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As a little child, the LORD put such a thirst in my heart so much so that from primary two I started seeking the LORD with fasting and prayer when going to school. I was almost in fasting and prayer seeking the LORD through out my primary school education to my Middle School.

All this while I was with my grandfather in a spiritual church where they sacrifice animals and birds and use the blood of such animals for prayers..

After the death of my grandfather, my mother asked me to join her in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. I gladly obliged and joined the children service .

It was not long when I joined the children service that I got the baptism of the Holy Spirit without knowing that it was the it. Nobody told me of anything like that but what i know was that while sleeping the Spirit of the LORD would come on me and many times heard the LORD speaking but his voice was a thunder which I never heard the words in those thunders.

One night i was in a dream, in the dream I visited my Sunday school teacher and was with him in his room.

Somebody called me to me out from the room and see the SON OF GOD I came out and saw the sun rising from the East, I was surprised to see the SUN rising and so I said why was it that instead of the SON OF GOD , it was the Sun.

shortly, i saw that I was in a small vehicle with very few people and all of a sudden, the LORD spoke audibly to my hearing ,, "Emmanuel, do not returning from serving the LORD and that in the FUTURE you will get a book.: I have wondered about this book for many years. but somewhere last year April, May or June I, felt led to find the BOOK the LORD had promised me.. :the THIRD PULL e-book. the chapter two :SMALL BOOK PLAACED IN MY HAND : A BOOK PUBLISHED AND SEND TO THE BTIED BY OUR BELOVED SETH.. GID BLESS YOU ALL. AMEN



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