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When Jesus Comes

Amen! When Jesus comes all the tempter’s power is broken. He takes away the gloom and fills life with glory… I mean when Jesus really comes to one’s heart, not mind… He is our victory, our fortress, our strength, our high tower, the horn of our salvation, our freedom, our liberty, our sanctification, our holiness, our peace, our joy…. Without Him we have nothing, but with Him in our hearts we have everything.

Let us join hands and let Him in always… To be our headstone, our bishop, our apostle, our high priest, our firstborn, our theme, our light, our sweetest bread, our sweetest wine, our only hope, our stay, our lovely Brother, our door, our gate, our way, our key, our password, our riches, our satisfying portion, our wisdom, our understanding, our happiness, our comfort, our consolation, the Sun of our righteousness.

For He has been made all things for us. Became a prisoner for our freedom, a labourer for our rest, poor for our riches. Died that we may resurrect with Him. In Him were wells of life opened for us to drink and flow with life. Hoo, everyone who thirsteth, come to the waters! Praise His holy name!

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