read the message until we get the seventh seal in the message. Forget!! That we shall read the message long and analytically enough to get the thunders in it. Forget!! You will read every message and finish, but you will not come across a sentence where the prophet gives you the revelation of the thunders. Never!! You realize that I am saying that with an absolute voice. Never! It is true the prophet was told about it, but Elohim told him to stop, “don't even say anything about it.” And he died with that. 

The only way that revelation will come to us again is for Elohim to send the prophet again to reveal to us. Is that right? Now you are trying to ask, do you mean the prophet will come back to earth and preach here in our churches to reveal the seventh seal? No, sir!! He will not come like that. However, without fail, the spirit that was on him will return as it did on the Isle of Patmos and showed it all to John! Why – because it is the spirit that later came upon the prophet who showed John that book of revelation. The Bible says it is the prophet, and brother Branham too said it was so. Revelation 22: 9, that prophet or angel which was showing John the book of revelation is the seventh angel. He is the eagle with an eagle spirit. Now, if he showed John then it is possible for him to come again at the end time, rapture time, in the same form and reveal it to the very end. That is right. Are you following now?

Therefore, up to now, the seventh seal is still a mystery. That seventh seal is a mystery because it is a divine revelation which has a divine element that is not broken yet to the public. Are you following the meaning of a mystery? A mystery is a divine revelation which has been revealed, but left with a divine element that is yet to be made known. You may talk about it, but there is something behind it that you do not understand. And that one always requires a prophet.

Now, when people were preaching around this matter here sometimes back claiming that the prophet would resurrect, come back in flesh himself and preach again in this world. They were misinterpreting that. Watch the scriptures and you will find there is no scriptural basis for that – that a prophet should go out of the world and then come back again himself in flesh to preach again, or that the last messenger should die and resurrect and preach again himself. Forget that. Nevertheless, let me tell you how it happens; it happens exactly as it happened on the Isle of Patmos when that angel was showing John those things. He was a prophet, isn't it? We have proved here that the angel was a prophet as it is recorded in Revelation 22: 9. When John wanted to worship him and he refused – “see thou do it not, for I am thy fellow servant and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book. Worship Elohim.” Is that right? In fact, let us read it now since some of you may not know where it is. Revelation 19: 9 – 10.

And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God. And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy , and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.


Now, let us also come to Revelation 22 and you get him there again. You know this angel was so mighty until John was worshiping him. It was not a heavenly angel but a prophet with the spirit of prophecy. Revelation 22: 8 - 10. 

And I John saw these and heard them. And when I had heard and seen, I fell down to the feet of the angel which showed me these things. Then saith he unto me, See thou do it not: for I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book: worship God. And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.

So, that angel is a prophet, isn't it? It is the seventh angel that was given the book of revelation to reveal the mystery of Elohim. Remember, this whole book of revelation, as I have already said (and will keep saying until I am persuaded that you have understood), is the revelation of seven seals. Why people do not understand this is because they think that the seven seals are in chapter 6 of the book of revelation, where there are revealed, but the rest is just the material that goes along with the seven seals. Forget that. See? The whole book of revelation is the material of the seven seals, and anything you read in the book of revelation, you are reading the revelation of those seals. Why you may not understand some portion of that book, is because there is a divine element on it which makes it a mystery, thus sealed. When you read chapter 1 of the book of revelation, you’re reading something under a seal. When you read chapter 8 you still are reading about the seals. When you go over to chapter 19, you are also under seals. When you finally get to chapter 22, you are still under the seals – not outside the seals.

Don't think that as you read from chapter one until you get to chapter 5, you are yet to get to the seals, such that when chapter 6 begins, you say “now here are the seals!” No, sir. You have been among the seals from chapter one, only that you have now come to the event which opened the seals.  Why, when the first seal was revealed, the white-horse rider was shone with a bow and a crown was given to him, and he went forth conquering and to conquer: this is the mystery of the antichrist that worked in the first church of Ephesus – the Nicolaitan spirits, whose deeds aimed at conquering the laity. For Nico- means to conquer, and -laitan means the laity, and that is the church.

So, there you are! The antichrist mystery, in chapter 2 of the book of Revelation, is revealed under the first seal. Yea, then the mystery of the rest of the ages is found under a particular seal. The white horse worked in the apostolic church, the red horse in the dark ages, the black in the reformation, while the pale is working in these end times. Thus, the first four seals concern the seven church ages. All the trumpets are a mystery under the sixth seal. The seventh seal has its contents somewhere, for the seven thunders of Revelation 10 are under the seventh seal.

I keep saying this; I don't feel like people are getting it. They seem to miss it. I want you to understand it. The whole book of revelation is sealed by seven seals, and it is the seven-sealed book. The title of the book of revelation could be called the revelation of the seven seals. That is right. And that is perfectly the revelation of Jesus Christ – the seven seals. Are you following that now? Therefore, when you read anything in that book, you are reading about a certain seal. That is a key to reveal that book. Therefore, you do not concentrate on chapter 6 and claim that you are now reading all about the seals. “Then I saw a horse rider,” that is not where it is! Go to some other place by the leadership of the Holy Spirit and you will get where it is.

Remember the key that Elohim has given us here. I want to call it a key because it has played a very important role, and by the same key, something is going to fly loose.

The key to the revelation of this book is to map it to some other scripture. You take this event, then go to the Old Testament or look forward to the New Testament, or somewhere else, trying to see whether there is the same thing there. And when you see it that way, then take it and map onto this, then something flies lose out of it. That is right. And remember, that is how the prophet got the revelation of those six seals. He was taking the seals and mapping somewhere else, and he would say this one and that one are just the same. Therefore, if this one and that one are the same, then this one is a mystery, but that one is the mystery revealed! Thus, this is a mystery and that is the mystery revealed. That is to say, Elohim revealed it somewhere, then went and recorded it somewhere else as a mystery. And the only way you can get the revelation is to get the two parts mapped together. If you read that alone, you will never get it, and if you read this alone, you will never get it. You must bring the two together. Don’t you see that when the prophet came to the sixth seal, he took all the seven seals and compared them with Matthew 24, then the first seal flew loose, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. That is the key, and if any man will ever get anything he will have to use that key! Even those seven thunders and what they said. You will have to take that key and map somewhere else and you get two things become one, and then the revelation comes out.

Therefore, this angel that was showing John is the spirit that came later upon Brother Branham. Way back, on the Isle of Patmos 2000 years ago, he was there revealing it to John. So, after Brother Branham has gone away, how does the angel come back and to finish revelation of the book? Just exactly the same way he signified to John, before he ever came upon Brother Branham.

That is right. He got all the revelation of the thunders and everything when he flew away like that, got the revelation and then he has stepped back to us. You say “how, how, how…; where is he in the world?” Where was he on the isle of Patmos? You have to tell me that, and then I tell you where he is! Tell me where he was on the Isle of Patmos and I will tell you where he is today. He was there! Is that right? He was telling John – and if he was telling John, then that how he is here: yes, say it now! Have you gotten it clearly?

He went away to get the revelation of the last seal – to get all that was left there and wait for the bride to be ready. So, he has been waiting for all this time and when the bride received the Holy Ghost he came close. Is that right? Remember, that is exactly scriptural, not that the prophet will resurrect and come to stand in the pulpit, maybe in Jeffersonville or in Tucson and spell out those thunders.  That is not scriptural, but there is something else which is scriptural, which happened on the Isle of Patmos, and can happen now. In fact, that is what is happening constantly.

Now, the rapture is going to be a secret, and let me tell you, it is more of a secret than you think. Don't think that I am emphasizing too much about it. Don't think that I am making look too hidden from the people. No sir. The rapture is more of a secret than anybody in the whole world thinks, and besides, it is simpler than anybody anywhere in this world can ever imagine. In your own mind, you cannot simplify the rapture enough; you will still get it off the ground. Nevertheless, the only way of getting to know the rapture is by revelation.

The steps to the rapture are so secret and so simple that any great mind will miss it! Let me now tell you so that you get it plainly. Anybody who thinks he knows anything about it, or about any other thing and tries to think that he knows it, he is going to miss it just as quick as that.


Anybody that uses any reasoning upon the rapturing revelation that is going to come, will miss it: when God brings this revelation of the rapture, and it flies loose, then anybody that will use some great mind to try to understand he will just miss it. Instead, the steps to the rapture will be so simple for the simple to understand. And anybody that shall come with his great mind trying to reason on those things will just fly on top of it.

This is how the rapture is going to come. Former rain comes first, and that is the revival concerning the herald; the second event that follows that is the revelation of the mystery about the second coming of Jesus, sealed in the seventh seal, which is the finishing of the revelation which the prophet forerunner began, but could not finish. Then, upon that seed comes the latter rain, the Bride-revival. Are you following that now?

The revelation of the mystery about the rapture which brings rapturing faith is the finishing of the mysteries that the prophet never revealed – the loose ends that the prophet left hanging. The ends which he never reached in the revelation of the seals, are the things which constitute the rapture revelation – what he did not reveal openly to the public. They are to be revealed to bring rapturing faith. Is that clear? Amen! And that is scriptural and according to the message of the prophet forerunner – exactly! That is right. This is how the rapture takes place.

FORMER RAIN: Have we received former rain, and do we know what former rain was to bring? It what was preached by the herald.

REVELATION OF THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS: This is the revelation of the things which prophet Branham never opened to the public. They were hidden even from him, the same way Daniel heard them but never understood, so even Brother Branham was told to stop there and not to say more about it. These are the things to bring rapturing faith. Amen!

RAPTURING FAITH: The blessed assurance by the grace of Elohim, through the baptism of the Holy Spirit in fulness upon the sown Word: this will make it clear that the rapture is real and at hand. Have you got it clear now? If three things are coming from above, then three things must come from below. And when they meet they are capped up. They are the shout, the voice, and the trump from heaven! Then former rain by the herald; 2nd, the revelation of Jesus the Word, and then the testimony of the spirit, from the earth.

The revival in the former rain is over; why, because there is another work which has already taken over, which is the revelation of the mystery about the second coming of Jesus. Are you following and identifying where we are now? We are standing at the beginning of the revelation of Jesus. And that revelation of Jesus, brings rapturing faith which prepares us to go up. That is where we are standing now – exactly at the door of the rapture. That is right.

When this revelation begins, any little reasoning mind put there you just fly on top. You must just let it be there, look at it and pray while staying humble and not put anything to reason; that is the only way you are going to receive it. Any reasoning or any little argument makes you fly on top because it is revealed in such a way as to leave you at liberty to regard it either way. Only God can show it to you! You have to pray about it, and approach it humbly and sincerely, for God to regard you at all. It is so great such that when it is revealed it is so simple that it leaves you with your mind higher than it.  God hides it from the wise and prudent, and reveals it to babes, who are humble enough in their mind to learn.

When it comes to be revealed, Elohim pushes it like this, to run very low, so that everybody who thinks he knows anything will just go over the top of it. That is how He comes, and now we have started in it. I want to say it as openly as the Holy Spirit leads me to do, so that everyone in this church and everyone who hears this tape may know where we are. The revival is over and something else was to pick up from there. That thing that was to pick up was to reveal Jesus Christ, from heaven, clearly to us, that is in our hearts, so as to make the elect to be stirred up to catch that faith of the Word upon Word, so that they are set for perfection. You ask, how can Christ be revealed from heaven unto us on earth? Have you not read what He told Nicodemus?

n 3: 12 – 13:  If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven. 

That is right. The things that were to reveal the rapture are those that the prophet never opened clearly, but sealed them and in fact, died with them. He confessed it himself that he had something that he would die with. There you are, but we need it to go to the rapture. We must receive it first before we go to the rapture. It is needful for the rapture and nobody can know it unless God reveals to him. You can never fabricate it by your mind by reading the message books, and comparing with the Bible, or something like that, some Bible study. Flesh and blood cannot reveal it to you! Only the Father can give it to you! No minister anywhere can, by his own mind, read the message and the Bible enough to get what was left of the seventh seal. No sir! It will take divine revelation, and it must come by the spirit that was upon the prophet himself.

Let me read it here from the prophet’s message so that you may know that this seal was not broken completely. I want you to see it now as he narrates the tent vision. You who have read about the tent vision you know how he “went up in a small room, after all the vision stretched on, and that is where the angel met him.

Paragraph 299: And just then he picked me up. He took me, and made to sit me way up high to where a meeting  was going on. Looked like a tent or a cathedral of some sort. And I looked and there was a little box like, little place over in the side. And I saw that light was talking to somebody, above me that light that you see there on the picture. It whirled away from me like that and went over to that tent. And said, “I will meet you there.” and said, “this will be the 3rd pull and you won’t tell it to nobody.” [63 - 0324E - THE SEVENTH SEAL]

And then, do you know what happened? Then the prophet was taken into that tent, into that little room, like a box, and when there, the angel told him something. And he said, “Whatever he told me I will die with it.” I want you to see what he says here. 

“And in Sabino Canyon, He said, “This is the Third Pull.” 

And you know, that is when he got a glistening sword that struck his hand and a voice told him, “This is the Third Pull.” 

Paragraph 300: And there is three great things that goes with it. And one unfolded today or yesterday. 

And that one was revealed in the sixth seal. Isn’t it so? 

The other one unfolded today, and there is one thing that I cannot interpret, because it is in unknown language. But I stand right there and looked right straight at it. And this is the Third Pull coming up. [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit three times. Ed]. And the Holy Spirit of Elohim…. oh, my! That’s the reason all heaven was silent.

He leaves it there now; do you know why heaven was silent? It is because of that thing that will happen at that time. I don't want to tell you anything about it now, I am just continuing, watching and when the time comes then we will know it. 

Paragraph 303: And I want you to know, before I even knowed any word about that, that vision came years ago. You remember that? And here it is just as this others has slides right straight into the word exactly where it was. And Elohim knows my heart, I never one time thought of such a thing as that, and here it was. It is later than we think, uh-huh, oh my! 

He was now referring to that tent vision. Remember when the prophet was intending to preach about the vials, he said, “Now we want to fix maybe a big tent somewhere,” thinking he was going to be given that mystery also. He said, “according to the vision of Elohim we will be in the tent somewhere.” But you know visions always are in symbols, and when it comes as a tent it may never have meant a real tent but something else when it is interpreted. That is right. Then he continues to say: 

That shows it is from God, for, see, it fits exactly in the promises of Elohim from the end of the message. You notice. Notice now for the end of time message, this seal. 

Thus, the seventh seal is the end-of-time message. That thing that was hidden and left as a secret – the Third Pull, that sword, and so forth; whatever it was, that he told in the tent, he kept a secret. There is a message which is beyond the prophet’s ministry. Why, he was a forerunner! This is because the Bible says, in Revelation 10, that the seven thunders uttered their voices and then the angel which John saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand and swore that there should be time no longer.

Therefore, those seven thunders uttered the revelation of the end-of-time message. That means that when the seventh seal opens, and that message becomes clear, then time comes to an end – there is no more time. It is a message that reveals the end time events. I want you to understand that clearly. 

That is why I am telling you that I wish I had a voice like a trumpet, as of an archangel, and was able to stand on top of mount Elgon, or Kilimanjaro, or some high place, and summon the entire world to tell them that now the hour has come, and is right here with us! I know when somebody hears that, he will say there is some fanatical something and will bitterly question, “How do you know? You are trying to make yourself somebody.” No sir. These things are revealed by the Holy Spirit, and there's nobody who can counsel Elohim. He can choose to reveal to anything as low as low can be. He can get somebody who has never been to any school, does not have a house, has no shoes on and does not know even bathing soap, and he places him there showing him that the rapture is at hand. Then if that man tells you that and you doubt him, you are doomed. You won't get it again. Nobody can counsel Elohim!  So, I want to tell you that when that message that is opening up, it is just counting down to the rapture.

The opening of that message is the countdown to the rapture. It means the rapture is at hand and time is ending! That is right! It means time is up! The prophet is talking about the seventh seal and says it has three things that go with it. There are three parts in it; watch them fly loose. 

“After all he has revealed all the six seals, but he didn’t say nothing about the seventh and the-end-time seal.”

Aah! Amen! You wonder why I am shouting a big “Amen.” You think I am excited…. It proves that it is the end of time seal! I am not just excited, but whatever is there makes me more grounded. I know where I am at, and whatever is constantly happening around us makes me excited. Amen.

When it starts, will be absolutely at total secret, according to the Bible, before knowing that. 

Amen! Oh! All right. Remember, that when it begins…. Has it ever begun? When, in his time? No sir. He was seeking to be given it by Elohim. You cannot get the Bible lineup from Genesis to Revelation without having gotten that one mystery. Only one scripture interrupts all the lineup, and if somebody knows very well that he doesn't understand one thing, therefore, he should know that he has a wrong vision of the Bible in a way. When you miss understanding one word in the Bible it puts you out of continuity with the rest. You can as well leave the rest and pray that Elohim helps you to understand that one first. Then you come back now in continuity with the whole Bible. If you have one thing that you cannot understand, it puts you out of line with the continuity of the Bible. And when Elohim comes to reveal that secret, so as to make you understand, you have to sacrifice your own views and understanding to receive it. Without sacrificing your own vision of that scripture, you cannot receive the revelation of Elohim’s Word. When somebody holds on his own private interpretation of the Bible like death and life, he can never get the next revelation from Elohim.

When Elohim sends a revelation to a generation, the people who receive it always build their stone walls there, never to move again; and that is what the devil tells them to do. Now, when Elohim sends a revelation to them again, they reject it saying, “all we know is this; Saint so and so gave this to us, any other is wrong”: and that puts them out of Elohim’s program, and out of line with the farther revelation of His promises. Elohim will not stop working until everything is fulfilled. He cannot stop bringing revelation until the time is no longer. When Elohim brought a revelation to Moses, then the Pharisees took it and built their permanent walls around it, and said, “this is all we need. Elohim will never send anybody else, but and if He does send, He has to pass through our system.” That is wrong! It is simply a selfish motive which Elohim will never bend to! 

And I want to tell you, that the way people take the seventh seal, as concerns its revelation, and how the rapture is to come, all that is wrong. Even I also included. We must wait before Elohim. Whether you, whoever or myself, whatever your mind is about the rapture, that mind is wrong! When the truth comes out, it will interrupt that mind of yours and change it. Don’t lean on your understanding! You don't expect Elohim to bring it in your own line of thinking. And people have that weakness and in fact, mainly ministers have that weakness. Let me tell them so that they may get it. You find everyone has his own way of interpreting the promises of God: teachers, preachers, scholars, scribes and whatever, they are busy meddling with scriptures to their own destruction. Church leaders have always their own way of how Elohim should fulfill certain scriptures, and when that time comes and one whom Elohim has anointed to bring that message comes to fulfill that scripture, it interrupts their way of thinking. And they flatly reject it because it is against their views; they reject that message and are doomed. Do you get that? Exactly! So, you'll find in the next paragraph he says,

Paragraph 334: But I do love the solid truth, no matter how much it interrupts this way or that way. If it is the truth, Elohim will finally show it as truth.

And that is what we are hoping and waiting for, about this as we are preaching; we are trying to get from God and what He is to give us for this generation. If that is the truth, then He will turn around and back it a hundred percent. That is what we are looking and waiting for.

Remember, the revelation of the rapture comes at the time you think not. That is right! And the rapture itself also comes at the time you think not. All these things will come the way people don't expect them to. This thing that will come to reveal the rapture, will interrupt every man’s line of thought, and everybody will be subject to change! When Elohim’s revelation comes at a given time, every man on earth, whether prophet or angel or whatever he must be, is subject to interruption. That is right. And he must painfully accept that interruption because no revelation has ever come to earth, without interrupting people's way of thinking. If it doesn't, then it is not from Elohim. If anybody comes with a revelation from Elohim which does not interrupt people's way of thinking, then it is not from Elohim.

Let us follow carefully. When Noah struck the earth with the message of his time, which was a timely message for the end of the world at that time, it interrupted the thinking of all men on earth including Noah himself. He was first interrupted, then he accepted it as from Elohim, and therefore, went ahead to preach and act on it. He preached that there was going to be rain, yet he neither understood nor could explain how that rain was to come. Nobody living that time could use their knowledge, wisdom or understanding, to figure out or explain how the rain was going to come, let alone how the earth was going to be submerged in a flood. If you asked Noah “how is it going to come?” He will answer, “I don't know how it is going to come. There is an indication to me which has indicated that it comes from Elohim. He told me that there's going to be a rain. That's all!” That kind of revelation must have interrupted all people’s thinking, and especially the clergymen; and if any were to be saved, they were to accept to be interrupted by that message. If you found trouble with what Noah preached, then you were to find trouble in accepting that message, and you certainly were going to find trouble entering into that ark, and hence you will not escape, but be swept by the flood. That is right.  

When Moses struck Egypt with his message, with a sign of a snake-stick and leprosy-arm, it interrupted every preacher of that time. Every priest had to change the way of seeing, and accept that of Moses. People had to change their sermons. When they went to their churches, they were to line up their messages with the message of Moses. From that time on, any other message was a lie, and out of continuity with Elohim. I don't care how much time you were having upon it, as long as it could not blend with Moses’s message, you struck a wrong nut, are you getting that now? The same thing happened with the message of Joseph when it struck the earth. Every message had to be in continuity with Joseph’s message. The same thing when Elijah came, every preacher was to change his way of thinking and preach as Elijah. Is that right? When John the Baptist came, every priest, Pharisees, Sadducees, or scribe had to change their scrolls, to remain in continuity with Elohim. If they refused to change, they were doomed. I don't care who they were – low priest, the high priest, Caiaphas, or no Caiaphas, you had to change and go according to John the Baptist, then Elohim will honour your message and service. And when Paul came, everyone had to change and go along with Paul’s message. When Luther came, everything had to change, even the Catholics’ most cemented dogmas were dashed to pieces. When Wesley came, then all the other messengers had to change and line up with the new wine in the new bottle, otherwise they burst. Is that right? When Pentecostal arrived, every church system was interrupted. When you went to the pulpit, or in a house or marketplace or wherever, to preach, you had to preach on the receiving of the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues, performing miracles, signs and wonders and healings, or else the Holy Spirit wouldn’t support you. If you don't, you are out of line with Elohim.

Now, when Pentecostal came, did it interrupt the status quo? Yes! And the fundamentals could not survive with their opposition. Where are they now – they are dead and gone. That is right. Watch Pentecostal interrupting all church systems from the Catholics to the Methodists; and every minister, from Catholics to Methodist, if he was to continue with God, he had to change his vision and thinking, and go exactly the Pentecostal way of teaching and preaching. Yes, If the Holy Spirit was to support their ministry, then they were, in fact, to preach along the Pentecostal revelation.

Let me tell you one thing that happens when God sends a revelation, He expects every preacher and every minister to run to that revelation and settle down there. I don't care about your mind! Your mind is yours, but Elohim has His own mind and you are not going to counsel Elohim! Elohim has to counsel you anyhow! Amen! that is right.

When Brother Branham came, he interrupted everything! All the systems and every man had to shake off. That's right. Now, remember he went on with his entire ministry until he revealed the six seals, but he never revealed the seventh seal, no! He left a divine element on it – he left a mystery, something hidden on it, and it was to be revealed when the bride is exactly ready to receive it, and that is at the coming of Jesus.

Therefore, when the revelation of the seventh seal comes, it is going to interrupt your thoughts and understanding of the message of the prophet. That is right. The revelation of the seventh seal has to interrupt your understanding of the message, not that because it is coming by some great person, but by a simple way; a move from Elohim - the source of all good things. The seventh seal must be higher than the message of the prophet forerunner. And your own understanding of that message must be erased first, then replaced by the new understanding that Elohim has sent, in the hour that you are living in. Every message must interrupt the other one, not by contradicting it, but changing people's way of looking at it, or how they expect Elohim’s next move.  More light shines on the scriptures, revealing God’s Word more brightly that it swallows up any previous stars, glimmering in formal church organizations, vainly claiming the sleeping Saints.

When the Pentecostal message came, it interrupted people's way of looking at the sanctification, because they had settled and thought they had all of it. They had their rules and standards, traditionally held, saying, “for you to be saved and to go to heaven, you must have this, that and the other one.” You know, their religious orders. The Pentecostal message, on arrival, said, “That is not enough, move ahead and receive the Holy Ghost! You have to accept speaking in tongues and working miracles, and the rest of the gifts of the Spirit.”  That interrupted every Methodist system and its preachers. When Brother Branham came with his Laodicean message, he interrupted all the Pentecostals, and all of them were to accept and continue with Elohim, or refuse and be ditched. That is all!

Every message that comes ahead, interrupts people's way of thinking along their old schools. Either you accept the new way of looking at the Bible or you are lost. Have you seen how only one scripture can change your mind, on every other scripture in the Bible? For example, you who have been following this message closely, haven't you been coming into some instances where getting the revelation of one scripture, changes and renews completely your understanding of the Bible, and even the message of the prophet! That is what we mean by revelation. You don't expect to receive the revelation of the Word, and just remain the same. That is why one wrong word added there makes the whole thing wrong. That one word will spread everywhere upon the scriptures and make everything wrong. And therefore, one word revealed brightens everything. The revelation of the serpent’s seed, given to Brother Branham, revealed the whole Bible anew, and put it clear before our wondering eyes, transforming our understanding of the Bible.

Now, what about the revelation of the seventh seal! What are people thinking about those thunders! If only the revelation of the serpent’s seed changes your mind on the whole Bible, and the whole message of the prophet forerunner, Brother Branham, what about the revelation of the seventh seal and those thunders! Even the revelation of marriage and divorce completely changes your mind about the Bible, and the whole message of the seventh angel. How much more should the message of the seventh seal, change your understanding of the Bible; and yet people are not ready to change. My worry is that people are not ready to accept the change of mind upon the Word by revelation. And that is what is going to make them not to be able to go in the rapture. That is right. Nevertheless, you must be humble, you must remain humble or else you'll miss it. He says here, [61 - 0101 revelation chapter 4]

Paragraph 73: And he is doing the same thing today coming right on down. Now, don't never forget this, that Elohim promised great shakings, and great mighty works. Now write this on your notes  that you’re writing, that  what man calls “mighty and great,” Elohim calls “foolish!” and what man calls “foolish” Elohim calls “great”. don't forget that, see, don't forget it. That will help you along in the years to come, because we are looking for something greater all the time. And we are receiving greater all the time, but people of the world don't know it. Neither did they know it in the days of Noah, neither did they know in the days of John, in the days of Jesus, in the days of the apostles, in the days of Irenaeus, any of those days they never knew it.

Now, remember, what we are receiving from Elohim, I believe and honestly believe that it is just one of the greatest revelation that has ever struck the earth. It is now being revealed but who will hear it? It is a hard thing who will hear it? – time always comes for that. And time has come now in the message believers’ church, in the revival, and in all the world for the same statement to be met again. “This is a hard saying who shall hear it.” John chapter 6: verse 60.

Many therefore of his disciples, when they had heard this, said, “This is an hard saying; who can hear it?” 

Paragraph 78 - 79; Now, when John came, we had it last night. Now, remember when you come to this….. For the contest of the thing, I told you then. Remember, the world is getting the hardest shake it ever had right now, the church world. Now, remember no doubt, in the days of John, the days of Jesus, there were great festivals and great speakers in their days, great intellectual men and they drew tens of thousand times thousands of people. What would Caiaphas do if he called a meeting together? He will bring all Jerusalem, he'll bring all Israel together, from pillar to post. And all of them say, “oh, now if Caiaphas say certain - certain things that will be great.”  “Oh, do you believe the scriptures, rabbi, reverend, doctor, bishop? Do you believe the scriptures?” “Certainly, I believe the scriptures, I am a noted scholar!”

Paragraph 80: “Alright now, the Bible said here that there will come a time that there will be,  all the mountains will skip like little rams, all the leaves will clap their hands and all the high places will be brought down and made low, all the low places will be brought up and made high. And it will be done by the voice of one crying in the wilderness. Do you believe that, Rabbi, reverend, doctor, pastor?” “Sure, I believe that!” “How will it happen?”

Paragraph 81: “Oh, Elohim will send a mighty man on earth someday. Oh, that will be great, he'll be a voice of one crying in the wilderness, or he will forerun the coming Messiah. And when he comes, there's no doubt in my mind but what he'll come down to the temple. He'll come right down here and to the temple, and say, “now we are going to take all the Romans and beat them to death. That's all we are going to beat all Romans down.” And then he is going to say, “come on down, messiah!” and the messiah is going to come down, and we are going to mold all of our pruning hooks into…or our swords into plowshares and pruning hooks and there will be no more wars and, uuh – huuh! That’s their interpretation

Are you seeing how he's trying to push out that? The priests were thinking of how John and Jesus will come to fulfill the scriptures. Remember the pastor, the reverend, the doctor had claimed that he knew the scriptures; and that is how best he knew the scriptures. How miserably misplaced was his understanding versus the actual happening. But when the revelation comes, and John the Baptist steps forward, you have to erase your picture and accept his coming, and his interrupting message.  You have to forget about your sense of imagination of a ladder from heaven with angels upon it. The caterpillars to level the mountains must be forgotten immediately. If you don't do that you will be left mixed up. if somebody is not ready to erase his picture of the Bible, and of the message day by day, and renew it in Jesus Christ as Jesus sends new revelation, he runs out of continuity with the scripture as they come to be fulfilled. Amen! 

And now you must also understand that when Elohim sends you a revelation upon the Bible, and the message of the hour, he sends it by whom he will, and by what he will and no man has a choice of that. He can either send by you yourself or he can send it to another person, and if you question about his choice you are doomed. Elohim is Elohim! You cannot say Elohim should have sent me, or I should have understood like this. Elohim is Elohim and he is supreme. You must look at it soberly with a good motive. But somebody comes, before he hears it, he's already criticizing; before he even knows what you are talking about, he is already trashing it away.

Paragraph 85: Then, the first thing you know, they were expecting the Messiah to come done with angels and things, and settle down on the canopies out there and the temple where they had built for him to come to. (Like we are building a great big places today across the nations and so forth.) See?  And when he did come, He bypassed every one of them synagogues, every one of them organizations and come down to a stable. 


They forced him into it. 

How did they force Him into the stable – by their own way of wrong interpretation! Are you following that? They were building great big places in readiness for Him to come in, and preaching the tradition of men for Bible doctrines. And they were making great things – roads and great minds until they forced Him to be born in the stable.  

The thing is like this; if the high priest was just simple in his mind and accepted that he did not know how He will come; “and that when He comes, let Him just be merciful to me that I may see Him when He comes,” surely, he should have come to the high priest! But, no, the high priest was “a know-it-all” and had fixed his theology of what kind of Messiah should come. They expected a great person, some reverent, bishop, doctor, or rabbi; had set themselves in readiness for Him in their own conceits as if they had consulted Him who was to come; yet they were all blind men.

So, if Elohim has promised us anything to fulfill the scripture, it is only Elohim who knows how that scripture is going to be fulfilled. Nobody else knows. Therefore, all of us are foolish as far as that seal is concerned. Let me stress it – is that right? All of us are foolish about the seventh seal. No minister in the world knows anything about it; whatever they are a great doctor, rabbi, pastor, overseer or prophet so and so, in the revival, out of the revival, know nothing about how the seventh seal will be opened. There you are, you can't! You accept or refuse; I still put it to you that no man in the world, with the Holy Ghost or without the Holy Ghost, can know how Elohim is going to fulfill the seventh seal. We shall all be and remain ignorant about the thunders, and about how Elohim will reveal them until Elohim comes and does it. That is when anybody on earth will know about it. That is right. We are and shall all be ignorant until it comes. 

When people in the ages past read Malachi 4: 5 – 6: “Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of YAH. And he shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” None knew how Elohim was going to do it – nobody knew, not even the prophet Branham himself, in his early stages of his ministry. He only found out much later that he was already fulfilling those scriptures, and that is when he understood. No other holy priest knew anything about it. And now that Elohim has promised us that there is going to come a time when the seventh seal is going to be broken open, and the revelation of the thunders will follow, and the rapture will come, let me tell you, none of us know how those things are going to be, but Elohim. And for us to understand how it is going to pass, we will have to come to the time of fulfillment first.

Do you remember the time I was telling you that you only get the revelation of something when it is acted it out? When the scripture of your day is being fulfilled, that is when you get the revelation of that scripture. Somebody is trying to say; “thunders, they will be like this or like that, do this or that. Forget! How do you know?

“You know this revelation of thunders; me, I know they can’t come like this – they are going to come when...”

How do you know? The prophecy is only interpreted when it is being fulfilled! Doesn't the prophet say that? “Elohim said let there be light.” All you have to do is wait. When light shined, that was the interpretation. Nothing as, “me I thought” or as “it will come like this” you don't know anything. The only way you could know is the light to shine forth!  

So, if Elohim said that he will reveal the thunders and the seventh seal in the last days, it is only Elohim who can come here and interpret that for us to understand! That's right. Nobody should come and tell us “He will bring the thunders like this.” Nobody in the world knows, but only Elohim. That’s right. And every one of us must be ready to be surprised at the revelation of the seven thunders. Every one of us must be ready to lay aside all our understanding and accept Elohim’s way of interpreting them. And when Elohim has promised to bring the revelation, you don't know until you see it. You don't even know the way by which He will do it until He does it! Let me say something here; He will vindicate it so plainly to make it sure. Here we are standing there now. Amen! We are standing at the very door of it now, where the scripture is to be fulfilled.

The Lord Jesus Christ, will have also liked to be born where people can see Him, and not to hide like that, but because of their way of misconstruing, and misunderstanding the scripture of how He was to come, He left them all and went to a little unknown girl somewhere; and that is how it happens constantly. And it normally comes to people who don't know anything, they are just there and seemingly so ignorant, that they cannot misconstrue the Bible.

Right now, in the world, if Jesus Christ was to be born, where do you think He will be born? You think He will go to some big church, to some great person? Never! They don’t believe it to begin with. I wonder whether the level of your understanding of the hour, and of the message of the prophet forerunner, would allow Jesus Christ to be born in your house. I wonder whether the understanding of many people regarding the scripture of the hour, wouldn’t force Jesus into a manger somewhere. He was forced then, and today He is also forced into a manger.

Remember, that is the condition today – He is forced to stay outside every religious camp. How do they force Him? By misconstruing the scripture and misinterpreting the Word!

You remember, the prophet used to tell us that when you believe something, as long as you are still on this earth, don't put there a full stop. You should say, I believe this and that, and anything else that Elohim will bring my way. To be on the safe side, every time you receive something from Elohim, and you are still on this earth, put a comma to it: then when you are in the rapture, you can put there whatever full stop you want.

I remember preaching on that long time ago, wondering if Elohim sends another prophet at this time into the world to this Branham church, will they receive him? Then I said, it will be good that there are no more prophets to be sent, or they should wish so! If they were there, the believers would have missed it by miles. You have to say one plus one is equal to two! Hallelujah!  Always put there a comma but don't say full stop. Do not stop and sit down. Notice Elohim’s work, receive it, be blessed with it, honour it, but keep moving on until you are in the rapture. Each step of the way is only revealed when it is acted out, and all the time it will be that strange and unusual, but by His grace receive it and keep moving on. 

Methodists believe this, this and that, full stop. Pentecostals believe that, that and this, full stop. Catholics believe the other, the other and the other, full stop. When Elohim comes in the next move, He finds “a full stop” on the door. Therefore, He is forced to begin a new move somewhere else. Amen! They force Him away and He starts a New Statement with somebody else, throwing away all their old stuff. Amen! They say, “We have the message of the hour, full stop; we have the revival full stop.” It was supposed to be justification comma, sanctification comma, Pentecostal comma, Brother Branham comma, revival comma, the revelation of the seventh seal comma, rapturing faith comma, rapture! – when we strike heaven’s borderlands, when we strike the heavens and the gates swing open and we enter into the palaces, then I pull out my notebook and write a big lettered ‘FULL STOP’! Eternally FULL STOP! Amen. That’s right. 

And that's how those Branham believers, who refused the Holy Ghost revival, missed it. They had put “a full stop” somewhere yet Elohim was still with a comma in heaven. Now when the Revival set in and reached some gates, many people had put “a full stop” somewhere to it. And when the revival was ending, some pastors in revival circles had put a full stop on their doors. “The Revival only! If you come with anything else besides the revival we will not accept it.”

Elohim will go somewhere else and start a new paragraph with some other people who are ready to move on and leave you with your “full stop.” That's right.

Paragraph 86: That's what it is today. He is forced into things, forced to do it, forced to be interdenominational, because his message don't co-operate with the denomination. His message today, preached by his ministers, is interdenominational because the denominations cast him out.  The Bible said so. He was on the outside, knocking, trying to come in, in his own church. That's where it’s at. See. It is just the same today

And I want to preach a little message one of these days, when it comes comfortably that “Jesus outside every church”, because the Bible said so. You can try to put him in Misikhu or any church anywhere, but He is outside every church! When the time comes He will allow me to preach it. And we must go beyond the veil of the churches.

Paragraph 87: So, remember what looks big to man is little before Elohim. Now that's the reason you don't have to have a lot of followers.  And when Elohim comes again, when Jesus comes again you'll be surprised, that little wash woman back in alley. Uh-huh, you'll be surprised, that guy that don't say nothing, keeping his secrets to himself and walking around before Elohim, humble, you'll be surprised. 

Are you seeing where the rapture will be going, “surprises at the rapture?” … It'll be going to people who are not even known. Let me tell you; the rapture will be simple, and it requires simple people to go in there – who don't know anything, lambs. That is all. But somebody who thinks he knows everything when the rapture comes, it just passes over where they are. And you will be surprised that people who will go in the rapture, will be fellows who will have been hunted from the hedges, streets, villages, with no reputation and no name among people. Elohim will hand himself such fellows and surprise them in the rapture. On the outer side it will be a surprise. Those who go in the rapture are surprised because they have just been hunted out of some hedge somewhere – he is just ambushed from a hedge somewhere, seated down in the grass and docile. Then up, let’s be gone … surprised. Is that right? The people who remain will also be surprised because they think they are going.

“Now, you have always known me; I am great so and so, I am brother so and so, the great deacon, I am a believer, I am a revivalist so and so, a big force in the revival.” 

And when the time comes and Elohim grills it, and it comes rolling down to the horizon, and He hands himself fellows to go into the rapture; they will get surprised.

“Eh! You mean even me also was supposed to come here?”

Then he says “YES! COME OVER!”

“Why am I not seeing pastor so and so; I thought you were going to call him in here to pass through the DOOR first. If anything, I am supposed to walk far behind him …”


“Ah! And where will my great pastor so and so sit?  I think that is his, because he is a great guy”,


Then he will sit there, still amazed that he also could make it while reverent so and so is left out. Then when somebody else comes in or moves around, he thinks, and that unconsciously responds as if he is to be jerked off the seat. When somebody else enters he almost stands off the seat to voluntarily hand it over, still thinking that he is not worth it.

“NO, NO, JUST SIT” he is told and reassured. 

Those are the people Jesus is going to hunt for Himself to put in the rapture because, unlike the others, they allow him to come in his own way, style and time. To begin with, they don't know which way is His way. When Jesus says, “It is this way”, they get surprised and say, “oh, sorry, we were almost going the wrong way if you had not spoken.” 

They follow him perfectly with natural and unnecessary apologies, yet they are just doing the right and needful thing – following him whatsoever He leadeth. They move forward at his command, while all the time expecting any other interrupting commands from Him, for them to follow. Thus, their steps are sure until he makes the next command, then like a marching line of intrinsically trained soldiers; they take the next turn in time with His next command. My! Their eyes are set on Him, having nothing of their own, never to go wrong. Those are the people that are going to go in the rapture! They are those who walk on with trembling thinking they are lost, and therefore, continuously seeking His say about their walk. When something comes up they stop and look around first:

“Or somebody is saying that I am wrong …”

When nobody seems to say they are wrong; or else if anybody audibly says they are wrong, they go back quickly ready to begin properly all over again. Those are the type of people Jesus is going to hand for Himself and put in the rapture! 

But if another presumptuously says; “yes, I knew it was to come like this”; then he arrogantly takes a sit and put his right leg on the left, looking around with doubtless precision. He will be jerked out of the seat! That's right. And be thrown in outer darkness!

Oh, what more can I say to make it clearer. The rapture is in a corner! The rapture is a dive – it will dive and come out from that other side. The rapture is going to be a corner – I don't know how I can say to fit it so that you understand that. The rapture is going to twist like this, twist like that and twist again… If Elohim is going to get people in the rapture, he can twist them like this, twist them like that and go away without anybody knowing anything. Remember that! [Brother Joshua knocks on the table 3 times- Ed]. The rapture is so simple that you are going to miss it – somebody is going to miss it, thinking he is going to be there. He may be setting himself that he is rapture material, while he's going to be left here to pass through judgment.  

I wish I had a voice of an angel, to make that really sink down into the hearts of the people. The rapture is come! The rapture is here with us! The revelation of that rapture is striking as hard as it can and, yet people are going to reject it because, they have their own way of how the rapture should be coming. Remember, humble yourselves then you will be exalted. Never exalt yourself. Your prayer from today is that: “Lord, humble me more now, make me humbler. Reveal yourself to me, for I don't know where I should go. I am lost as lost can be, and I need your help now. I need you to lead me and direct me where to go. I don't know how the rapture will come, I don't know anything about the revelation of the rapture. I don't know anything about those great revelations, and all the materials ahead there. The only thing I know is that, by your grace, I am filled with the earnest of the Holy Spirit and nothing else. And therefore, Lord, I am just lost about the future and do expect you to lead me. I am trusting in you.” 

That's how the rapture is going to come. Amen. That is how He comes down, for He has always come like that to such people. Now, I want you to get it clearly. He has always done it that way. Isn’t it? I want you to listen carefully, and receive with all your hearts. Every scripture, when the time comes for it to be revealed, it comes to the simplest of the simple. Don't think that Noah was a great guy among the people. When you read about Noah in the Bible, you may be excused to think that he was a renowned person in his day. Noah may correctly have been some unknown person in a corner of a street somewhere, who did not even have enough to eat. He was, maybe, some carpenter-sort-of a fellow. And that is the kind that Elohim comes to in His day. So, when the scripture comes to be fulfilled in its time, it will never go to the state house. How have the scriptures been fulfilled over the time? They come to people like Mary the Virgin, Joseph the carpenter; and that is where the very Elohim of heaven goes – to somebody like Joseph and Mary, in their little-cabin homestead. 

If you want to know where he is, you will have to go to that carpenter man who hardly makes a living, and doesn't have enough money to buy food, and to a little girl there who doesn't have enough clothes on. And that is where you find the whole Lord Jesus Christ staying. That's right. If you want to know where he is born, you have to hunt for him in some manger somewhere. If you want to know where he sleeps, you have to hunt for him in a cave somewhere. That's right. How are the scriptures usually fulfilled? They normally come to the simplest of the simple, who don't have great minds that tries to force their way through. But men and women, because of the devil giving them great minds of intellectual reasoning upon the Bible, and upon the message of the prophet forerunner, forces Jesus away from themselves into a manger somewhere, and to a Carpenter somewhere. And that is why he loves those carpenters, as he said in Luke 10:21, as He rejoiced in the spirit! “I thank thee, Oh Father, YAH of heaven and earth, that thou hast hidden these things from the wise and the prudent, and has revealed them unto babes; Even so, Father; for so it seemed good in thy sight.” That's right.


Why did it seem good for Him to reveal himself to the simple? Because they willingly and readily do accept what he says. They have no great minds of their own to argue with Him, and because they are low down to earth and simple in their hearts, they are ready to receive Him. Because of that, Jesus simply comes to them and says, “Here I am”; like to the woman at the well, Mary Magdalene and the rest. Look at the kind of people who came to Jesus. And He loved them because they loved Him, and they do not know where they are until he comes. Then when He comes, they just grab Him and say “yes! You are the one whom I have been waiting for … “come and see whom we have found, Jesus the son of David.” 

“Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”

“Come and see for yourself!”

Do you see that? – I don't know how to put it. I am just seeing it there, but I can't make it clear enough. Let the Holy Ghost take it, interpret it and reveal it to every one of you and make you get it clearly. Scriptures are so simple and the way they are fulfilled is so simple, so that the simple can understand. And when Elohim fulfills any great thing, He goes and hands himself a man somewhere, who doesn't know his ABCD of anything – a green fellow in everything, and that is the fellow who will allow Elohim to come in fully and express Himself without any hindrances. That’s right. He has no boundary, he has no full stop to any move of the Spirit; he has no left hand or right hand and doesn't know north or south. Then when Elohim comes and take a man like that, with all those weaknesses – doesn't know how to read or write; doesn’t differentiate north from south, doesn't know whether the priest is right or wrong, doesn't know how to fix his collars nor enter the church acceptably, and say his prayers in harmony. That is the fellow Elohim can come down with all those weaknesses and fill him and use those weaknesses; Aaah, like thunder! This is so because the fellow doesn't have anything of his own. He is empty! He is lost and just walking on the road aimlessly like this. 

Then when Elohim gets the fellow, he uses even the fingers, legs, mouth and he can twist him any way he wants. When He takes him, He can send him anywhere and He can reduce him to anything. He can make him sleep in a cave if He wants, or bring him and make him come out some other way and be born in a manger. He can and bring him in a home where there is no reputation at all. He can bring him bread using crows, and make him sleep in the wilderness where there is no blanket; eating locusts and things like that because, he has no direction of his own, but he's waiting for Elohim to give him direction all the time. And when Elohim gives him direction … Wheee … he doesn't know anyone else. He will tell you; “I don't know anyone else, and don’t even tell me about anything else. I was lost and now I'm found; and since He got me one day besides the desert somewhere, He has been leading me from that hour, and He is the only one that I can trust because He came to me when I was lost.” And you will never tell him anything intellectual, or drill some intellectual knowledge into him. You will not try to stuff him with things because, he will not understand that stuff. He will, therefore, shake it off and say that I know one time I was in the wilderness, and a lion came, and I took him by the beard and slew him. And therefore, this goliath-of-a-fellow is just going to be like one of that.” That is right.  Do you see where Elohim goes, when the scripture comes to be fulfilled?

Have you understood how? I don't have the words, but I believe the Holy Ghost will drill it into your heart so that you may sleep while dreaming about it, wake up still dreaming that the rapture is so close, and very close, and you have to be simple and let Elohim come in and lead. The rapture will be in much simplicity, so that the simple may receive it; because they are free to understand and do not argue with Elohim. 

I am just looking for the place where we were reading, so that I can finish it over here. Let me just read this one. [63 - 0324E - THE SEVENTH SEALS, from paragraph 393]  

Paragraph 393: Here, now, we find that the sixth seal has been opened to us we see it. And we know that this seventh seal cannot be broke to the public until that hour arrives.

Have you understood that clearly – let me repeat that again, I am reading from page 576. “Now, there was some reason that Elohim let these 7 voices be thundered. Because it must come, see. We find that Christ, the Lamb, took the book in his hand, and he opened that seventh seal. But, you see, it is a hidden mystery. No one knows it. But, right along with that he said, “No one would know his coming.” They also not know this 7-thunder mystery. So, you see, it is connected together. 

Paragraph 395: That much, we have an understanding of it, today, because the rest of it is all unfolded; but this is not unfolded. But sitting in my room, and I heard this…… or not heard it, rather, but seen it unfold to these seven thunders. Now, that is as far as we can go, Right there.

Paragraph 396: And now I trust that each and every one of you will serve Elohim and do that which is right. And love him all your life, and serve him. And Elohim will take care of the rest.  

Now, we have, in the completion here now, by the grace of Elohim, all the mysteries of the six seals that’s been sealed up, and we understand and know here that the seventh seal is not to be known to the public. 

Paragraph 398: Now, his coming, and the hour of his coming, when the destruction of the earth, you know. He said there, “what will be the sign of the coming of the end of the world?” 

You know, when he says about His coming, and that nobody knows about His coming, the rapture is part of that coming. I mean, the rapture also takes place in secret. But, remember, there is another coming; where the scripture says, He comes by the clouds and every eye shall see Him, and the kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him. And the powers of the heavens shall be shaken, and that He will come with the angels with great glory. He will send his angels to catch the elect, from the four corners of the earth. He says, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away”. 

Acts chapter 1: 6 – 7. When they therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying, Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel? And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.

Matthew 24: 1 - 3.  And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and his disciples came to him for to show him the buildings of the temple. And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? Verily I say unto you, there shall not be left here one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down. And as he sat upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?

The three questions in verse 3, did not all refer to the rapture. Jesus comes first for the Bride, then second, for Israel, and that is where every eye will see Him, and them also who killed Him, and every tribe will wail because of Him. This is when all shall run to the mountains, and say to the rocks, “Fall on us”. This is at the end of the three and a half years, not at the beginning. That is where the scripture says, “Michael will stand up, who standeth for the children of thy people (Israel), and there shall be a time on earth like it has never been before.” that is the time of His coming for the Jews.

So, the three questions apply to different times:

When will the temple be blown down till a stone be not found upon another? (fulfilled in 70 AD).

The sign of His coming? (When He comes for the Bride, at the end of the seven church ages).

The sign of the end of the world? (To be fulfilled when He comes to reveal Himself to the Jews).

He answered these questions one by one; first He spoke of the fall of Jerusalem, then of His coming (where the carcass is, there the eagles will be gathered).  And finally, the end of the world when He appears in the clouds of heaven.

It is the coming for the Bride which is a total secret. The same is it that was foreran by Branham the end time prophet. This is the Elijah of the end-time, who should prepare a people for Him. He comes to the Bride, gives her the Word, she receives it, acts on it, to fulfill it as a Bride. All that shall be done in secret, only the elect of that hour will know. Pray that you will be one of them.

I will praise him, I will praise him,

Praise the for sinners slain;

Give him glory all ye people,

For His blood can wash away each stain.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for your grace for us this evening. We believe that you have talked to us, and as we go away, dear Lord, we desire that those words be quickened in us, to give us faith and make us new creatures, to give us new power and new strength, to reach out unto you and be more positioned to the place where you want us to be, in this dreadful hour. An hour which is so dreadful, and fills us with nervousness; for it is a fearful day. What a day that is so fearful, that we are living in! Help us Lord. I commit all the people here, in the name of the Lord, that they may be given to you. I pray for them that you may bless them, and make them understand what you have sent to us now, which very thing should take us into the rapture. That everyone who is here, may understand these things, and ponder them in their heart. 

Oh Elohim, may you remember us in this hour. Remember us, Lord. Remember your elect. Remember your servants, Oh Lord. May you remember them, and come near them, and cover them with your wings of your healing. Be close to them, Oh Elohim, and be swift to help them. Deliver them Oh Elohim, deliver them, dear Jesus: we are here before you now, we are waiting for that hour. If it comes tomorrow, or comes today; if it comes next year, help us to be found ready. I pray for them Lord, for I know that it is a crucial thing, and a sensitive issue, yet it is very tremendous and terrible, and it has finally come upon us. So, help them, Lord, that they may make themselves ready for this great thing that is supposed to happen – that is fixing to happen, and is identifying itself that it is about to happen. 

Give us the courage Lord; give me the courage also for I don't have the courage of my own. May you give me so that I may be able to stand and testify. And if it be your testimony, Lord, I pray that you'll come down and back it up – back it up completely because, you only can speak anything that is true. For all this congregation, I pray that you look upon them, Lord, and shepherd them. Feed them and fill them; let them drink thy water. Finally get them through the door to yourself. Till then, may you give them prayerful hearts, praying day and night, and watching for your coming; making ready, for we see the red lights of your coming. Thank you, Lord, for having revealed that much to us. The remaining also belongs to you, and you are the one to give us at the appointed time. Here we are, if there is anything else that we are to receive as the revelation of the Word, in this hour we are living in, as you have chosen us, grant it Lord. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen

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