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1994 – 0402N KMG

Scripture: Rev 10:5-7


1. ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,

Just to take Him at His word;

Just to rest upon His promises,

Just to know “Thus saith the Lord”.

Jesus, Jesus how I love Him!

How I’ve proved Him more and more!

Jesus, Jesus blessed Jesus!

O for grace to trust Him more!

2. O how sweet to trust in Jesus,

Just to trust His cleansing blood;

Just in simple faith to plunge me,

‘Neath the healing, cleansing Blood!

3. Yes, ‘tis sweet to trust to trust in Jesus,

Just from sin and self to cease;

Just from Jesus simply taking,

Life and rest and joy and peace.

4. I ‘m so glad I learned to trust Thee,

Precious Jesus, savior friend;

And I know that Thou art with me,

Wilt be with me to the end!

We shall pray. Precious Heavenly Father, we bow before Thee this hour, being grateful to have an opportunity like this one here, to stand in the place we are standing, and to have the assurance we have, and also to have the purpose we have. We count ourselves privileged people living today, and we see that we are found before you, as we find ourselves living in that day when everything else has to come to an end. Your grace has provided a way for us to see and recognize what you have sent. That makes us so thrilled in our hearts.

We can hardly rest when we see what you have promised in your word fulfilled plainly before our wondering eyes, when others are not seeing. It just goes to show how much Grace you have opened to us. That makes us be really serious with them and we try to push ourselves to do something about it. May you help us now, dear Lord, to do the same thing. Bless your word – you knew what it means to us and what it holds for us. That is why we are being honest and sincere, and trying to scratch on everything we can scratch on because we realize what it means to us as we are in this world. Now as we come to this meeting, we count it a real great blessing and we also desire, dear Lord, to put in as much as we can. We don’t want to waste any minute or time, nor linger at any one place, but we pray to move on.

We have come here for the same purpose, and we are praying that you come down and be here with us. Oh our God, you know what we need most in this hour. You know what and how the fight is now. You know the devil and how he is putting up his defenses. You know where he is hiding and you know the right weapon to get him out.

We are praying, dear Jesus, that you come and do that so that you can receive glory and honor, as you deliver your children. We rest assured that you will do that. Father, forgive us of shortcomings in our midst – How sometimes we are lazy and going off your word here and there. We are very sorry and we pray that you come now and cleanse us in this service that it may be a holy service. We welcome you to grant us the presence of your Holy Spirit – show us that you are with us. Lord, you come and meet us here as we surrender to you. We are expecting some surprises because we know that you deal in supernatural ways, and so we wait for that, Lord. We ask in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Now we are happy to meet again after some time. We come together with different experiences and so on and when we meet like this, it is really a great time. We come from different places – some coming from as far as Trans-nzoia, others from way down in Nyanza, Rift Valley and so on. And we are all meeting here with something that we are holding on, that we are most sure of, as we are also trying to move towards something else. That, therefore, makes us feel so greatly humbled and confident that we are involved in this matter. That alone is very thrilling! That is if we are actually involved at heart – it is so much gratifying for souls living today. We are very happy to meet with you all in the Name of the Lord.

Now, in this meeting, I want to say one thing which I have never said, and I want you to be really attentive! My desire is that God willing, and His Grace upon us, let everyone be really attentive. And don’t take anything for granted. We kindly request deacons to be grave, so that they don’t allow any disturbance to the services. Then let us be really prayerful as the meeting progress on – I do not mean shouting in prayer, but having prayerful hearts.

You may not even have a prayer item on your heart, but just remain really inclined and crying to God ,in your heart so that He may have His own way with you in these meetings. Therefore, I wanted to say that separately, so that you get it clearly and plainly as a single instruction. Even though we are saying the way we usually say while instructing you in the other meetings, we have had before, but let this single instruction be a little more special and unique for these particular meetings.

Please, don’t disturb at all. Be reverent and humble. Be sincere with yourself and have a goal in these things – have something to do with these things! Not lightly, but seriously.

May I announce what I will be speaking about in these meetings. The theme of the meetings from now up to Sunday is THANKSGIVING. Then we shall deal with a text upon that, God giving us the Grace, we shall talk about this: ON THE WINGS OF A SNOW-WHITE DOVE. However, I want to make it lean on one side, so that I add there one other element and say, THE SNOW-WHITE DOVE, A SIGN FOR COMPLETE DELIVERANCE – That is the understanding I want to give it and that is the full text. Then we will be breaking it into subjects, and so may God help us. Before we approach the word, let us pray again.

Dear Heavenly Father, you know how we are feeling now, and you know the battle we are fighting, but you also know that you have your loved ones here on earth whom, you are dealing with in a very special way. You know that we are facing an end time and that we are living in that hour now. We pray that you will help us, because we don’t want to get lost, nor left out. We don’t want to miss this great hour which many people have missed.

We have talked about it severally, but now we are facing it. We have talked about other people, dear Lord: we have talked about the days of Noah, we have narrated the story of Moses, and we have given the story of Elijah and Elisha; John the Baptist and Paul and many other great men of God, and how they overcame in their time. Dear Heavenly Father, now we are faced with the same state. It is now our time. It has finally come upon us also.

We are sorry, for being sometimes childish, such that we don’t really give our hearts to take the right decision. In these meetings, we pray that Father, be with us and help us as we go along. We desire that Father. We don’t know what is in store for us, and so we go on anticipating and scratching, believing that one time we shall scratch on a certain vein, a stream, which will lead us to the central thing that will lead us on.

Help us Lord, we are just as prospectors, Lord, trying to dig among the rocks that are really hard and rough, leading to discouragements on every side – we can hardly dig, Lord. Have mercy on us, for we are poor little needy people. Nevertheless, we are only relying on you, Jesus. Grant it in this meeting, that we may find you and that will suffice for us. I commit them unto you, Lord – deal with everyone, because we are living in a very dangerous hour when it is really late. In this late hour we pray that you be with us – we need you, Lord.

We want to put away all the nonsense, how we have tried to play around with little things. We want to face each one of them with boldness, in this hour we are living in. we want to address it with a lot of seriousness. May you help us, Lord. We ask it in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Now, we shall open the scriptures in the book of Revelation 10. I am not sure if my wife carried a handkerchief for me. Rev.10:5 – 7

And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer: But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets. 

This is actually an introduction to what I want to talk about, and I will title it: SIRS, IS THIS THE TIME? Sirs, what is the time? What is the position of the hour-hand pointer on the clock in the time allotted for the people on earth today? What is the hour that we are standing in – the time of the world? Could it be that the handwriting is now on the wall? Then, if the handwriting is on the wall, what is the time that we are standing in? I want us to follow that line very carefully. What is the hour that we are living in now, and where are we according to the time of God. Where are we standing according to the calendar of God for us, as men on earth?

You will notice that we have always been looking for something, and pointing at something. There are promises in the scriptures, and in the prophet Forerunner’s message that points ahead to something, and sure there are small things and also great things there. All things are there as promises that concern the people who live at the end time.

Now I want us to realize every scripture must needs be fulfilled. Every scripture must needs be fulfilled! We are not saying that passively or rhetorically, but that is the practical reality of God’s Word. Every scripture must needs be fulfilled! There is no enough unbelief that will ever stop any scripture or any promise from God from being fulfilled. There are no enough devils, infidels, religious spirits, politicians and anything enough that can stop the scripture and prophecies, which were spoken as the Holy Ghost moved upon holy men, from being fulfilled. There is nothing! Every scripture must need be fulfilled, and every prophecy that God has put down in written or spoken word must be fulfilled.

I want you to get it. There is nothing to hinder the scriptures from being fulfilled. That is one thing I want us to call our attention to. There is nothing anywhere that is going to hinder God’s scriptures from being fulfilled exactly on the dot! See? Think of that, and I want to go slowly over it. Every scripture that is recorded in the Bible and every prophecy that God has ever spoken, must need be fulfilled.

And we are not going just to talk about it, look at it, joke around and go away as though these things are not coming to take place. It must need come to pass! Whatever God has said in His Word, and told us that it will happen; then there is no need of gambling around it. See! God is going to fulfil it. It must be fulfilled! Whether you like it or not, the prophecy must come to pass, and the word must be fulfilled! And God’s intention must be achieved.

Another thing I want you to hold on is that God’s Elect must fulfil the scripture of their Day. See! There is no one time that God’s Elect have ever failed to fulfil the scriptures of their Day. The churches may fail, the systems may fail, people may fail, preachers may fail, denominations may fail, organizations may fail and surely everything will fail; but remember God’s elect in every age have never failed to fulfil the scriptures of their day. There is no record in the Bible for such a happening.

Go back to Noah’s time. The elect in Noah’s day never missed fulfilling their scripture – They fulfilled it to the dot! According to the requirement of God for that hour, the elect were not short of fulfilling that scripture.

By the way, the elect were those who entered Noah’s Ark. Do you get that? The elect were in the Ark. And there was no other single elect left outside the Ark! All that was outside the Ark was not elected – there is no guesswork here. The elect fulfilled the scripture; and whoever failed to fulfill it was not elected.

Now, in this service, we are going to presume at something before we finally hit it, if God gives us the inspiration. Meanwhile, we shall just continue presuming at it.

God’s elect people have never missed fulfilling the scripture! In the days of Abraham, the elect were on time; they were never late! The elect have never been late in any age. Churches have been late; denominations have been late; some preachers have been late; some organizations have been late, but God’s elect have never been late. Now, this is not going to be the first time for the elect to be late. I completely differ from the thought that the elect today will be late in fulfilling the scripture of their day. No. Why, because it has never happened with God’s elect like that.

In Moses’ time, the elect were on time with the scripture of their Day. Caleb was on the dot – he never missed it! Others missed it but not Caleb, and it is only Caleb who made it. Don’t say or think that some missed it, and then finally got it, No! When they missed it, it was forever gone! There is no rewinding in these things. When God is fulfilling the scripture of the hour and somebody misses it, there is no rewinding. God has never rewound His move on earth. When somebody misses the fulfillment of the scripture of his time, it has slipped on him forever. See it! And that is a very serious issue in the hour we are living in. I want to stress it to you that it is very serious! God’s elect have never missed it. When the clock of the hour just ticks pap! They also just tick in their hearts pap! They are exactly on time! There is nowhere when they were ever late. Search the scriptures and see where the elect were ever late. Show us one elect who was ever late. Never!

Elisha was just on time – he was never late! Do you see that? We find that during the time of John the Baptist, the elect never missed it … they never came running or dragging their feet afterward to John and pleading with him: “Oh, Bro. John, we are sorry, something held us and we have come late”. Nothing – Never! They got it on time.

When Jesus struck the earth the elect never missed Him. Never! Watch, Simeon was there, Anna was there; Philip was there; Nathaniel was there; Peter was there and they got Him just on time. And somebody who missed Him never found Him again. Somebody who missed Jesus in flesh, when He struck the earth at first, never found Him again after that! Somebody who went in the upper room never got Him there! Instead, they got the Holy Ghost. But the elect has never missed it in their time.

When Luther struck, the elect were with him – is that right? When Wesley struck, the elect were with him – They never missed him. When Pentecost struck, the elect were with it. Is that right? When Bro. Branham struck the earth, the elect also struck the earth with him.

Now, we are waiting and we are looking everywhere – every scripture must be fulfilled! And we are not just going to talk about these things, they must be fulfilled! Whether you like it or not and whether you believe it or not, it must be fulfilled. And let me tell you now….the elect has never missed it, neither has he ever been late. He has never! Do you get that? Now, why? When time is ripe and approaching, the elect having a seed in them, are stirred up and they get prepared for the hour meant for them.

I can see Philip, Nathaniel and Peter always meeting somewhere on the mountain or in a certain cave, and every night they were praying while talking about the scriptures, such as Isaiah 40:3, Isaiah 7:14, talking about the Virgin Birth. Then when you flash your eyes the other side you see Simeon and Anna also looking around, praying and waiting on the scripture of that hour, nobody had told them that it was the hour, they were moved by the Spirit of God upon the seed. Since the seed came from God, when He is ready to move, the seed senses it and becomes stirred up, feeling that there is something that ought to happen. Their bones begin to quake, their heart quivering, and then off to the mountain and into the caves, seeking for something! They are just sensing it – they really don’t know what it is, but something is moving upon their hearts.

And in the hour we are living in, something has happened! I am not saying this partially, but I say it (and I want you to get it) in the real realization of it. I want you to watch it carefully. Something has happened! See? (We will approach it slowly). And then something else is coming to pass. Something has passed over people’s head, and it is very pathetic. Nevertheless, we thank God the elect is in it. Now, realize these things: you have to be in it personally. However, I want to tell that something has happened, and then something else is going to happen, then something else takes over and then it is all over. But something has happened and it has slipped over many people. See!

Now, let me go back again. When Jesus was about to come, the elect were moved and were in a real state of desperation; were crying, praying, unsettled; and their hearts were in a broken, praying and watching state. Just remember again that the elect never missed it. Because of the move of God on their hearts, as they sensed it afar off, they went around looking for it; many-a-times not knowing what it was, but they just moved. See?

When scriptures are about to be fulfilled, the elect is moved. There is a certain power that goes on among the elect and touches the hearts and makes them get moved. You find that Philip, Peter and Nathaniel were having it. Remember, when Philip found Jesus, he ran off to Nathaniel. He never went to Caiaphas and told him; “Caiaphas, our honorable high priest! We have found Him!” He ran back to his company – those ones with whom they had been seeking together – they had been seeking for it because it was revealed in them. When Philip came to Nathaniel, he said: “Come and see whom we have found.” That is to say that they had been looking for Him! They had done so in prayer, over the mountains, going around the valleys, and conventions gatherings and overnight prayer meetings, and going everywhere in evangelism trying to find Him. Then, finally, Philip stuck something; he stood on the side nearby and watched it.

Jesus, a little man, standing there as a certain woman came by, said: “you are from Bethlehem and your house is number so and so, and you have come here because you have this problem, but I tell you now, rise up and walk because, all your sins are forgiven you.” While Philip was still watching, they brought another one on his bed, and got him closer to the little man who looked at him lying there and said, “man, all your sins are forgiven you. Rise up and go, never sin anymore.” Philip marveled and could not hold himself; “Eh! Here is something that now tickles my heart,” and his mind went straight in the scriptures and got into Abraham’s story, on the back side of the desert, found a man who was supposed to be an Angel, seated there and remembered that the man told Abraham about Sarah. It was true Sarah was somewhere, but there had been no introduction for the visitor to know where she was and what her name was! Then as Philip’s mind was racing so fast, he thought; “here is something!” Little did he know that his own time had come?

The little man stood up and said: “There is another young man who has just come by, he is over on the other stone there and he is wondering about what is happening. God has answered your prayers! Follow me.” Philip jumped up – and true he was behind a stone because he was a visitor, and besides, he came later when the area around Jesus was already occupied. He was called out and the condition of his heart was also called out. He thought: “I cannot keep quiet over this issue. This must be the Messiah!” then he took off! He ran over the mountains, down the valley – and you know they had a place where they always met for prayers – you cannot say it was by coincidence that Philip found Nathaniel praying.

By the way, what do you think about Nathaniel, what was he doing there? He was praying! He was meditating – “I wonder whether it is the time for the Messiah to strike the earth now. These things cannot continue like this – look at the churches, look at the Pharisees; look at the leaders of the church; look at the politics – something should happen!” And when he said it like that to himself, he heard footsteps of somebody coming from behind him. He stood up to look, and there was Philip! With such unusually bright face – it was not gloomy as usual through their prayers, crying, fasting and all manner of searchings, waitings and groanings. He was not sorrowful anymore! He wore a fulfilling smile and before he could greet him he burst out: “Nathaniel! Whatever we have been praying for our God, faithful indeed, has done answered our prayers! We have already found it! Don’t worry anymore, nor fear, there is a way right away. Let me tell you Nathaniel, something has happened!

Nathaniel: What … [You know, being a scriptural-upright man, he did not want to be moved into emotions or be fooled by some religious air] what are saying?

Philip: We have found one – come and see Him! We have got one around the corner there.

Nathaniel: Where does he come from?

Philip: He comes from Nazareth. Yes, He is Jesus, the son of Joseph, of whom Moses in the    law, and the prophets did write as we were going over in the other convention.

Nathaniel: Well, I remember those meetings! The theme, the text and all the subjects. But my   Brother Philip, we must try all the spirits; but before reaching that level of testing; can anything good come out of Nazareth? Better if it was from our city Bethsaida where we have good and upright families like that of Mzee Jona where we have Andrew and his brother, though talkative, but goodman Simon.

Watching, Nathaniel for a while, said, “Nathaniel, my brother, remember we have studied the scriptures together and they say that ‘The Messiah shall be a Nazarite and therefore He shall come out of Nazareth!’” [That knocked something in Nathaniel]

Nathaniel: Yes! Oh yes! – that is true my brother. But I am not just going to be moved by that one, Nazareth is big. I hope you still remember the other day there was another man here called Judas of Galilee who drew away many people after him; he also perished, and all were dispersed. You know if God did not reveal to us that he was fake, we would have also been deceived. As for me, Philip my brother, I will watch it for some time.

Philip: Well said, my brother. However, instead of just going around comparing and contrasting what not and what have you, just wake up and come and see for yourself, because I left the meeting still going on. I knew you were here praying so I actually did not come to break the news to you, but to collect you as well. As for me, it is settled. In fact, He bid me follow Him, and that I have done.

That reminds me the other day I was preaching back in my home church at Misikhu – I just pumped into one of it. [John 18:33 – 34]. That is where Pilate was before Jesus and he asked Him: “Art thou the King of the Jews? “Jesus looked at him and said, “Sayest thou this thing thyself, or did others tell it thee of me?”  And Pilate got annoyed, but that was a very critical question! And just as I was saying in the church; every man on earth, and before he leaves the earth, he must come to the hall of judgment and the God lifts him up – whoever he is – God lifts him up, gives him power and sets him on a throne and the same God brings Jesus Christ, with a thorny crown bound and stripped off all His power, approaching the throne, dripping with blood; and stands before the man. And the man must give judgment! And mark you; with whatever judgment you give, you will be judged with it. Whoever you are; great, small…… look at Pilate – Every man has ever been in Pilate’s shoes, a Pilate. Some people try to think that Pilate was so cruel. No sir! There are more cruel fellows towards Christ on earth than Pilate. Look at how Cain was cruel – he was so cruel on Christ in Abel.

There is no man, who has ever lived after Adam’s fall, that has ever failed to get an opportunity to come before Jesus Christ as his judge. One way or another, God gives you the power to Judge Christ. You are given power when Jesus Christ comes to you. Didn’t He tell Pilate that he had no power except what was given him by God, from Above?

In the days of Noah, the same thing happened. Some Pilates were given power around the Ark, and every man gave judgment. In the time of Jacob, Joseph was there – what was in Joseph? – it was the spirit of Christ! Then he came trembling with dreams, a small lamb which can’t help itself, and every man gave judgment. And with whatsoever judgment you give, the same shall be measured back to you.

They judged Moses! But who was in Moses – Christ. And with whatever judgment they meted out to Moses, they received it back from God. Do you get that? In the time of Elijah, the same thing happened. Jezebel had an opportunity to judge; Ahab did the same; Elisha the same – and with whatsoever judgment you give, you receive the same measure back. Elisha judged right and he received a double portion of the same right judgment. Elisha knew that that was the promised prophet of the hour, but Ahab said: “You are the troubler of Israel”. He gave his judgment, and God gave back and measured the same: “Said nay, but you are the troubler of Israel!” He said: “What about this drought?” But God said, “You are the troubler of Israel, you, Ahab, are the cause of it all!” you see that?

In the time of Jesus Christ, it was the same thing! Caiaphas judged; Pilate judged; but Nicodemus also judged – he said; “we – the Pharisees, have judged and have discovered – we have ruled that Thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him.”[John 3:2]. He said: “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”. “I tell you, Nicodemus, you must be born again – that seed in you which makes you believe needs to be quickened.

The woman at the well-judged! He stood there leaning on a stone, seemingly helpless, in that, He could not draw water although He was thirsty. He said: “woman give me some water”. He looked tired and weary, just helpless. The woman was lifted up unto the throne to give judgment, and she said: “what? I belong to the Pentecostals and you belong to the Methodists, how can you ask me water?” Jesus said, “If you knew who you are talking to, and the gift of God; if you judge well, you could have asked of me water and you would never come here to draw water again.” She said, “What? Are you greater than our father Jacob?” Why give another man’s judgment – talking about what Jacob did, the testimony of Jacob? She said, “And our Father told us to worship in this mountain” – that is a testimony of the fathers.

Then Jesus said: “Truly, truly I tell you, woman, time is coming, and it is here now, that the true worshippers will not worship in this mountain, neither at Jerusalem, but in the spirit and the truth.” He went on and got her life first: “Go and bring your husband”. She said; “I don’t have any husband”.  “I know you have five and the sixth one you have now is not yours”. You see the reaction of the woman – she started giving her right judgment. Earlier on, she had begun by saying what others say: Jacob’s well … our fathers worshipped in the mountain, we know when Messiah cometh…. And preachers say …. And we are segregated…. And so forth. “Woman, believe me, I tell you this is that time ……. And you have had five husbands ….” She said; “I perceive – I judge that you are a prophet. We know that the Messiah cometh and He shall tell us these things!” She was not holding on her religion staunchly, because she knew that they were equally wrong, without substance, but there was no truth anywhere else, so she had to go to some church on Sabbath day. However, looking at the effect on her life, it was a failure! So she said; “although we are taught and taught but have not attained yet, we are praying and we know the Messiah cometh, and when He comes, He will tell us all these things. He will not tell us what they are teaching, you know all the traditions of the fathers and so on … that just believe and you got it, the Holy Ghost – by receiving silently, He will not tell us that! He will not tell us that you just receive the Holy Ghost silently. We know what He will tell us! We are looking for it anyhow, and we are wishing He comes now. We are just a-watching and wondering where He will come from. Then He says, “I am the one talking to you!”

And remember, she had already given judgment that He must be a prophet, because she said, “we know the Messiah cometh and He will tell us these things. Now, that you have told us these things, then who are you?” Oh my, the Messiah! Off she went to the city, “Come and see whom I have found, a man who told me all my life, isn’t He the very Messiah?” She gave her judgment. It was a right judgment. By that she was saved.

Oh, that little prostitute who had been so long in the church and the church could not give any effective measure to her trouble, suddenly, in one minute her salvation was wrought! Because she recognized her hour and the scriptural promise. Who was she? it was some young woman in the town of Bethany, Mary, Lazarus’ sister.

She had heard that there was somebody doing miracles and wonders and could discern the secrets of the hearts. Her heart had always been condemning her and she always felt she was not in the right place, she had a longing to meet the man but wondered if He will accommodate her. Now as she kept hearing the burning testimonies, her little heart was moved. She went near when He had finally come around, and went to attend one of the Rallies. When she saw what was happening, she decided there and there to do something. Dramatically she took off for home as fast as she could go, took her bottle of ointment of spikenards, which was very costly, [you know, what she used to anoint herself with to attract men after her], and she returned to the evangelistic rally while audibly talking to herself along the narrow congested streets:

“I am going to surrender! He is the only hope that I have. I have judged by the power of His words, the anointing around Him! My! That is none else but the Son of Elohim! The very seed of Abraham indeed! Eeeeh and the power of His Gospel with the signs that are following Him! – He is the only hope I have, the man I need! I wonder what father, high priest, or the parish bishops are saying, they ought to have come out all for Him! And, uhuu, whether my husband likes it or not; I am going to surrender”.

Down she went, hastening towards the rally and she found that they were going to the house of Simon the leper. And as she stooped at His feet crying and washing them with her tears, Simon found an opportunity to judge: “If he was a prophet, he should have known which kind of woman she is – He isn’t a prophet!” The same was measured back to him. But the woman, Mary, also judged and she knew that that was the Messiah, the Lamb of God. See! “That man can forgive my sins!” So she went without fear and started crying at His feet, wiping them and doing the service which Simon was supposed to have done. She actually replaced Simon and therefore took the reward that Simon was supposed to receive because of her timely action.

She was not late. Mary Magdalene was not late. Martha was not late. Aquila was not late. Paul was not late. Phoebe was not late. They were right on the hour, and here we are standing! What is the hour? See! What is the hour we are standing in now? Don’t try always to push scriptures forward, because every scripture must be fulfilled. And there is a scripture concerning the elect in this hour because it has never missed in any Age. Do you get that? There is no Elect who ever missed the scripture of his day. Now, this is not going to be a unique time from all other times as far as fulfillment of the scriptures is concerned. The Elect must fulfill it – They shall fulfill it and they are fulfilling it. Do you see that?

What am I trying to say? Something has happened! When the Elect in other Ages were nearing their scripture, something happened and they were moved and they became adventurers. They were watching and seeking. Anytime the hand of God was to move on earth, as the time was approaching, the seed of God became adventurers – They were seeking something, and they went deep searching for it. They go into the forests, mountains and valleys seeking something and continue that way till they get it, because God’s hand is upon them.

And this hour has to be the same. I want to tell that there is something that has happened, but it has slipped over many eyes. We have talked about Revival and some talk about it passively, but something has happened and it is laying there in the scriptures, and it is lying in the prophet forerunner’s messages, and it is a very critical thing, and yet it has already happened and it is almost over. We can take the scripture and the prophet’s message and unfold everything of it, and tie it well to show that something critical has happened just now!

And there is something else coming, and here we are standing here in the middle of something. Now, don’t look at these things from outside the bracket – don’t be like Pilate: ‘Revival, we have the Revival’. Sayest thou that of thyself or another telleth thee. ‘We are enjoying the blessings; are you saying it by yourself or another tells thee. ‘Eeeh, in the weekend we are going to be praying there – I am going to pray….’ prayest thou thyself or another tells thee to pray. ‘I am going to church, we are serious!’ goest thou by thyself or another tells thee to go. You have to give your own personal judgment or else you become a hypocrite and a pretender, getting the second-hand religion from someone else. You have to be the first reflector, not the second reflector. You have to be part of the move, not reflecting moon’s light. You have to reflect the sun’s light; and how can you do that? You have to be on the moon. You know when you walk out now and look at the moon in the sky; it is bright daytime at this very time of the night. It may be noon on the moon now, then you walk out there you claim you are in the bright moonlight as you reflect the second light from the moon – second-hand light reflection, but you are supposed to be part of the moon and be reflecting the sun’s light.

Something has happened and has slipped over many eyes. Some people who have been there have also missed it. Others have rejected it entirely and they are gone into outer darkness. There is no elect who has ever been late. Some have just looked at it and they have gone away, others have been in it, but they have just been getting somebody else’s religion – they have only been reflecting the moon’s light. The second light but not the first light. And if you have been like that, this is the hour for you to extremely be sincere. You should not pretend at all! You must be in the revival at heart, with no pretence – just believe it. Believe that it is true. Believe that Jesus Christ is true and believe the scripture thoroughly. Believe the way you should receive the Holy Ghost and just remain like that. Don’t pretend to have gotten it. If you have not received the Holy Spirit, believe that you are supposed to receive it and hold on it like death and life, confessing only the light that you have, but don’t put on some manufactured light, to seem to shine more than you are, because we are living in a tremendous time.

And I am telling you, something that has passed is very tremendous if truly it has passed; I am presuming at something. If it has happened, then there is something else to follow: we are living in a tremendous time. Remember, the prophet said that when these things start they will be done in secret, and so veiled until they will pass over many eyes. See?

Remember, I am still stressing that the scripture must be fulfilled. We push the scriptures into the future all the time. There are some which must be fulfilled, and I want to look at that very seriously today because something has happened which has never happened in another Age.

Now, I know that is a very shocking statement but we are going to use the Bible, God giving us Grace, take the scriptures, nature and everything – we shall take the message of the prophet, the Bible and everything else to show that something has happened which has never happened since Adam fell. Something has happened in the hour we are living in – it has already taken place, and it is clear and still moving on. No other age has been like that! I am presuming at it. If it is the one which has happened, then the hour is very late and we are very close to it. If it has happened, then there is something else going to follow – It may be ten years to come or it might be tomorrow; we do not know the hour, but if this one has happened then something else must happen. That is scriptural.

I want you to watch it and presume at it. I told you that the hour we are living in we must venture because of what is happening; we should become adventurous: knowing there is Gold somewhere in the forest, and then using the compass, you know the position of the North Star. Standing on that foundation you are not going to fear to plunge into the forest – You will go in this direction and if you miss it, you come back safely with your compass to where you began. Then sensing there is Gold in there, you will go into other direction and if you miss it again, watch your North Star again and come back preparing to take another direction. Remember you are going to find it one of these days. See that! It is like merchantman seeking goodly pearls, so we are in that state and therefore we have to be adventurous.

In the hour we living in we have to be adventurous – we have to be like Philip, Nathaniel, Simon, and Anna. As the father and mother of Moses, who were adventurous until they took Moses and hid him for months, knowing that he was goodly child who was going to deliver Israel, [Exo. 2]. They were adventurous! And when they could no longer hide him, they went and put him in the ark of bulrushes, damped with slime and with pitch and laid in the flax by the bank of the river, wishing and praying that God may save it in a way.

Here we are right at the same Hour and such things constantly happening, we ought to be adventurers. We have to do something – we must seek because it is about to happen. How can we just sit around doing nothing, when it is about to happen? As we are seated here now, those who are spiritual and are in their hour, they know so well that something is in their hearts and constantly telling them that something ought to happen. We can take statistics and see that it is that way. The spiritual men and women here have some deep down in their hearts constantly showing that there is something around the corner. They want to pray; they want to cry; they want to see it; they are looking for it and they are uncomfortable. When they look at the condition of the church, they don’t want to sleep. When they look at the condition of their hearts, they don’t want to sleep – they don’t want to be careless since they know that they are living in a tremendous hour. There is a deep feeling among them. Do you see that?

And therefore we are asking ourselves tonight, what is the hour we are living in? Sirs, what is the hour?

Now, let me read something here – I told you that I will be moving slowly, and I want to move slowly without any disturbance. (Bro. Kihuha, you can help Bro. Butita in interpreting in Kiswahili.)

But, tonight I’m going to speak on something that I do not know. And now, that’s quite a thing, for a minister to say that he’s going to speak on something that he doesn’t know about. But I am adventuring out, to the best of my knowledge, too, that this church might understand. [Quoted from 62 – 1203E – IS THIS THE SIGN OF THE END, SIRS? – pg.44 – ED].


You know adventuring is when you are seeking for something that is great but you don’t know where it is, such that you plunge into unknown regions in search for it. Do you get that? And I want to say the same thing that whatever we shall be speaking here, we shall only be presuming at it and adventuring.

There are times and seasons when people get into adventuring, but you cannot adventure without knowing where you are standing. You must know your foundation and direction because it is a dangerous thing to adventure. Thus, knowing that it is dangerous, you must know your compass so well, and you must know your North Star so well. When you enter the forest to adventure, be sure you know the directions and positions or else you must be with a guide. Then in the presence of a guide, with a compass in your hand and knowing your geography well, especially the position of the North Star, then you have no fear to plunge into the forest. Why – because there is something precious there, and you have the entire gadget you need, to be able to know where you are at any moment in time of your exploration.

And I think when the prophet-forerunner came to this hour, he knew where he was standing. He was not using guesswork. He knew there was something there, only that he never knew where it was exactly. He had an absolute stand and he knew his guide who had guided him all along. He knew where the word of God was, and that everything must fall in with the North Star. He knew that everything that had not agreed with or point to the North Star was fake. Having known that, he became bold and declared openly that he was going to adventure, though he did not know where it was exactly. He said he knew it was somewhere and therefore wondered what hour that was, and whether it was the sign of the end. If what he was presuming was true – which turned out to be – then it was the sign of the end.

Now, where we are standing, we cannot help presuming. Let me plainly tell you; you are not going to persuade me to believe that the coming of the Lord is a hundred years from now. You cannot fool me on that! I want to say that it is very soon. There are some things you cannot convince me to do such as building a stone house, forget. I am not going to waste my time on that. Instead, I better be somewhere preaching the Gospel or giving money out to someone for the Gospel. I am not going to confuse myself and pretend that I do not know how soon His coming is, as if I do not feel it. I am clearly feeling it and do know that the hour is here! We cannot pretend so much like that, and for how long shall we pretend anyway? It is now at hand! And the hour comes, the Bride knows it and she will be craving and stirred up towards it. You are not going to fool her around. There are some things that you cannot be so much misplaced to deny them. The coming of the Lord is at hand.

Watch what is happening in Israel, and if you are spiritual, you know that the time is at hand. What is happening in Russia, how God fooled the western world to relax. Watch what is happening in Russia and you will know the time we are living in. Watch the politics of the world and compare it with the Bible. Watch the religious systems of the world and match it with the Bible. Look at the economics of the world and match with the Bible. Everything is pointing there to the North Star, and you are not going to make us pretend. We know that the time is at hand! This is a tremendous time. Oh, my! We are living in a tremendous time. Believe me, even if you don’t see it.

Watch what is happening in the spiritual realms, even there are things happening now which just commonly show the hour! Watch these Devil worshippers declaring publically that they worship the devil and they are being incarnated by devils. Watch these hellish satanic worshippers, they have got such power that they can go into the sea and transform somebody back into the land, and they are now getting money through that. You get a school leaver, after Form IV in a high school, goes for one year and come back with a big suitcase full of money giving loans to people without any security. He gives you as much as you want – if you say seventy thousand Kenyan shillings, he just gives you! No security in the usual forms of Tittle deeds or such like security documents; nothing! Look at the world where it is now.

Look at the musicians possessed with devils – They sing about the devil in their songs. Haven’t you heard them: “Lucifer, Lucifer, Lucifer!” And they just praise him openly and publicly. Watch now the filth of the world in fornication, demons possessing people!

Now such powers cannot be in the world now and that you blind our eyes not to see. The sons of God, the elect, living in the hour we are living in now, cannot be blinded by anybody. You can’t! It’s plain before them. I know some of you cannot see that, but the hour is with us and the elect must see it. If you are not seeing, don’t think that the elect has not. That is your own personal problem! Do not generalize it to the whole church. The elect has seen it! They are praying. They are moved. They feel strange and nervous, moving here and there looking for it. If you have backslidden, don’t generalize it. That is your own problem! The elect have not gone down: let me tell you boldly tonight, the elect in the Revival, that elected Seed, has made a very very great Jump forwards and upwards. I know you may not know exactly what I mean, but you may be feeling it. Is that right?

Now, let us continue on friends, for there is something else that has happened. And I will not by any means hold anything back from you that is profitable to you, and that is what I am determined to do in these meetings. I am not going to pretend anymore or be shy anymore. There are certain realities that have happened and we must highlight them. Now, I am not going to hold anything good because this is a tremendous time for me. And I am saying something now, and I am not going to hold anything back and let no preacher hold his back. Don’t hold your peace! Why – because we are in a tremendous hour. And you believers, don’t hold yourself, loosen up; let the world go; let everything fly loose. Let those little strings hanging on you and connecting you to the world go! Let those mean spirits, devils making you just relaxing and weary all the time with unbelief, doubting and the rest, go. Because we are in a tremendous hour. If the prophet Branham said he was in a tremendous hour as a forerunner, then what kind of tremendous hour are we in now? Remember it is twenty-five years after he completed His mission as the forerunner. It is where something happened and he didn’t know what to do. It is the same thing I want to tell you now, that we are in a great hour and a tremendous time where something has happened. We don’t know what to do. It has happened. Whatever has happened was supposed to happen. It has happened. I am saying in a way I have never said it before, and it is strange to even to me.

The way it came to me, it is now three weeks and all the time it is just rolling all over me and in my heart, when I tried to venture into it -  just like when you want to go into a forest while anxious of tracking an antelope…..and without struggling, there it came. And remember there are people who know about it and how it was – they are witnesses. I came to church and told them that there was something that I was hunting, something somewhere and I did not know where it was. I had seen a leg there, a hand on the other side, a mouth on that side…. I did not know where it was all of it then, I requested them to pray for me. That was Wednesday. Then back home it continued without rest, and while going to school I carried with me about five message books until my wife was surprised because I have never done that. She asked me: “where are you going?” she could not believe that I was going to school to teach while carrying all those volumes of message books. I told her that I was just going to school. However, the moment I reached school, it just continued all over me. I could not rest. I was directed at something there and that day I had a lot of free time in school because form ones had not reported yet. So I kept just searching in the message books back and forth. Something appears and then disappears, and even back at home I still could not rest; I could hardly get time for food. However, I could not know where it was. I exclaimed: “Oh God! Show me this thing; how can I say it – I don’t want anybody to get lost and I don’t want to go at something which is wrong. I want something sure.”

Then after breakfast on Saturday, I took bath and just relaxed then went to the room calmly like that, but when I just picked a pen like that with a book, oh, the whole thing came down ‘whap,’ without any struggle or strain and I wondered what to do. I almost disrupted everything in that small thing, hit down my foot and my wife wondered what was happening in the small room. Now that I didn’t want to waste time, I just continued writing. Then I said something has happened and it may be slipping over our eyes, and it is in the scriptures and in the prophet’s message, and has happened and something else is coming to happen. Then from there I went to school on Monday with books again and so on like that and could not part with my message books. Finally, when I was at the desk I felt like picking a pen and writing, I obliged and again the whole thing came down ‘whap’. I just held myself from storming up and disrupting the environment in the school room. I could throw my hands in the air and then continue writing while trying to compose myself again. You know me very well and do not expect me to just tell you things like that from nowhere. Of course, I have never told you anything like it before. Neither can I say such things for mere excitement nor in search for some form of glory for myself.

It has happened! And it is found in the scriptures and in the message. It has never happened like in any other age hitherto. Anyway, what time are we living in? If something has happened and it has never happened since Adam fell! Oh, when I saw that and it hit my heart with that anointing of truth, eh, I am changed and no longer the same. I am not what I was; it affected me and changed me forever. Something has happened which has slipped over many eyes. Yet it is so great! Tremendous is the word. Let me tell you; just be prayerful, seek God and surrender yourself.

Now, I will say some personal things here and there and request you to bear with me and pardon me. Don’t have negative feelings because I am not responsible for those feelings, so just bear with me for a few minutes – we are just the same, you and me, seeking for the will of God for this hour. Now, we can move back a bit and critically take a look at the Revival – we want to trace it back and see how it came about, considering a few things or factors that preceded the Revival just in a way of giving it an outline.

Remember that before the revival set in; God brought it to us in prophecy first. There were prophecies and prophecies everywhere pointing to the Revival. So many of them, and we are not going to keep these things silent because they were there. There were prophecies, dreams, visions, experiences at the advent of the Revival. God sent them to us ahead of the Revival, and especially dreams. Let me prove something that you can just see clearly laying there. God uses dreams and the prophet says that when there is no prophet on the land God uses a secondary way of dreams to bring His message to His people. Are you getting that? There were no prophets on the land and yet a tremendous happening was in the offing. A very unusual happening that was going to change the trend of things in the spiritual realms. It was something unheard of and was going to affect all religious systems and yet it was coming in a very strange way. So Elohim, knowing that Joseph, Matt. 1:19, being a just and honest man and one that was sincere and followed the scriptures, and planned to privily put Mary away, He informed him in a dream not to fear nor wonder in what manner it was to be, just like the Revival of 1993 was to be.

Remember, you must know one thing here; that whatever was going to happen would throw any man into doubts, however religious he would be. Although it was scriptural, yet it was to happen in a very strange way that a human being would not just see it. God knowing their honest hearts He sent the dreams to Joseph and let him know that it was Elohim. I believe that the Revival was going to be a very strange phenomenon and was going to make a man scratch his head and may run crazy - even to most of us, to be honest, when it was just creeping in we wondered: “Aah?” you cannot deny that! We feared and somehow doubted at first. And you know where Mary was, that is the same place where we stand now?

Look at what Mary received that time and what the Bride is to receive now! Relate both cases with the dreams now. You should see it! Watch it come. Put on some spiritual garments! Knowing it is going to a strange virgin conception. God brought the dream to help Joseph so that he could see it. The Revival was going to be strange. Truly we have seen and heard strange things in the Revival, consider up to where we are now and the status of the Believers in 1989. You can almost not know where you are at. I can’t get a hold of myself. When you go to the church, it would all be strange. The Believers church was going to receive something that was totally strange. Elohim, as it was with Joseph, was obliged to send those dreams so that when the Revival comes we may not be moved so much. Do you get that?

Now I want to talk about some dreams which I know, so don’t feel let down that I have left out yours because I may not know it. Whichever I know, I will try to say it.

Now I will start with a dream of Brother Moses Oriko – I hope most of you know him, he is a deacon of Misikhu church. It was in 1991; he came over to me and said: “I was dreaming and I saw we were in a hall which was full of worshippers in a very charged atmosphere, and really ready for something any moment. Then, right then the preacher came in quickly and delivered a very sharp message, then the congregation got up and cheered the preacher with such cheers never heard in Believers churches. They were clapping hands and jumping up.” You all know that if you could do that, in those churches of believers in those days, you could be labeled ‘Pentecostal’ with a demeaning tug on you. You could not even carry up your hand in approval to the preacher! I remember one time I did that and I was labeled. You could only say a well pronounced and solid ‘Amen’. That was understood. And if you happened to yell “sure! Yea! Hallelujah!” people would feel chilly and look at you strangely from the corner of their eyes.

So when Bro. Moses told me that dream, I simply wondered what it was – I couldn’t see it. Then he came with another dream and it was very personal, allow me not to say it. But when I look at it now, it is exactly to the dot. The sister is there and she can testify that the dream was fulfilled because I told her about it in full. Brother Moses himself knows it and has witnessed its fulfillment. That has happened and there is no guesswork about it. Let me leave that one.

There is yet another dream from Brother Moses again. He saw us in a meeting and I was preaching very hard on the Holy Ghost, I preached, preached and preached. Then finally I called people to receive the Holy Ghost by laying on of hands and some were receiving. So when he told me that, of course in those earlier days there was nothing like that happening in our churches. See? But now watch what has happened; you cannot reject that. Now when he says me, it isn’t me alone because in this day of ours we don’t have one prophet, it is the ministry to the church being referred to. And it has been done – we cannot deny it.

There is another dream from my wife. She said that she was walking somewhere in the house in the dream when all over a sudden she heard a mighty rushing wind in the room ‘vuuhu! Vuuhu! Vuuhu!’ And she was in the midst of the room. Then she saw pillars of fire descending and was all poured on her, and immediately she spoke in tongues and jumped and kicked up some noisy storm. So when she told me the dream in the morning, I once more wondered what it was, but watch it now. Right there fully interpreted by Elohim making it to come to pass. That is why I was telling you that even the infidel cannot stop it! A non-believer cannot stop it. Those who are doubting cannot stop it. Hypocrites cannot stop it. Church members cannot stop it. Devils cannot stop it. There are no enough devils to stop it. Yea, it was to be a strange thing in the Israel, when a virgin was to conceive, but God spoke about it and so no devil withstood it. And in this case you are witnesses – is that right? No minister could stop it. Whoever has tried to go in the spirit of opposition has been sidelined and packed aside in the cold. Nothing could stop it because Elohim saw it coming and sent us dreams beforehand.

He came upon the church just like He came upon Mary at the first coming of Jesus. Mary could not have conceived if He never came over as He did – overshadowed her by the Holy Ghost. God was obliged to send an Angel to Mary and to Joseph separately and revealed He to each one of them individually, before the union. And now we are at that hour! We can prove it. God has said it and it is done. There is something there which is very tremendous. Now watch.

My wife told me another dream. She said she was somewhere she was supposed to go ahead, but there were obstacles like huge trees planted together in her path so that it was difficult to penetrate the big thorny trees. And something came over her like some power that gave her strength, then she broke into a certain chorus: ‘Oooh, how I love Jesus, Oooh, how I love Jesus….’ And as she sung that chorus the power lifted her above the obstacles of huge trees, and she, like flying, floating, very swiftly she went over the obstacles; with awesome victory she went over the hills, over the mountains, over all the hurdles and even sometimes passing in between the huge trees or would throw them down without any resistance to delay her. Finally, she passed over all and arrived in a bright white field with soft bright sunshine, a glorious environment, where she saw eagles and among them some ministers of the word like Brother Gwandaru and Jimmy.

That is why I am stressing that something has happened and you are not going to stop our mouths from proclaiming it. Your unbelief, your doubts and your funny conscience isn’t going to stop it!

Now, I had some dream myself; and I want you to listen to this one very carefully because I am closing by this. Then we shall watch and pray to see if God will give us something else by tomorrow. I know the little church at home knows the dream because, I once told them soon after dreaming it. I never knew what it was then as I was telling them. I have also told some ministers like Brother Kihuha here.

In the dream, I was being hunted down as an Anti-Government element, especially anti-KANU which you know is the ruling party by the first two presidents of Kenya, Kenyatta and Moi. The latter is the president now. KANU means Kenya African National Union. So I entered into my house while I was frightened and hid in the bedroom. All over a sudden something came over me and I resolved that I was not going to hide anymore, and I knew the hunters were approaching my house. I came out of the bedroom and I went into the sitting room with a feeling that Brother Makware and my wife were somewhere in the house. The security officers arrived, I gave myself to them: “Here am I”.

Then my accuser was pushed forward, but he did not bind my hand since I had surrendered myself, so we just walked along. But when I watched him closely, oh, he was my staff mate and I knew him so well by name. However, we don’t teach the same subject. He was taking me into some KANU court for judgment; and when we got there I saw a throne on which sat the judge, set near a bush. I and my accuser sat down here and looked up over to the throne on which was Moi set as the judge, the Kenyan president. My colleague, a staff mate, accused me to Moi in a prolonged accusation as I sat quietly; he so railed on me that I knew very well I had no way of escape. When Moi had heard all of it and was ready to give the ruling, suddenly he vanished from the seat and in his place sat Elohim Himself. And as I watched I had an understanding then that God was going to give the Ruling, He actually addressed my accuser and told him, “I will tell you where it is at! Open Hebrews!” then I pulled the Bible, I don’t know how it came where I was and close to me – that was my Bible. And as I opened the Book of Hebrews, pointed my finger to the scripture, and then the scene changed and I could not remember the exact scripture after the dream. I know God talked on my behalf because I never answered the accusations.

Immediately after that, my accuser disappeared and the whole scene vanished. Now I was in the company of young children about 13 years or 14 years old and I was the oldest, at least about 15 years old. We were little children pulling a load like oxen up the hill – holding two by two, two by two, on a given stick yoked running up the mountain in a distinct rhythm ‘hah, - hah, - hah – hah’ like in a chorus. We were all happy and scaling the heights on the mountain. Suddenly the pulling slowed down, something was causing interference. I stopped, looked behind as the leader of the team and saw about three suspicious boys who were dirty and seemed to be the ones causing the drag. They vividly looked shaken at my sharp look at them. Then I pointed at them “you! You! And you!” and immediately they disappeared. Then off we went again up the mountain in a striking rhythm, a little faster and smoother than before, expecting the Rapture. We were to project directly upwards into the sky at the curving of the mountain. That was one of the dreams.

Then after sometimes, not knowing what the dream meant, I told my wife about it and we went on quietly like that. 1991, 1992, then the Revival started coming in more and more, and without realizing, something came over me slowly and finally very clearly. And said, now you see – your colleague that was your accuser, whom you teach with are your fellow preachers … [Message ended at this point, we shall endeavor to get the missing part as our loving God permits – ED].          

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